Obama’s Presidency is Mere Hollow Rhetoric

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA September 10, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama has been and is still the worst president America has ever had.

What has he done so far, what has he achieved so far?

He promised lots of things but so far he has kept none of them. In one area though, he has been successful. He offered Al Qaeda, the bloodiest and cruellest Islamic band, peace.

In order to ingratiate himself with Muslims across the globe and maybe to appease Al Qaeda, he said in Cairo/Egypt a couple of years back, during his first term in office, "Islam is a peaceful religion!"

If Obama were honest with himself and the rest of the world, and read the Quran - the "holy" book of Muslims - he would find that this "book" is filled with several heinous passages, ordering Muslims to simply kill non-Muslims.

That is facts twisting for the sake of appeasing terrorists.

Obama's reaction to the devastating civil war in Syria has not been better, it's been rather passive and again filled with rhetoric.

For months now, he has been rhetorically saying, the Assad regime has crossed a red line with regard to using chemical weapons, the latest was about two weeks ago.

Earlier Obama and his administration pledged to back the Syrian opposition rebels by providing them with sophisticated arms.

What has happened so far? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Obama is hiding behind the argument, sophisticated weapons could land in the hands of Al Qaeda-affiliated fighters.

Actually we do not need intelligence experts to find out that there are anti-Assad rebels who are not necessarily radical Islamist fighters. And they can be safely armed with sophisticated weapons, which they badly need to topple the totalitarian Assad regime, and establish a democratic free Syria.

Yet Obama sticks to his rhetoric and vague statements. Action is a rare currency in his head.

He keeps watching the daily atrocities in Syria and the killing of children and women, and keeps saying in press conferences, "We will strike".

Most recently he claimed that the "coming military strike" will be limited in terms of intensity and duration.

John MacCain, a Republican leader, has repeatedly criticised, the Obama administration for not yet having developed and offered any kind of workable military strategy against the Assad regime.

Allegendly Obama wants to punish the Assad regime for using chemical weapons, but removing Assad from power like in Libya, is not intended or planned. He fears that the Islamist rebels might take over.

In other words, "Mr. Assad: you can stay in power, but please don't use chemical weapons again!"

That is hilarious! What kind of military strike is Obama thinking of?

If you tell your enemy, I'm going to attack you tomorrow or next week, they will certainly hide somewhere. Hit and killed will probably be innocent people, also soldiers whoare forced to fight the regime's war, and those who cannot hide in safe places.

The whole debate about attacking the Assad regime by the Obama administration is simply bizarre and naïve and playing in the hands of that regime.

Besides, to add insult to injury, Obama is asking the Congress to debate and vote on a military strike in Syria, although in this matter he is entitled to decide all alone. But Obama is insisting on making a big show out of all this.

In addition, taking a military intervention to the Congress is quite tricky of Mr. Obama. If something goes wrong with a military strike, Obama would say, you have also to blame the Congress on that too.

Further, even if the Congress approves a military strike on Syria, what then? What will follow? Will the Assad regime be weakened and the opposition rebels will gain the upper hand?

Many experts believe that it Obama keeps hesitating, the Assad regime will survive as long as the North Korean still is.

At the end of the day, the Assad regime will survive and carry on its atrocities against its own people. The suffering will go on. Thousands will be killed or stay in refugee camps under miserable conditions.

And why is all that? It's because the only power that could make a difference and stop all that is headed by a president who is unable to take the right decisions in the right moment, namely the USA.

The Syrian regime is nowadays overwhelmed by the naivety of the American administration headed by Obama, and hence is encouraged more than ever to eliminate any kind of opposition, which it indiscriminately and repeatedly dubs as "terrorists".  

After dropping Britain from any involvement in any military intervention in Syria, the Syrian regime is almost quite sure that no deadly danger will emerge from an American president called Obama. He might order a strike, but it won't harm that much.

Along an indecisive president like Obama and the adamant backing of Russia to the Assad regime, the Syrian regime is pretty sure, it can survive as long as the North Korean regime, for decades to come. 

The Assad regime is lucky and happy, not only because it is backed by Russia and China - two totalitarian regimes - but also because it is indirectly tolerated by an American naïve president.

Surely war is not a fun game. It's a very serious matter and costly in terms of loss of innocent humans and  destruction of the infrastructure. Yet, sometimes it's inevitable, especially when you have a dictator somewhere killing his own people indiscriminately and even using chemical weapons, like the Assad regime.

Calling for negotiations with the Assad regime is pointless and naïve. Bashar Al Assad and his brother Maher are recklessly and adamantly determined to eliminate the opposition. They see Syria as their own "property". Both of them have repeatedly declared that either they win the war or they die.

Therefore the free world is obliged to get rid of the Assad regime if they still want to be called humane and guards of human rights.

Obama's hollow rhetoric and lack of action toward the daily massacres and bloodshed in Syria has also blemished the reputation of America as a great nation leading the world in terms of democracy and human rights.

In conclusion, Obama will undoubtedly enter the history books as a hypocrite. He will be judged by his "achievements" which are no where to find. As the first black president, he had a big chance to leave back a big legacy of achievements.

Obama's only legacy will be, he was the first black American president. In terms of achievements, he left none.     

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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