Orlando – another terror attack on Obama's watch

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE July 7, 2016

"Those who serve supreme causes must not consider what they can get but what they can give."

Churchill, 11 August 1950, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Alas we have a POTUS who has failed to comprehend the supreme cause is his country, perhaps Western Civilization as we know it, and how to address mutually exclusive enterprises - radical Islam and a secular West. He has failed to catalyze a status that avoids mutual destruction. He has failed to enforce our laws and expectations. He has failed, and the bloodshed, the instability, the threats just percolating under the surface within ally nations like Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, the Emirates, Morocco, the radical Islamic attacks to ordinary citizens from Brussels and Paris to Boston and Orlando, all speak for themselves. 

Pay attention Mr. President- there will be a test. While you are campaigning for candidates, keep troops in Afghanistan while denying who the threat is in that region...Islamic Jihadists, and support the sanitizing of DHS protocols about the threat, the US remains at grave risk, and the world is waking up to your errors. Slowly your policies increasingly are being repudiated; the UK (Brexit), Sweden, and soon other countries deciding enough is enough.

One has to ask, how many radical Islamic attacks against our people is enough to move a POTUS to embolden his homeland security apparatus, and stop hamstringing our preparedness and protection professionals? If not now, when? Or is Obama incapable of admitting he will continue to protect them? What else do you call a policy that removes words like "radical Islam" or "Jihad" from the lexicon of security directives?

In the aftermath of Orlando, would it shock anyone to know there have been more deadly radical Islam motivated attacks on US soil under President Obama, than under President W Bush? These aren't my opinions; they are facts. Unless by some abandonment of common sense you would classify Fort Hood and San Bernardino as workplace violence, or the Boston Marathon Bombing as two brothers gone wild because they didn't get pledged during Greek Week, or Chattanooga or Orlando or, well you get the idea. But Obama, and by extension his minions continue to obfuscate, parse language, and deny Islam is part of the narrative the Jihadists live upon, and radical Islamic terrorist behavior is at play. Obama has a soft spot for Islam...we all get it. I have a soft spot for Baptist faith and Catholicism. But that doesn't mean giving a pass to groups within these faiths that behave badly or misrepresent Gods goodness. 

But Obama and the ultra left provide political cover. Rationale simple - to do otherwise makes it easy to see the conspiracy against the West, and specifically the United States, a conspiracy the ultra-left denies exists because it harms their one world narrative, and partly because it undermines their other narrative that the US is always to blame. But fret not ultra-liberal.... the usual suspects will turn attacks against our fellow compatriots into an example of "it's Bush's fault" or "it's the US's fault." Never let a crisis go without being utilized.  And therein lies our greatest threats - our fellow countrymen laying political cover for those who would harm us.

Would it surprise anyone but folks intoxicated on the Kool Aid ® that more blood has been spilled in the Middle East, especially Christian blood, under President Obama than under President W Bush? Spoils the claims by the ultra-left and Democrat Public Relations team (mainstream media) that Obama has been a unifier, taking the US out of the military role and bringing joy, love and harmony to the region.

Which puts into specific relief just why we are easily attacked here and abroad? It is not because we are a soft target nation. That just makes it easier to pull off tactically. Strategically, we (and our allies) are readily attacked here and abroad by ISIS, Iran proxies, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and anyone else with a rifle, pressure cooker, bomb, knife, rock or Molotov cocktail. Why? Because our existence, our culture,  our decadence and freedoms, anathema to strict fundamental Islam. And our government leaders, and their media lap dogs, will give political cover to any, and all Islamist organizations in the US and abroad as a way of proving ‘tolerance' and showing we are Islam's friend.

Radical Islam is not our friend. Unless you accept their version of an olive branch - 9/11, Boston, Orlando, Iraq, Kabul, London, Paris, Istanbul, etc.

The silly notion that weakness begets peace has never worked in the history of humanity! If it worked, Hitler would not have gone beyond Sudetenland. Even in the make believe land of History of the World, Part I, wimping out doesn't get you security or peace. Saying "nice doggy" to a pit bull while trying to pet it does not make the canine any less of a threat, and is as foolish as coating your body with blood and going surfing off the coast of Chatham in the summer. If being an appetizer for a shark is your thing....surfs up dude! The radicals must be laughing their burkas off at our naiveté (although I would argue part of our leaders' actions is orchestrated to weaken us, but more on that in a future article).  We are attacked here and abroad because our adversaries know we have a weak president who only fights his political adversaries, not our nation's threats.

That a group of people got together to have a good time at a club in Orlando, not unlike what any of us might do with our friends, dancing, or listening to music, maybe having a Shirley Temple or two, conversing, and kicking back would be killed en masse is a travesty against human decency. Only these folks seem to have been targeted - assassinated - for being gay. The killer appeared to have done this in service to radical Islam, and in keeping with an interpretation of the faith that condemns homosexuality. It is one thing to refuse baking a cake for folks, and quite another to spray bullets in their direction. There is NO moral equivalence, and to suggest such a thing casts real questions on such thinkers. But such is the world we live in, where radicals can attack the innocent, and once the bodies are buried, the cameras gone to cover the next calamity, our leaders move on to their agendas without reminding Americans there is a war afoot,  or commitment to fight it.

Au contraire mes amis - all is well in the kingdom of L'Enfant Roi. He has said so, so that must make it so. According to POTUS our international relationships are at an all time high, our economy moving forward, and he has done a bang up job. Yeh, only if you have a willing suspension of disbelief, which apparently most of the media and his followers practice.

IF all was well on his watch, account for Boston, or Orlando, or so many other attacks during his tenure. If you listen to the media, Boston is rarely mentioned. It is a disturbance in the Obama force (farce), an inconvenient truth to his narrative, and therefore overlooked. Nevertheless, for the many folks maimed, I doubt they forgot who did it, or why.

How do they attack us, let me count the ways....WTC 1993, WTC 2001, Pentagon 2001, Pennsylvania 2001, Ft. Hood, Santa Barbara, Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Benghazi, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Khobar, and many other instances. And what does Obama do? If you have to ask!

There is no getting around it - "Jihad" is not a word of peace or love or unity, and it is not a Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Italian, French, Buddhist, or Wiccan term. POTUS once tried to dance around the definition of the word, offering it has many meanings. Yes, that linguistically is true. But death and bloodshed are usually part of that words application. We need a president who calls out the bad guys, not gives them a Webster's Dictionary defense. To be sure, Islam is not the enemy. But radical Islam is, Jihad is, and the folks who kill on behalf of Islam, are a clear and present danger.

As noted in my earlier article, Jihadists are practicing Islam - radical Islam, but Islam just the same. So there is no way to deconflict the two enterprises when the perpetrators are telling us this is what they are fighting for. 

We are fighting a conflict of cultures. Western values dictate, and not wrongly, to practice tolerance, to be welcoming to strangers, and accept diverse people into our midst. Our Constitution guarantees protections regardless of race, religion, or opinion. But that does not mean we commit cultural suicide. Strangers need to be good house guests and follow our laws.

We tend to believe in separation of church and state, albeit the nature and degree of which are subject to interpretation. But that does not mean bad behavior should be culturally protect. It does not mean we allow behaviors that are anathema to our values, simply because folks have always done so as they now enter our communities.

I can only imagine Neville Chamberlain's England, and that is what I think we have become. We allow a tiny fraction of our population (CAIR et al) to dictate US policy on the very people they protect (those who harbor, inspire, perhaps train or join). We allow agents of Moslem Brotherhood to influence our political leaders. As long as we do not hold accountable those who provide material support, indoctrination, and political cover to these mass murderers, expect more Orlando attacks on our soil.

It should come as no surprise to CAIR and similar advocacy/lobbying groups, that a veil covering a community from their neighbors only inspires concern, and those practicing such isolation, which borders on the inhospitable to "outsiders" need to be confronted on this. If you live in the shadows, are your neighbors wrong to wonder "friend or foe?" No neighborhood ought to be closed off to any citizen. We do not forbid blacks from white neighborhoods, or Catholics from Protestant communities, yet there are sections of communities here and in Europe of (radical) Islamic persuasion that at best are inhospitable to non-Moslems, and at worse are outright dangerous to transit. Let's be very clear - no group has a right to limit the full practice of another person's rights or create a community where their laws run roughshod over our laws. No group has the right to create their own mini nation within ours, and when any cultures' laws infringe upon our laws, we ought to stand by OUR Constitution.

Sadly, the mere suggestion that national culture is important, as are borders and adherence to a common law (the Constitution) is tantamount to xenophobia, not common sense.  Our own POTUS seems more concerned about his narrative than his nation. He seems ashamed at the thought of American xenophobia. 


Consider the first time we have truly seen Obama rattled with a teleprompter was in response to Trump on the recent attack. Obama was not rattled with the attack itself in Orlando, or any other major attack against the US. But Obama was rattled when Trump attacked him with an inconvenient truth, that POTUS' policies of political correctness infecting our preparedness arena, and the pervading silo mentality of agencies has yet to be remedied since the days of 9/11. Instead of Obama demonstrating a passion for his people, or anger at America's attackers, he got all huffy against a political attack. Folks when it comes to Obama, it is all about him.

As the tears turn to grief in the aftermath of Orlando, good citizens should ponder the future and which candidate is best suited to push back against the jihad, and study the successes and failures of our political leaders, to inform our decisions on upcoming elections. 

Impartial analysis of the Obama foreign policies can only come to these conclusions:  Arab Spring - DNC spin-doctors notwithstanding - was a disaster. Syria, a failure.  Obama's pull out strategy in Iraq - a horror show that set the stage for the Radical Medusa called ISIS to appear. Now instead of two major Islamist inspired enemies under Obama's watch (Iran and Al -Qaeda, along with subsidiaries and proxies), we have three - add ISIS.  Of course Obama denies Iran is an enemy. Not too long ago he tried to rely, rely mind you, on Iran for help with Iraq. Speak about offering the pit bull the freezer full of meat. Didn't Obama learn anything in college? Like Iran and Iraq have been at war in the 1980's?

If Obama is squeamish to utter the word "Jihad," how will he ever utter the word "caliphate" which ISIS has declared, and named the leader. This is not mythical. Turkey has suffered the sting of ISIS. One can only imagine the fairy tale he will tell at his press conference to sanitize this latest example of a peaceful world under his watch. But Caliphate is real. ISIS has extended the battlefield to attack adversaries on societal, economic and political fronts. They are disciplined, well funded, skillfully trained, are adapting their tactics, and will destabilize the West using the approach 'death by a 1000 cuts.' Al Qaeda, Iran and ISIS are each radical Islamic killers and terrorists. Each has their own style, objectives, and methods. They all represent formidable and metastatic diseases. Make no mistake about it - they are in the United States.  Expect ISIS to "cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"


Orlando - another terror attack on Obama's watch and it will not be the last one on American soil; maybe under him, maybe under a new POTUS. It may continue under radical Islamists perpetrators who seem to be the trendsetters of death for the near future. Let us not forget however, we have our own homegrown crazies, think Unabomber, or Oklahoma 1995, or the potential for hate groups like KKK and the Black Panthers to reemerge as our society remains perilously divided politically, among the races, and economically. 

To be sure, no president can keep his or her nation completely safe. Undermining our internal security apparatus with political correctness is, however, a bad practice that this president has ordered, contributing to our vulnerabilities, while he continues impeding the solutions for our greater safety.  Let us hope the next person we elect to the US Presidency is not just a teleprompter orator, and politically correct partisan. Let us hope we elect someone wise enough to name an enemy, inspire Americans to unify, and put all our resources to defeating the savage enemies we face. But then hope isn't a strategy. 

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Dr. Robin McFee, MPH, FACPM, FAACT, is a physician, and clinical toxicologist. As medical director of Threat Science - and nationally recognized expert in WMD preparedness, she consults with government agencies, corporations and the media. Dr. McFee is the former director of the Center for Bioterrorism Preparedness (CB PREP) and bioweapons - WMD adviser to the Domestic Security Task Force, the former chair of the Global Terrorism Council of ASIS International, and a member of the US Counterterrorism Advisory Team. She has coauthored two books: Toxico-Terrorism by McGraw Hill and The Handbook of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Agents, published by Informa/CRC Press    


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