Palestinians Conjured Magic at the UN

by DARLENE CASELLA December 3, 2012

Mahmoud Abbas is the David Copperfield of the Middle East. Illusionist Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. However, his masterful conjuring abilities were outshone this week by the United Nations General Assembly which voted for a new sovereign nation that has never existed in history; Palestine. This conferred non member statehood on the Palestinian Authority. The vote was in direct violation of the touted Oslo Accords, and in spite of

  • Palestinian Hamas rockets and missiles being fired into Israel a week before the vote.
  • Constant attacks on Israeli people, churches, homes, schools, crops and monasteries by Palestinian terrorists.
  • Gaza being a terrorist state and a haven for jihadists groups and Al Qaeda.
  • Gaza being a foxhole for Iran, and promises the annihilation of Israel.
  • The Palestinian Authority is totally dependent on foreign aid, and is a bankrupt entity.

At the United Kingdom's annual World's Biggest Liar Contest, Palestinian Ambassador Riyadh Mansour would have placed second for his whopper regarding UN recognition. He said "Today we have legislated a Palestinian State with the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital." First place awarded to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for claims regarding Israeli occupation, apartheid system and institutionalized racism.  

The Palestinian narrative is pure fiction. There has never been a country of Palestine. Yasser Arafat founded the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1959 to fight against the existence of Israel. He controlled no territory, but assumed the title of President of Palestine during an Algerian Palestinian Council meeting in 1998.

 Palestine was a geographic region between the Mediterranean Sea, the Jordan River and adjoining lands. For 3,000 years this land was destroyed and rebuilt by conquerors. King David made Jerusalem his capital around 1,000 BC. His son, King Solomon, built the First Temple. The Babylonians conquered the area; then Alexander the Great, then the Romans under King Herod. In the 7th Century AD Muslim forces descended; Damascus was the capital city. Crusaders slaughtered Muslims and Jews. Under King Baldwin, Jerusalem was a Christian Kingdom. Crusaders and Muslims captured and recaptured the area until the Ottoman's of the 16th Century.  Under Suleiman the Magnificent, Jerusalem prospered. 

After WWI the Ottoman Empire was divided into Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. Winston Churchill created the Palestinian Mandate with a homeland for the Jews. The Balfour Declaration established a national home for the Jewish people in the areas that are now Jordan and Israel. In 1921 there was a "two state solution" the Palestinian Mandate was split. The area east of the Jordan River became Jordan with King Abdullah I, and the area west of the Jordan River remained the Palestinian Mandated homeland for the Jews.

Ben Gurion led the Jewish Agency in a Declaration of the State of Israel in accordance with the United Nations Plan. Israel was born in May 1948. Immediately she was attacked by Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the Sudan. They vowed to crush Israel and drive her into the sea. The war progressed and 650,000 Arabs fled to surrounding nations. They have never been granted citizenship in new countries of residence. The children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of those that fled are called refugees. This causes the claimed "Palestinian Refugee" number to be in the millions. Israel was victorious in the 9 month war. However, the Arabs never admitted defeat. 

Under the 1967 leadership of Gamal Abdul Nasser, the United Nations was kicked out of the Suez; Egypt, Syria, and Jordan started war against Israel. In six days Israel was victorious and gained control of the Golan Heights from Syria, The West Bank from Jordan, and the Sinai from Egypt. The war was a disaster for the Arabs, but they did not admit defeat. In the 1979 Peace Treaty by leaders Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachem Begin of Israel, Israel gave the Sinai to Egypt. Mahmoud Abbas spews the fiction that land taken in the Six Day War does not rightfully belong to Israel.   

The United Nations has said "AYE" to the Palestinian terror state. What does that mean?  

General Assembly Resolutions are non binding. They lack standing in international law. This resolution was not the same as the Declaration for the State of Israel; in spite of many wrongly informed media. US Ambassador Rice said that this resolution does not establish that Palestine is a state, and it does not constitute eligibility for UN membership.

It gives the PA access to the International Criminal Court, where they plan to file war crimes against Israel, suits for building settlements, and other silly law suits. However, this does mean potential future danger for Israel in the courts; and complicates Israel's ability to act against terrorism from Judea, Samaria and the Gaza. 

The Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations will be seated next to the only other non member state - Ambassador from the Holy See of Rome, the Vatican. One might find supernatural implications in such an arrangement. 

Darlene Casella was, before her retirement, an English teacher, a stockbroker, and president/owner of a small corporation. She lives in La Quinta, California, and can be reached at

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