Pallywood Redux

by MELANIE PHILLIPS October 13, 2010
Looks like another staged Pallywood-style ‘atrocity’ has been served up for the world’s media, which has duly bought into the lie in large measure as per. The papers have run a story that on the road in the tense east Jerusalem district of Silwan where Israeli cars are regularly being stoned and attacked, an Israeli ‘settler’ driver, David Be’eri, who had his young son in the passenger seat, ploughed into a group of Palestinian children, running over one of them, and sped away without stopping. Arab media are reporting that the driver deliberately drove into the children and even that two of them were killed. The kind of reports that inflame yet more hatred of Israel in the west and more violence against Israel in the Arab and Muslim world.
Except the whole thing looks like a set up, a staged event. Look at the video of the event here and here. It is clear the event was not spontaneous. Be’eri drives into an ambush with the kids ready to stone the car, which they do.  You will notice – in a picture somehow omitted in the press photographs -- that the rear window of the car has been smashed. Next, notice that a number of photographers are filming the scene before the car even arrives. Next, the child who was ‘run over’ was not run over at all. The car hits him and he bounces up in to the air. But look at the footage carefully and you will see that he runs into the path of the car. Next, look at him being bundled away by the mob. He does not appear to be seriously hurt – and he is being manhandled roughly into a vehicle, hardly the way to treat someone who may be injured.
It’s the theatre of propaganda all over again. And the west falls for it, every time. Contributing Editor Melanie Phillips is the author of the powerful and frightening "Londonistan" which can be purchased here and she blogs at The Spectator.

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