Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the Root of all Evil

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA July 29, 2015

Which countries, which regimes have been and are still supporting Islamic terrorism worldwide?

Saudi Arabia and Qatar, close allies of the West politically and economically.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are ones of the richest countries on our globe.

How come? Where does this wealth come from? Are the Saudis and Qataris hard working people?

Of course not. The Saudi and Qatari wealth comes from oil, which was discovered to them by Western brains.

Both the Saudis and Qataris use fundamentalist Islam (Wahabsims) to suppress their own people particularly in political and social terms.  

Sex segregation, wearing the Niqab (especially among Saudi and Qatari women) are fundamental practices in the Saudi Society watched and strictly punished by religious police, called Mutawa's.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is the only country on earth where women are not allowed to drive cars.

To have much say in home and world politics, both the Saudis and Qataris support Muslim terrorists (also called Jihadists) with huge amounts of petrodollars.

It is a well-known fact that both oil-rich countries finance terrorist groups worldwide: the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Al Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc.

Also both oil-rich Arab Golf countries bribe all kinds of prominent figures worldwide. For example, the Obama family have received millions of US dollars indirectly from Saudi and Qatari rulers. Influential Politicians and journalists in the USA and Europe get also huge sums of petrodollars.

Consequently, people who get money, much money from the Saudis and Qataris shut up their mouths and do not criticise them for their poor human rights record and support of terrorism.

By the way, how did Qatar get the world football bid for 2022? Of course by bribing influential people at the World Football Association also called FIFA, including the chairman of FIFA, Joseph Blatter.

Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in particular their rulers, do not by God work hard to have the huge sums of petrodollars they have every single day, and use that wealth to bribe critical personalities worldwide.

Further both oil countries also finance Islamic centres and mosques across the world. In particular in Europe, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have financed building thousands of mosques, especially in Western Europe.

These mosques are the best place for preaching violence against all non-Muslim cultures. Imams shout very loudly in Turkish and Arabic, for instance, all non-Muslim cultures must be destroyed.

Mosques are the best place for radicalizing Muslims and recruiting Jihadists.  

To add insult to injury, hatred-preachers are protected by the principle of freedom of speech, in Germany and Britain, for instance.

Both oil-rich countries have supplied ISIS from the very beginning of the so-called Arab Spring  almost five years ago with huge sums of petrodollars.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have supported ISIS in order to remove the Assad regime, a Shiite regime and an indispensable ally of Iran, and an arch enemy of the Arab Gulf states, including Kuwait the UAE.

Turkey, a Muslim Sunni country, joined also the fight against the Assad regime. Jihadists from all over the world have been welcomed by the Turkish Islamic regime headed by President Edogan. Weapons were also allowed into northern Syria and Iraq.

Most recently, however, as an ISIS suicide bomber blew up himself and killed more than 30 innpcent people, the Turkish Army started a military campaign against ISIS fighters.

However, by the same token and for fear that the Kurdish fighters in northern Syria and Iraq, who have been successfull in defeating the ISIS terrorists, the Turkish army turned its strikes against the Kurdish fighter and started bombarding them everywhere.

The Turkish Islamic establishment believes that successful kurdish fighters would later drift their attention to fight the Turkish army and demand independence by force.

It is necessary here to mention that more than 15 million Kurds live in Turkey and have been demanding independence for ages. But all Turkish regimes have tuned down this wish.

Unfortunately, major players like the USA and Western Europe, who happen to be NATO allies of Turkey have sided with the Turkish establishment and denied Kurds any kind of independence.

On the other hand, the same Western powers have agreed and forced Serbia to grant less than one million Muslim Albanians independence in Kosovo.

With that decision Turkey felt vindicated after its Othman defeat to conquer Serbia in the 19th century.

15 million Kurds in Turkey and more than 10 million also Kurds living in northern Iraq, Syria and Iran have been denied independence.

The 20th century was mainly charachterized by cold war. Here I predict that the 21th century will be characterized by a long fight against Islamic terrorism.

Finally the West is going through a tremendous dilema. The Arab oil-rich countries possess both much oil and much money, which the West badly needs.

In other words, the Arab oil-rich countries would tell the West: Take it or leave. We will carry on playing our own game and you must accept that.

So far, the West has got no alternative. They know that the Arab oil-rich countries will carry on supporting Islamic terrorism.

As long as the Muslim Arab oil-rich countries possess the leverage of so much oil and huge sums of petrodollars, they will carry on their game of blackmailing the whole world not only the West. And all  this might take ages until it fades out.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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