Scratch “Palestine” Anywhere and You’ll Find Israel

by VICTOR SHARPE April 17, 2012

In Rolf Hochuth's play, The Representative, there is a line in Act 1, Scene 1, which goes as follows: "Cursed are the peacemakers."

Peace is a reality between states that are friendly towards each other. They, after all, do not need to make peace; it already exists through the certainty of mutual friendship.

But such a truth is tragically non-existent when seeking genuine peace loving states in the Arab or Muslim world if it comes to friendship towards embattled Israel.

The Jewish nation striving daily for peace with its neighbors, is rebuffed daily by those same neighbors. Yes there is a peace treaty between Israel and two of its neighbors, Egypt and Jordan. But Egypt, fast becoming an Islamic Republic under the heel of the Muslim Brotherhood, is reneging on that peace and allowing the Sinai Desert to return to a terrorist base against the Jewish state. Jordan, while still maintaining a peace treaty, albeit frigid, has always been tenuous in its intentions. It too may end all semblance of peace on its long eastern border with Israel if the Jordanian king is swept away by the same Muslim Brotherhood. Thus Israel can only survive by maintaining a strong and ever watchful military deterrent.

It is no accident that the terminally naïve radical leftist Peace Now movement within Israel finds no soul mate anywhere within the Arab and Muslim world. Any such Muslim Arab individual or group willing to embrace peace with Israel meets summary execution preceded by horrific torture.

The noble word "peace" has permeated the democracies for decades and flowed from numerous pulpits; Christian and Jewish. But despite endless calls for peace, there is less peace in the world today and more hypocrites selling it like snake oil peddlers.

One need only look at that once beautiful word "peace," now hi-jacked and tarnished by rioting far-left students and aged tenured professors in the colleges of lower learning. They spew their murky Marxist mantra, "peace and justice," yet display by their own words and behavior an utter negation of either peace or justice. They are base hypocrites.

On the banks of the East River in New York City stands the Temple to Hypocrisy; the United Nations building. In this meeting place of the nations, various organizations meet with lofty titles - one such being the Human Rights Council. Here is the nadir of true peace and decency.

Made up of the worst human rights abusers in the world, this organization devotes its time to ignoring the terrible atrocities and human rights abuses routinely committed in Sudan, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan - all Moslem lands or, as in the case of Nigeria, one rapidly becoming Islamized with the attendant routine slaughter of Christians.

But the HRC concentrates obsessively in condemning one tiny democracy, Israel, a Jewish nation that provides unparalleled freedoms in the Middle East for all its inhabitants while surviving in the very heart of darkness - the Arab and Muslim world. To their enduring shame the governments of the European democracies and the Obama Administration remain members of this anti-Jewish UN committee: for that in all reality is what it truly is.

Israel, desires peace with its neighbor - in this case the Palestinian Authority, which currently occupies Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). This territory is the ancestral and biblical Jewish heartland and successive Israeli governments have offered to make breathtakingly generous offers to abandon the land to the Arabs in return for a true and lasting peace.

Such an offer - which this writer asserts is suicidal for the Jewish state - denies Jewish history and its ancient but never abandoned sovereignty to the land. It is an affront to, and betrayal of, the eternal Covenant made between Almighty God and His people. Nevertheless such unheard of offers for the sake of peace are implacably rejected by the same Palestinian Authority led by the devious Holocaust denier, Mahmoud Abbas. He and his cronies want no peace with Israel: Period. Like his predecessor, the arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas cleaves to the Arafatian doctrine of grabbing whatever territory he can in order to use it as a future launching pad for ever more terror against the people and survival of the Jewish state. Perhaps the late Abba Eban's famous dictum, "The Arabs never miss a chance to miss a chance," is Israel's salvation.

Yoram Ettinger, writing in his recent article, Who are the Palestinian Arabs? refers to John Haynes Holmes, the pacifist, Left-oriented Unitarian priest, co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union and the author of Palestine Today and Tomorrow - a Gentile's Survey of Zionism (McMillan, 1929): Holmes wrote about the geographical entity known then as Palestine:

"This is the country to which the Jews have returned to rebuild their ancient homeland.... On all the surface of this earth there is no home for the Jew save in the mountains and the well-springs of his ancient kingdom.... Everywhere else the Jew is in exile.... But, Palestine is his.... Scratch Palestine anywhere and you'll find Israel.... There is not a spot which is not stamped with the footprint of some ancient [Jewish] tribesman.... Not a road, a spring, a mountain, a village, which does not awaken the name of some great [Jewish] king, or echo with the voice of some great [Jewish] prophet.... [The Jew] has a higher, nobler motive in Palestine.... This mission is to restore Zion; and Zion is Palestine."

But the "peacemakers" remain oblivious or unwilling to accept such empirical truths. Instead, they never tire in attempting to square the fabled circle. They remain blind to the reality that any imposed peace process from outside is nothing more than a handmaiden to futility, or worse.

As has been demonstrated again and again, peacemakers create a catastrophic erosion of security for the peace loving nation, but not for the deceitful and aggressive entity that purports to be a partner in peace. That has been the fate Israel has endured since accepting and trusting the empty promises of the so-called Oslo Peace Accords.

For Israel this hoped for peace with the Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians, has been a road map to relentless Arab aggression with thousands of Israeli civilians murdered and maimed in what has descended into the Oslo War. Oslo has become a four letter word.

To cry peace when there is no peace, as the Jewish prophet, Jeremiah, taught long, long ago, is not an expression of hope but a foolish and perilous abrogation of reality in a dangerous world. Just like Peace Now, it dulls the mind and the aspirations of a people who become lost and blinded under a veil of their own deception.

I am reminded of the words written by the late Israeli poet, Natan Alterman, in his poem, Gone like a Dream. Alterman was expressing his deep anxiety over the weakening resolve of the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora in supporting the inalienable rights of the Jewish people to their ancestral and biblical homeland. Such lack of resolve was led in his day by the forerunners of today's defeatist and divisive Peace Now, New Israel Fund and J Street. He wrote this about such individuals and organizations within the Jewish state and the Diaspora:

"Then said Satan: This besieged one, how shall I overcome him?

He has courage and ability, he has weapons and imagination.

So he said: I shall not take his strength, nor muzzle nor bridle him.

Nor soften nor weaken his hands, only one thing shall I do;

I shall dull his brain and he will forget that he is in the right."

When the enemy is a Muslim and Arab entity unwilling to truly make peace because its Islamic faith prohibits it from ever doing so with a non-Muslim - or what the Muslims arrogantly call infidel - state, then to spend one second attempting to dissuade them is a pathway to nowhere but self-destruction.

If the Arab and Muslim world rejects Israel and seeks to destroy it by every means, militarily, economically, politically and by lies, damned lies and the vilest forms of propaganda, then it must live with the consequences of its enmity and become the ultimate loser.

A Jewish state, which no longer seeks peace at any price will prosper and grow. It will also engender respect, albeit grudging respect, from both its friends and enemies.

As W.B. Yeats wrote: "... Peace under a semblance of peace is but a manifold illusion."

And on self-proclaimed peacemakers, A.N. Whitehead described their efforts as "... a deliberate aim at peace, which very easily passes into its bastard substitute: anesthesia."

Such is the sad but accurate fact when it comes to the futility of believing that there can ever be peace between the Muslim and the non-Muslim world. Islam will never permit it.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of several books including The Blue Hour, a collection of short stories, and Volumes One and Two of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

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