Congress has proven to be a cesspool beyond the wildest dreams of our president and the millions of Americans who put him in office believing the same: that Washington simply had to be cleansed of its filth.  The shock discovery of publically-funded monies - $17 million - set aside to settle claims, which assumedly include sexual harassment claims against members of both political parties,  gave Americans a mountain of reasons to "out" the predators so that they can be voted out of office (if that is the voter preference) in the next elections.

Until that happens, Americans who seek a clean government will have to settle for cleansing those politicians who have made public their attitudes and actions concerning sexual harassment.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is one such politician.

There is a mountain of reasons to vote against far-left Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) if she runs for a second term in 2018.

However, both her past and recent behavior makes it imperative that she step down immediately.

  • Displaying sneering contempt for the U.S. Constitution, Gillibrand (a lawyer herself) has called for any government employee who is accused of past or present sexual harassment--to resign forthwith.

No due process, no innocent until proven guilty, no trial by jury. A simple unproven allegation is all Gillibrand needs to indict, convict, condemn and ruin the life of the recipient of an accusation, even when those accusations are denied by third party witnesses.

  • This is the standard to which Gillibrand must now hold herself. She must step down now because of her unwavering, arm-in-arm support and energetic campaigning with accused rapist and serial sexual predator, Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary Clinton, which can be said to have actively aided and abetted the former president's and his wife's years-long abuse of women.

Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., former Lieutenant Governor of New York and noted public policy expert, says that Gillibrand "is spearheading a McCarthyite purge [and] throwing the nation's capital into turmoil." And it is all for her own political gain, as demonstrated by her immediate fundraising on this issue.

Saying that Gillibrand is "a fraud" and "a chameleon," lawyer, author, and radio talk show host Mark Levin calls Gillibrand a "Class A hypocrite" for her longtime support of Bill and Hillary Clinton...while claiming to be an advocate for victims of sexual abuse.   

And according to Bob Fredericks of the NY Post, Gillibrand circumvented federal law to get a visa for a man from India who was accused in March of first-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child for "engaging in a passionate kiss" with a 12-year-old girl.

One of FSM's premier writers, Joan Swirsky, has written: "Before this egregious epidemic of accusations--even from 40 years ago--goes further and the Democrats among us continue to spit on the Constitution they loathe, some grown-up should step forward and speak up for due process. If not, a lot of innocent men are going to pay a steep price and a lot of innocent women may be the next targets to be falsely accused."

Gillibrand calls for government employees to resign due to past sexual harassment misdeeds, even though alleged and unproven.  If this is how Gillibrand thinks the government can be cleansed, then she herself MUST resign due to her own misdeeds with sexual harassers as outlined above. This picture below demonstrates how Gillibrand really feels about sexual harassment when her political calculations benefit her. She is a fraud and is happy to endorse sexual harassers as long as they are Democrats. If she expects others to resign over this issue, then she must resign as well...immediately.  Put your money where your mouth is, Ms. Gillibrand. There is no room for your kind of hypocrisy on such an important topic where Republicans and Democrats are both culpable.

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