Six Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

by COUNTER JIHAD December 27, 2016

Not only does the Brotherhood inspire jihad and promote the imposition of Islamic law, it is involved in violent acts of terrorism.

Not only does the Muslim Brotherhood-the most influential Islamist group in the world-inspire jihad and promote the imposition of Islamic law, it is involved in violent acts of terrorism. For this reason, the State Department should designate it a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Here are six reasons why.


The Muslim Brotherhood serves as the intellectual, ideological and sometimes operational leader for global jihadist groups.

It formally states its goal: "Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."


The Muslim Brotherhood is a significant financier of terrorism and provides infrastructure for multiple violent Jihadist groups that conduct the bulk of the terror attacks.

They clearly meet the definition for material support. The US government has determined that multiple Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the US served the explicit purpose of providing material support for the terrorist group Hamas, which describes itself as a Muslim Brotherhood branch.


Muslim Brotherhood members have carried out bombings, church burnings, and assassinations at the direction of senior Brotherhood figures, according to Egyptian intelligence.

The Brotherhood, with branches and affiliates globally, has exercised both political and cultural influence but also a paramilitary capacity for what it calls "Special Work." Some of these attacks have explicitly targeted Westerners and Western companies, including U.S. interests.


The Muslim Brotherhood restated its intent to wage jihad as recently as 2015.

"It is incumbent upon everyone to be aware that we are in the process of a new phase, where we summon what is latent in our strength, where we recall the meanings of jihad and prepare ourselves, our wives, our sons, our daughters, and whoever marched on our path to a long, uncompromising jihad, and during this stage we ask for martyrdom." [, 2015] Even more explicitly, former Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie issued a declaration of war against the United States in 2010.


Since 1928, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood has been the imposition of Islamic law and the restoration of the Caliphate.

Until it was banned in several countries, the Brotherhood has worked openly as a political party advocating sharia law where they have sufficient numbers and support. The Brotherhood has repeatedly attempted to overthrow and replace governments in the Middle East with a Caliphate, including that of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.


The US should lead, not follow, in the war on terror.

The Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a terrorist organization by Russia, Egypt UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Bahrain.    

The CounterJihad is a movement of American citizen-activists dedicated to safeguarding the country from the danger posed by Islamic Supremacists. @CounterjihadUS

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