Supervillians Confronting Beatrix Potter – A Dangerous World

by DARLENE CASELLA January 15, 2016

Supervillians Iran and North Korea aspire to dominate the world in ways that Dr. No relished.  Superhero James Bond is not lurking to counter the evil ruination that could befall substantial portions of the world with devastation and chaos.    United States and Western Nation's Foreign Policy seems to have been influenced by Beatrix Potter. 

North Korea recently tested a hydrogen bomb and there was hardly a whimper of response.   In October Iran test fired a nuclear capable ballistic missile.  The west was silent.  Iran did it again.  Western nations were silent.  A few weeks ago Iran engaged in live ammunition drills near the Strait of Hormuz.   A rocket was launched within yards of the USS Harry Truman.   The United States was silent. 

Days ago Iran captured ten American sailors at sea and forced their surrender at gunpoint, when their ship had a mechanical failure and accidentally drifted into Iran sea territory.   Iran demanded an American apology before releasing the sailors.  Video shows the sailors disarmed, on their knees with hands behind their heads.  Obama did nothing to retaliate for Iran seizing our Navy personnel.  America apologized to Iran giving a propaganda win for the Ayatollahs.

House Republicans in Congress work on legislation for new sanctions on North Korea and Iran.  Congress aspires to force President Obama to drop his accommodating stance towards these treacherous enemy nations. Democrats and Republicans are dismayed about nuclear saber rattling by unprincipled nations.    

Both countries are in violation of United Nations agreements.  The United Nations is silent.

Iran confirmed that it produced a gram and a microgram of plutonium at its Arak heavy water reactors.  This is enough to make a nuclear bomb, and could be used to arm warheads.   Profound implications of this in terms of international security soar. Western nations are silent.

The Arms Control Association, a Washington based think tank that focuses on proliferation, reported that negotiating efforts have not succeeded in convincing nations to reduce nuclear ambitions.

North Korea has a history of supplying a range of arms, anti aircraft machine guns, mortars, ammunition, tanks, small arms, naval mines, rocket launchers, and anti tank and surface to air missiles to Iran and to Syria.   Continual visits by North Korean nuclear technicians Iran provide guidance and technical supplies.  Western nations are silent.  

President Assad has killed over 250,000 of his own Syrian people.   President Obama drew a red line in in Syria.   President Assad crossed it.  Obama was silent, and drew another red line.  Assad crossed it.  Obama was silent.   Russia and Iran promise to keep Assad in power.  The US is sending minimal weapons and military support to Syrians and Kurds that are fighting ISIS in Syria.  Kurds would like support to defeat ISIS and to remove Assad.  Obama is silent when asked about support to remove Assad, thereby handing control of Syria over to Iran and Russia. 

In contradiction of facts, President Obama dreams about a legacy of reduced nuclear stockpiles and disconnecting existing centrifuges with untrustworthy countries that act aggressively against neighbors.   Villainous countries advance towards the potential of holding the world hostage, or another world war, in a doomsday scenario.

While President Obama was giving his State of the Union Address, Iranian television featured live simulation bombings of Saudi Arabia.   This massive bomb attack was launched from Yemen to Riyadh completely destroying the Saudi city where over 5 million people live.  Bombs also took out the Saudi Aramco Oil Field, the King Khalid Airbase, and the Saudi Missile Defense System.  Obama claims that Iran has no hostile intentions.  Western nations are silent.

Iran has four American hostages.  When John Kerry was asked why their release was not part of the nuclear negotiations, he said that they were brought up in each discussion.  Kerry implied that he had done a good job by mentioning their names.  The reality of his impotence escaped him. 

The nuclear deal was a win for Iran, and Americans remain hostage.

Saeed Abedini, a 34-year-old Christian from Idaho, was arrested during a 2012 trip to Tehran to visit family and sentenced to eight years in prison. He is a married father of two small children.

Robert Levinson is a former FBI agent. Iran alleges he worked for a CIA contractor and visited an Iranian free-trade zone, in an effort to research a cigarette smuggling case.  He was seized in 2007.

Amir Hekmati is a retired American Marine who was arrested in August 2011 while visiting family in Tehran. He was sentenced to death, which was later commuted. Hekmati sought and received permission from Iranian authorities in the United States before traveling.

Jason Rezaian was the Washington Post's Tehran bureau chief.  He was arrested on undisclosed security offenses on July 22, 2014.

Leaders of Iran and North Korea dreamt about having an accommodating American President, a compliant United Nations, and silent Western nations.   Their dream came true.  It is a nightmare to the world. 

Darlene Casella was, before her retirement, an English teacher, a stockbroker, and president/owner of a small corporation. She lives in La Quinta, California, and can be reached at

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