The American "Left"- America's New Taliban?

by DAVID SAYERS August 18, 2017

Recent events in Charlottesville Va. have brought to focus the irrational thinking of those who consider themselves to be "progressive" and tolerant as opposed to the rest of Americans especially conservatives.

America has a two hundred and fifty year history since its founding in 1776. Despite some setbacks and growing pains, a civil war and instances of injustice towards some of the human fabric that eventually became an accepted and welcome part of our culture; we nevertheless have a great country.

The monuments and icons currently under attack in the South are part of our country's history and culture (especially in the south) and were put up to honor the memory of those persons who exhibited one or more traits of leadership, courage in battle and honor. Robert E. Lee was one of these so honored for all these traits. The fact that he and others like him fought for the "Confederacy" one hundred and fifty years ago does not change that nor does the fact that he or others kept slaves as did Washington and Jefferson.

Slavery then and now is an abomination, but it was and is a part of our history and tearing down statues and burning "rebel" flags does not change that. It just promotes more violence. Will tearing down the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial be next? Will that satisfy those on the left with this fixation?

Some of the blame for the recent violence in Charlottesville can be placed on the local leadership who should have perceived that allowing the destruction of these monuments would cause a disturbance and give rise to the turmoil and even death. Then of course (as always) there was the participation of those who seem to show up anywhere there are riots to be involved in. They always seem to be well prepared and ready with professional signs. It makes one question the local spontaneity. Some could even suspect George Soros's involvement in this mess, "bless his little heart" as they say down South.

All the above discussion leads to the main topic of liberal intolerance. Intolerance has become the hallmark of the Progressive Left despite their portraying themselves as the tolerant, compassionate intellectual leaders of our society. Whereas "Conservatives" are portrayed by the left and the media as the intolerant, anti intellectual; hate mongering, gun toting retards of our society.

What is interesting and in direct opposition to the claims of the left are the facts that it is the left that is intolerant of any viewpoints other than their own. They are the ones who block conservative speakers from speaking on campus instead of just not attending or attending and then questioning the speaker's remarks peacefully. It is the students of the left that are the instigators and main participants of the riots and the ones fighting and disobeying our law enforcement. They are usually identified by the face mask they wear to hide their I.D. They are the ones who preach about protecting our environment and then leave their tons of trash to be cleaned up at tax payers' expense. They are the ones who beat up people who wear a t-shirt or hat with a logo they don't like.

That's the left's idea of tolerance? The Taliban and other Muslim extremist do much the same when they encounter opposing ideals and people. They tear down ancient temples, throw homosexuals off buildings, and behead people and stone women for whatever crimes they imagine. Thankfully, our Progressive liberals have not reached that stage yet. But then a few years ago who would have thought some third rate comedian would hold up a fake severed head of a U.S.President?

The left likes to say: "Can't we all come together" Maybe they need to try that themselves, and practice what they preach.

David Sayers is a Viet Nam Veteran that served in the U.S. Army for 13 years, is airborne qualified. He Served with 82nd Airborne and 101st.  David is a graduate of Southern Oregon University and is a  small business owner for the past 30 years specializing in marketing and telecommunications.     

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