The Corrupt and Compromised FBI NOT Fighting the Jihadists

by JANET LEVY May 17, 2017

Paul Sperry's 2005 book, Infiltration:  How Muslim Spies and Subversives Penetrated Washington, examines how Hamas, doing business as the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR, subverted the mission of the FBI to protect jihadists, even before 9/11.  It is a shocking read published TWELVE years ago!  

In one section, Sperry describes the Islamist-ridden translators' office where Muslim agents, who celebrated 9/11 on FBI property, purposely mistranslated documents and notified targets of investigations.  For blowing the whistle on these and other traitorous practices, former FBI translator, Sibel Edmunds, was fired.

See Jim Horn's comments and suggestions below for details but READ the Sperry BOOK!

Janet Levy,

Los Angeles

An excerpt from a post by Jim Horn at 


            With all the money and talent invested in the FBI, it does NOT serve the American people well, if at all.

            One of the current headlines asks if the FBI will ever smash the Islamofascist jihadis, the Moslem Brotherhood (sworn to destroy our nation), the unindicted criminal enterprise Hamas (dba CAIR), the Moslem Students Association, al Qaeda and ISIS in America and the dozens of other Constitution haters (The FBI's primary function is to protect our bedrock, the Constitution).

            The FBI is severely conflicted at best with good guys vs. bad guys in the halls.  The FBI is severely compromised and corrupted [Read the fascinating book "INFILTRATION" by Paul Sperry which clearly identified how sharia compliant Islamists have largely gained operational control of the FBI as well as other agencies charged with our national security].  This has brought paralysis and inefficiency to the FBI in a scale that would shock even a kindergartner.

            Just a very few of the FBI's conflicts:

-  When a CIA officer got off of a plane in New York, the FBI arrested him because he had apparently provided alcoholic beverages to Moslems in Iraq;

-  An American of Syrian descent, Wafa Sultan debated some Islamist Imams on live TV and humiliated them, making them look like chumps. Within hours, she started receiving violent death threats. Frightened, she picked up the phone and contacted the FBI's 800 number for help.  (She lived in Riverside county California which has its own FBI jurisdiction). Within hours an Islamist FBI agent from Los Angeles went to her (way out of is jurisdiction) and very rudely dressed her down as only a nasty, angry Moslem supremist can to a Moslem woman).  She became so terrified that she abandoned her house that afternoon;

-  Knowing American counter-jihadi activists who regularly (I joined them a few times) went to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to dispense anti-Islamic literature. That location is frequented heavily by Islamists. I noticed a trend in the behavior of the often very angry, threatening Moslems and sent an alert to the FBI's JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) about possible Islamist violence erupting.  The very next week, the area was 99% Moslem free.  Somebody in the FBI's JTTF Los Angeles office alerted the Islamists who subsequently stayed away for a few weeks.

            With the FBI bowing down to known terrorist organizations and likely terrorists within the FBI, we, each and every decent American can recognize that we have a crisis, not a problem, a crisis.

The FBI needs to be overhauled from the basement to the top of the flagpole.  An Inspector General cannot accomplish this. Too many Inspectors General in all federal agencies are a part of the problem not the solution in any way. This is likely the same with the FBI. Again, anyone connected inside of the swamp-the beltway would be severely challenged to clean house. A Special Prosecutor or Investigator would likewise be overwhelmed. A group of independent Grand Juries made up of commoners like cops, firemen, ditch diggers, store clerks, etc. tasked with specific areas to be examined could work.

Janet Levy, MBA, MSW, is an activist, world traveler, and freelance journalist who has contributed to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Full Disclosure Network, FrontPage Magazine, Family Security Matters and other publications. She blogs at

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