The Gettysburg Initiative

by CYNTHIA E AYERS December 19, 2012

The Battle of Gettysburg is considered to have been "an enduring symbol of inspiration and patriotism,"  as well as "a turning point in the civil war."   One hundred and fifty years have passed-and our country is again in need of a turning point.  We need ideas, resources, warriors, and leaders who have an in-depth understanding of what our country is up against, and what is needed to survive.   We need patriots who are not afraid to stand up for their principles, ethics, and morals.   We need representatives of the conservative "1%" to invest in those who can get us to,  through, and beyond that turning point.  

Half of the population is unhappy with the way things are going.  Markets are falling, foreclosures are at an all-time high, businesses are contemplating closure at an alarming rate, a "fiscal cliff" is looming, people from all 50 states are at least willing to contemplate secession, and political leaders have been locked in finger-pointing exercises over failed policies involving political correctness, political expediencies, and lives lost.   We need things to change-drastically-for the better.  Unfortunately, with the other half of the population believing they have a mandate to aim the country in a direction that is 180 degrees from the principles laid out by the founders (and considering that those "in charge" believe the definition of "compromise" is for everyone to shut-up and agree with them), turning points are hard to come by. 

It's getting even harder to come by those who can and are willing to face up to and argue the points that will allow for our survival as a free nation.  Only a small number are able to do so.  Most have been ostracized (socially and politically), removed from their jobs based on complaints by others who wish to hide behind politically-correct notions of enmity-and in some cases, based on complaints by representatives of groups who exploit the aggressively enforced denial that our country even has enemies (other than the right-wing domestic extremist kind).   They have been hanging on for dear life-barely surviving financially and psychologically-while they continue to "speak truth to power."   The recent elections, and the fraud that was so evident throughout, not only made things worse for these information warriors, it seems to have virtually guaranteed their silence.   Few have the means to continue over a period of another four years with political leaders that appear to condone national suicide-especially since the political pundits on the conservative side seem to be content with fighting amongst each other and assigning blame for losses at the polls.   

Where do we go from here?  It would behoove us to stop and consider who among us has true, substantial leadership qualities.  They may already be in the ranks of the political elite-some who won their bids for election or re-election, as well as some who were not so lucky.  But there are others--names that have never been brought up in political circles.  They may be known to us as journalists or "talking heads," analysts, or former/retired military service members. 

There are people who have been trying to tell us all along about the national security threats our country truly faces-people who, themselves, have faced tremendous hardships for attempting to get the truth to the people.  I know of several-excellent analysts, true warriors, and true patriots, all.  But we can't expect them to continue to sacrifice themselves and their families for our sake-especially when there are so many waiting to slam the gavel down, declaring a life sentence on them for some perverted sense of "criminal behavior"-that is, failing to conform to political correctness.  

We need a way to join forces in a combined front against those who would drag us down; to confront those who would put an end to many of our freedoms; to keep us from becoming "a nation gone under."   The threats we now face are like none we've ever before been up against.  We have to empower our brightest and best to lead us out of the mire-or resign ourselves to potentially joining the ranks of failed states. 

What can you do?  You can lend your vocal support to those who speak out.   If you are among the privileged few who are looking for places to "invest" your money-and if you are really, truly dedicated to the freedoms you should be enjoying in this country-why not invest in these persecuted warriors?  Interview them.  Give one or two of them a job (full or part time)-make them your special executives for national security issues and let them do what they are best at.  Support a 501(c)3 - or better yet, follow the lead of others-invest in your own 501(c)3 or 501(c)4, find the right patriots for your organization's special interest, hire them and give them the latitude to work without being stifled by the prevailing political climate.  Whatever you do, please try to help these brave individuals help our country by giving them the resources and the opportunity to lead us all-don't just corral them to do your bidding.  

If you are lucky enough to have just been elected or re-elected, please think about bringing these experienced national security professionals into your circle as advisors and staffers.  Help them find a voice.  We've been depending much too heavily on what has become the traditional academic and political routes to power for far too long.  For the sake of our nation, we have got to find the brightest, the bravest, and the best, in all fields of national and homeland security, and give them the opportunity to shine.  

We must help each other to find a way to help our country.   We need a turning point-a Gettysburg Initiative-to survive the onslaught that is sure to come if we continue to sit back, blame each other, and ultimately do nothing.

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*The opinions noted within this article are those of the author, and cannot be attributed to any government or non-government entity to which the author has been associated.

Family Security Matters Contributing Editor Cynthia E. Ayers is currently Deputy to the Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security. Prior to accepting the Task Force position, she served as Vice President of EMPact Amercia, having retired from the National Security Agency after over 38 years of federal service.


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