The Karaoke State of Palestine

by NIDRA POLLER December 21, 2017

[English version of "La Palestine: un état en karaoke"]


The very word is so tasty. Just saying it-the State of Palestine-is enough to bring into being this imaginary state with neat little houses on tree-lined streets, municipal buildings, bus stations, a brand new airport, and the capital in "East" Jerusalem, the imaginary holy land, the Jerusalem of Palestine, a cut-and-paste of Their Jerusalem. But without Them.

The simple recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel-officially declared by Congress in 1995, confirmed by geographic and geopolitical realities, and now consummated by President Trump-unleashes a torrent of disapproval and threats. The disciples of international law chant promises of violence, stamped with the moral authority of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran's Rouhani.

Unilateral declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel? It's blasphemy! Shameful disrespect for international law. It's reckless! Putting the cart before the horse, tossing a match into the powder keg, and pouring oil on the fire! Is Trump out of his mind? He's destabilizing the delicate balance of the shaky Middle East.  What's become of the table where the promised talks should be held? The peace process was almost nearly ready to resume, and now it's doomed! And so it goes: the revisionists are busy reconstructing the past with shopworn lies, and the multilateralists have decreed the irreversible isolation of the United States, guilty as charged.

One thing is certain: all hell will break lose. In fact, the shababs, by tens and by twenties, went back to their old game, complete with keffieh-face masks, sling shots and rocks, flaming tires, stereotyped theatrics. They go round in circles, scatter in the jet stream of water cannons, cry in clouds of tear gas, do their act, and run back home.


Israeli sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem is a reality. The two-state-solution with "East" Jerusalem as capital of Palestine is a fake proposal. But there is a real proposal facing off with the Jewish Jerusalem. It's an Islamic Jerusalem.

The shababs in Ramallah and Gaza, the sparse crowds in Pakistan and Egypt, the protesters in Manhattan and Pensacola, the 400 BDSers at Place de la République, all these lovely people are demanding, in addition to the whole of Jerusalem, the annihilation of the State of Israel and the extermination of the Jews. Skimming off the foam-the supposed modest demand for a little piece of "Arab" Jerusalem - while ignoring the genocidal wave, is shamefully dishonest. The shouters in the street sing the same tune as their leadership and enthusiastic fans. That's what I heard on the 27th of November in the Palais de Luxembourg, at the "Israel-Palestine: que la France s'engage." Colloquium.* The speakers, one after the other, agreed on a clear cut proposal: punish Israel-criminal and immediately recognize the State of Palestine. They didn't hide their goal: undermine and then demolish Jewish sovereignty so that nothing can oppose Palestinian dominion from the river to the sea.


Two states, superimposed 

It's not about two states side by side peace etcetera, but two incompatible resolves. Neither the UN, the EU, the OIC, international opinion, the media, nor the United States will determine the outcome. They say the United States is no longer an honest broker? So be it ! No one can be the honest broker between Israel that exists and a Palestine that embodies the plan for its elimination. The USA is out, so how about the UN and its love child UNESCO, busy these days dismembering the 3,000 year Jewish heritage and giving choice morsels to Palestine? The UN that can't do anything about the agony of the Yemenites, the massacre of Syrians, the rapt of Yazidis, the nuclear arms programs of Iran and North Korea, won't be able to help Palestine with its little jihad conquest.

How about the European Union that's been pacing back and forth at the door to the Middle East for decades hoping to slip in if the U.S. steps aside for a second? The EU does have a foreign minister but it doesn't have a foreign policy to give her. The French president and the German chancellor, dreading the usual backlash from their Islamic populations, hastily expressed the requisite disapproval of the "unacceptable unilateral declaration" and went straight on to issue severe warnings against any manifestation of antisemitic violence. Right in the middle of the recognition-of-Jerusalem crisis, president Macron welcomed the Israeli prime minister on a short visit to Paris. At the joint press conference, Emmanuel Macron set the tone on friendship and shared values. Our relation with Israel, he said, is singular and long standing. We desire ever closer cooperation on so many levels-high-tech, startups, commercial and cultural exchanges. We are together, Israel and France, in the fight against terrorism. We are committed to the security and integrity of Lebanon, we are allied against Daesh. All that endangers Israel, endangers us. Next year in Jerusalem. No, he didn't really say it like that ... he confirmed his intention to visit Israel and Palestine next year.

By then he may be snubbed by Mahmoud Abbas who is currently promising to cut all ties with the United States. In his longwinded speech to the delegations of (almost all) 57 nations of the OIC, the president for life of the Palestinian Authority declared: Jerusalem is, has always been, and will remain eternally the capital of Palestine. N.B. He did not say "East Jerusalem." MBS, who did not attend the Summit, found the time and place to affirm that the Palestinians have a right to East Jerusalem as their capital. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen, General Secretary of the OIC, called on all those that have not yet recognized the State of Palestine to do so now.

You could laugh your head off

That Emergency Summit was not convened in Saudi Arabia, headquarters of the IOC and unique holy land of Islam, but in Istanbul... in Turkey. The 57 OIC nations solemnly united to dictate The Law are, with the possible exception of Arabia, lands conquered by the sword and savagery. Jihad. High class media, on screen and on newsprint, gobble up and spit out the words of these obtuse guardians of legitimacy. You could laugh your head off. On the eve of the Emergency Summit, the CNN Intl correspondent in Istanbul turned into a megaphone, transmitting the imprecations of Calif Erdogan and his enflamed masses. The camera zoomed on a young woman in hijab, screaming: "They don't understand, the USA doesn't understand, Jerusalem belongs to us!"  Us the Turks? Us the Muslims? By what rights?

We finally understand what they mean by international law: it's sharia.

The ancestors of the mad Turkish lady followed the same logic in their day. They said, "Constantinople belongs to us!" And they took it.  You want to talk about holy sites? Let's talk about Saint Sophia, travestied in mosque. Constantinople is ours? Let's talk about beheadings, rape, pillage, profanation, kidnapping, massacres, population transfers & replacement, scorched earth, desolation and, today, Istanbul, its streets lined with Ottoman houses, its bus stations, its airport, its pasha's palaces, its souk, its restaurants, and its triumphant mosques.

"Solomon, I have surpassed you".

 It was what the emperor Justinian shouted out with great excitement on 27 December, 537 AD when he opened the most magnificent church of the Christianity at the time. 

 The church was Hagia Sophia. (Ayasofya in Turkish)

On the day when the Hagia Sophia basilica was first opened in 537 A.D., the Byzantine emperor Justinian is supposed to have entered the building and cried out, "Solomon, I have surpassed you." The reference in the Bible is to the building by King Solomon of a temple in Jerusalem.

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Nidra Poller is an American novelist and journalist living in Paris since 1972. She has published  in the Wall Street Journal Europe, New English Review, and other outlets. Ms. Poller is the author of Troubled Dawn and  "The Black Flag of Jihad Stalks the Republique "

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