The Politics of Delusion

by ALEXANDER G. MARKOVSKY October 6, 2016

This article is not meant to, or intended to be interpreted as a political endorsement, or lack thereof, of any political candidate. Family Security Matters takes no political point of view whatsoever.

It would require a fierce liberal skeptic to deny that Islam, which is in the process of constructing an intrinsically genocidal caliphate, poses both internal and external threats to this country on the scale of Nazism and Imperial Japan in terms of potential mass death and destruction. Islam is conducting a war against the Western democracies with religious zeal and fanatical determination, using all resources available-from engaging in open warfare to spreading terrorism across the globe; from sponsoring radical ideology within Muslim communities to indoctrinating schoolchildren to hate Western values.

As Islam redraws the political map of the Middle East and terrorism gains in strength and audacity, the Democratic Party isn't just impervious to the immediate peril; it is trying to "not allow a crisis to go to waste," taking advantage of the global chaos pushing its political agenda.

Reprehensible as it might be, the spread of radical Islam, slow-motion wars in the Middle East and the subsequent upsurge of refugees serve the Democratic Party's political objectives of perpetuation of Democratic Party rule. The Democratic scheme is to change the country's demographic with an emphasis on open borders and relaxation of the immigration laws, thus ensuring a continuous inflow of Latinos and Muslims to the U.S. The central premise of this policy is to entice the immigrants with welfare benefits, free health care, free education of children, and eventual citizenship in order to vote Democrat. Besides the Latin America the Middle East is the source of millions potential immigrants.

Just since 9/11, the U.S. has accepted more than two million immigrants and refugees from Muslim nations. Therefore, any notion of closing the borders or restricting Muslims' flow into this country will be met with fierce opposition by the Democrats, who, in pursuit of electoral supremacy, refuse to recognize that immigration and terrorism are interrelated, and are perfectly willing to trade national security for votes.

During the primaries the Democratic candidates for high office seeking strategic advantage were competing over who will be more welcoming to immigrants. Furthermore, if the speeches of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton are any indication, it is becoming exceedingly obvious that despite dreadful consequences, the Democrats exhibit a greater hatred for capitalism than for Islamic terrorism, which makes them inherently incapable of safeguarding this country.

The Democrats' policy of open borders or no borders is designed to open our country's gates to a tsunami of immigrants with morals and values diametrically opposed to those of Americans, promoting resentment instead of assimilation, polarization instead of unification, and ultimately making the United States of America not united, not states, and not even American. This is the vision of CHANGE that the Democratic Party and Islamists "Can Believe In."

But the Republicans are not far behind. As usual, totally oblivious to the political reality, they inadvertently offered support to the Democrats' plot and found themselves in cahoots with the advocates of Muslim immigration. In a bizarre interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News, House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that blocking Muslims from entering the country would not be "appropriate" and would be fundamentally un-American-proclaiming, "that's not who we are." Whether it was ideological exhortation or willful ignorance, the Speaker has demonstrated an alarming aloofness of recent history.

What we are is not defined by what we say, but what we do or have done. By this definition, that is exactly who we are. The saga of the European Jews who tried to escape the Hitler's Final Solution were denied entry into the United States in 1939 and sent back to the Nazis' gas chambers had defined who we are by the deeds not words. History is a cruel thing and in this instance it has repeated itself, "first as tragedy, second as farce." The only distinction between the two parties is that the Democrats are acting out of pragmatism without morality, while the Republicans are acting out of morality without pragmatism. But in the end, neither party's countenance is moral or pragmatic.

Alexander G. Markovsky is a Russian émigré. He holds degrees in economics and political science from the University of Marxism-Leninism and an MS in structural engineering from Moscow University. He resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife and daughter, where he owns a consulting company specializing in the management of large international projects. Mr. Markovsky is a contributor to, and his essays have appeared on, WorldNetDaily, Family Security Matters, Ruthfullyyours and other websites. He can be contacted at

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