The Saudis and 9/11

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA September 4, 2016

Islamic terrorism around the world , including 9/11  has been and is still being financed by Saudi Arabia

Islamic terrorism started practically to rise in 1979 as troops of the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to support the Afghan communist governement against the anticommunist Muslim geurillas later called Taliban.

The Taliban who were massively supported by huge sums of Saudi petrodollars played a major role in pushing out the Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989.

However, the Taliban rejected the establishment of any civil government in Kabul. They insisted on establishing an Islamic Caliphate, a kind of regime like the one in Saudi Arabia; an Islamic fanatic, fundamentalist regime.

As the Taliban tried to seize power by force, after the Soviet Union agreed to leave Afghanistan, they (the Taliban) were partly defeated with the help of Western forces.

Since then the Taliban have been around in Afghanistan and Pakistan fighting the democratically elelcted Afghan governement and terrorising people around Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Usama Bin Laden, a Saudi millionaire, had joined the Taliban in their fight to establish an Islamic state and recruited his radical terrorists from all over the Muslim world and had them trained in his Al Qaeda (in Arbic: the base).

Like most Taliban, Bin Laden and his recruited fighters moved to pakistan and from there he planned 9/11.

A few days after the despicable carnage of 9/11, a Saudi TV channel interviewd Bin Laden who rejoyced telling his interviewer that those „ Muslim heroes, the martyrs who killed thousands of infidels (non-Muslims) are now enjoying eternal life in paradise"!

In October 2001, I was asked by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs to research the media in Saudi Arabia after 9/11.

The Saudi media which is controlled by the Saudi state claimed that the massacre of 9/11 was fabricated by the West to simply defame Islam.

Newspaper editors and all interviewees gloated over 9/11. Some mosque imams called Muslims to celebrate the „event". „Infidels/non-Muslims who were killed in the World Trade Center deserved what happened to them."

A few weeks ago there was a discussion in the American Congress and media debating whether the 28 pages of the Congress Commission decument which proves that Saudi officials and princes supported or at least knew about 9/11 should be released to the public.

According to Los Angeles Times, „The Saudi governement has threatened to pull billions of dollars worth of investments out of the U.S. if the pages are released."

I think that doesn't matter that much. What matters at the end of the day is the long history of Saudis supporting radical, fundamentalist Islam, also called „Wahabism", at least by petrodollars, which they have never worked hard to collect. So far the Saudis have exported not only oil but also Islamic fanaticism!

By the way, many political analysts around the world believe that Obama's demand to close Guantanamo is a bizarre one. Those people who have been held behind bars in Guantanamo were not tourists wandering in Afghanistan. They were terrorists fighting for Usma Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda.

In many countries now around the world, in particular in Germany, France and Britain, etc. those who are affiliated to any terror organization, they are sentenced to years in prison.

The Saudi regime has spent billions of dollars worldwide on financing fanatic outlets, whether they are mosques or madrassas (Quran schools). Check out:

A Deoband Madrassa in the Heart of Germany

Take Germany for example. The Saudis have spent millions of Euros on the construction of mosques around the country, the latest was the mosque of Cologne which cost 20 million dollars. Thousands of mosques are financed by the Saudis. Add to all that the salaries they pay to imams who preach hatred against Christians and Jews.

At present, major Islamic terrorist bands like IS in northern Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and Al Shabab in Somalia are supported by the Saudis financially and in terms of weapons.

When the Saudis are officially criticised by other states for supporting terrorism, they claim that it is private Saudis who are maybe supporting terrorists. The Saudi state is allegedly not supporting terrorists!

Unlike many Arab and Muslim countries, why do the Saudis stick so closely to Islam and urge Muslims to carry out what the Quran the „holy" book of Muslims preaches?

The answer is very simple. The Quran preaches hatred against non-Muslims. It discriminates agaisnt women: Women must obey men, in particular their husbands and fathers. Women must be ready for sex any time whished by their husbands. A Muslim girl must marry the man chosen by her  parents, especially her father!

For further information and details check out the following:

Quotes from the Quran

The Saudi regime and the regimes of the other Arab Gulf states love Islam and the Quran. Why? The Quran, alegedly and literally Allah's words, backs sementically their despotic regimes which actually lack all kinds of basic human rights.

Very often the Saudis and the other Arabs in the Gulf area claim that Allah has rewarded these countries with so much oil because they are real Muslims, the best in the history of mankind!

The Saudis and the other Arab Gulf states apply the Shari'a law (the rule of Quran and Hadeeth), as it suits them, for political reasons and not for religious peaceful, spiritual reasons.

The Shari'a rejects democracy and enforces the rule of men and the ruling family over the past generations

The Shari'a suits the dictators of the Arab Gulf. Therefore, they favour it and try to export it around the world. In addition, Saudi Arabia and the other Arab Gulf States keep the world busy with Islamic terrorism so that they do not have time to criticise the despotic regimes at the Arab Gulf.

Furthermore, if Muslims increasingly adopt democracy and civilzed laws and read the Quran, expecially the atrocious passages, then they would reject Islam in Saudi Arabia and around the world. For Muslims, in general, are not automatically and innately born fanatic. Many of them think like you and me driven by common sense and modern education.

By the way, according to several studies around the world, 90% of all Muslims around the world have never read the Quran directly. They are simply exposed to what their imams tell them in mosques and TV.

As far as the civilized part of the world is concerned, I mean mainly the western states, including the U.S.A., why are these states tolerating a terror-backing regime like the Saudi, the most vicious of all times?

The answer is very simple. The civilized part of the world has tolerated the Saudi regime mainly for economic reasons. At least over the past decades the west has been dependent on the Saudi oil and is still benefitting from Saudi investments. However, nowadays oil and investment effects are shrinking.

For example, the Saudis spend yearly over 70 billion Euros on purchasing weapons of all kinds. And where do the Saudis do their arms shopping? They do it mainly in the West.

The Arab Gulf States have recently got a new Islamic fanatic player in the Middle East, namely the Turkish president Erdogan, who dreams of re-establishing an Islamic dictatorial Othman Empire, which four centuries ago was based in Turkey, invaded the Arab world and brought to people only mysery, but no civilization.

The current Turkish president, Erdogan, is dreaming of reviving the Othman Empire via Islam.

He believes that his countrymen and women, seven million of them, who migrated to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s as car workers after the II World War would help establishing the Othman Empire in the Middle of Europe.

Erdogan urges the Turks in Germany not to integrate in a „heretic" Christian society like the German. His imams who are financed by his regime repeat and preach that every day. Check out the following:

„Turkish President Erdogan also wants to Establish an "Islamic State" in Turkey"

Imams in Saudi and Turkish-backed mosques repeat and preach almsot every day the following:

1.     Reject the Christian culture: It is dirty and incompatible with our great Islam, the real religion of Allah.

2.     Kill the infidels if you get the opportunity to do so.

3.     Stick to your Turkish culture and unite with other Muslims against the infidels.

4.     Do not take Christians and people from other religions as friends.

5.     As a Muslim you're allowed to exploit, cheat, lie to and rape infidels. Allah will forgive you for all that.

In conclusion, after 9/11 George W. Bush should have invaded Saudi Arabia and not Iraq. He had to remove the Saudi regime, the godfather of Islamic terrorism and the root of all evil in the 21 century. Had he done so, the world have less Islamic terrorism. The Taliban, Al Qaeda, the IS and all the other Islamic terrorist groups would not have had the sort of huge financial and military support which Saudi Arabia has provided.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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