Turkey is Dreaming of an Islamic Caliphate all over the World!

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA September 26, 2015

The Islamic state (IS) terrorists are moving to Europe. They are streaming into Europe along with harmless refugees.

The only European countries which loudly voiced their concern about that are Hungry and the Czech republic. Germany, headed by Angela Merkel, welcomes all kinds of refugees. This country will definitely sooner or later regret that.

The Islamic government of Turkey led by Erdogan are using every opportunity to spread and support Islamists across the world.

After supporting Jihadists in northern Syria and Iraq and allowing Muslim terrorists from all over the world to join the IS (Islamic State), Turkey is allowing all kinds of Muslims to cross its borders to Europe.

Thousands of refugees have so far managed to get from Turkey to Greece, i.e. to Europe. Germany alone, which in the future would greatly regret it, has allowed more than 800.000 refugees, so far, into the country, without checking out whether some of them are potentially IS terrorists.

Most recently I met many refugees, most of them Syrians, harmless people, genuine refugees. But some "refugees" trusted me and confessed that they support IS and some of them even have fought with IS Jihadists in northern Syria and Iraq. 

Congratulations Ms Angela Merkel! You did a great job by welcoming thousands of refugees into Germany and Europe without control.

Sooner or later after Jihadist "refugees" have settled down, they will certainly start their real job. And Erdogan would deep down be the happiest man in the world!

Erdogan is by now well known for being might-obsessed. He and many fundamentalist Muslim leaders are overwhelmed by the vision if establishing an Islamic Caliphate across the world. They are following the path of their "prophet" Muhammad!

Erdogan is even ready to sacrifice Muslims for the sake of reaching that aim. So far his troops have killed thousands of Kurds, who are also Muslim.

20 Million Kurds living in Turkey, Iraq and Iran are not allowed to have their own independent state. But less than one million Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are allowed to do so!

The Syrian civil war and its disastrous implications has provided Erdogan with a golden opportunity to fortify his power in the region and worldwide.

Although Turkey is a member of the NATO, Erdogan has not long ago refused to allow ally military jets to use Turkish airbases to strike IS bases in northern Syria and Iraq.

Erdogan has also allowed thousands of foreign Islamic terrorists to cross the Turkish borders to join IS and reach Europe.

In other words, Erdogan has blatantly abused the refugee crisis to burden and trouble the EU. This behavior has enabled him to play a key role in the refugee crisis that is daily getting from bad to worse.

The refugee crisis is also causing rifts among member states of the European Union (EU), in particular between eastern and western European countries.

Erdogan is certainly thinking: "To hell with you, Europeans! You don't want Turkey to join the (EU), fine, I want to cause you as much trouble as I can. Turkey has got enough power to do so!"

Germany has become very attractive to both refugees and terrorists. The Jihadists in Germany, like all refugees, are entitled to 400 Euros each month. In addition, they get free housing, local transport and telephone, all for free. They are also entitled to attend German language courses for free. In addition, they get 2000 Euros for furnishing their freely assigned apartments.

In other words, Jihadists do not need to work. They will have enough time to focus on their terrorist acts. And in case they die in these acts, they strongly believe, they will be rewarded right away by the best place in the universe, they will land in paradise forever. Great! Isn't it?

For months now, thousands of people cross the border from Turkey to Greece, illegally, and from there they carry on their journey by bus to Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungry. And from there they go to Austria, and finally to Germany.

Germany is very attractive to refugees from all over the world. The state benefits they get in Germany, they do not get anywhere else.

A man from Kosovo told me, he used to work as a policeman in Kosovo. There he used to get monthly, only150 Euros. Here in Germany he gets all alone 400. His wife gets also 400. For his four children he gets 800 Euros: In total he gets 1600 Euros. Why should he work and why should he go back home to Kosovo?

Many "refugees" lie and claim that they are from Syria. When you talk to them in Syrian Arabic they turn out to be Turks, Kurds, Afghans, Eritreans, Bangladeshis, or Pakistanis! Some of them have even managed to get Syrian fake passports.

Many of those refugees told me, "The Germans are naive and stupid!" They believe everything we tell them.

Some "refugees" have even brought with them to Europe, children of some of their relatives back home. They claim that these are their own children. They cash for each one of them at least 200 Euros a month, an amount which people in Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan or else would dream of!

Indeed, German politicians and employees at the Migration Department, who are overwhelmed by huge piles of applications, seem to believe everything they are told by refugees. Besides, it is extremely difficult to verify. Some migration employees sympathize with refugees and turn a blind eye to their fairy tales.

Opening the borders of Europe to refugees with unprecedented huge figures is a golden opportunity for Islamist terrorists to spread all over Europe.

Hence, we should not wonder when sooner or later Europe and specially Germany become a nasty battle field between Islamic terrorists and local security forces. In other words, IS is in the middle of Europe.

Supporters of IS are there in enough numbers in Germany. Go to Mosques in German towns and listen to what they tell their audience. Think of the 7 million Muslim Turks all over Germany. And their number is rising and rising!

The majority of German politicians across the board welcome refugees and condemn critics as "right-wingers". By the same token, they stress that the German population is decreasing and the labor market needs increasingly foreign manpower.

In other words, the alleged "humanitarian reasons" are sheer hypocrisy!

More hypocrisy: several Christian Syrian residents in Germany have appealed in writing to several German politicians requesting them to help repatriating their relatives to Germany. Many of these relatives have been killed by IS terrorists, some of them were children and women.

Some of those German politician, President A. Gauck, H. Kraft, the governor of NRW, the largest federal state, Elmar Brok, a member of the European Parliament, W. Bosbach, a member of the German Bundestag, and several bishops, who very often when it comes to talking to the media about Syrian refugee they shed crocodile tears and promise to do everything possible to help in particular Syrian refugees, have never replied or simply wrote back, "Sorry, we cannot help you!"

Unlike the majority of the German population, supported by field studies carried out by research teams at Bertelsmann's foundation come over and over again to the conclusion: the majority of Germans believe that  radical Muslims, and there are many of them already in Germany and Europe, constitute a ticking bomb.

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, did a better and honest job with regard to helping genuine refugees in need of help.

He promised to accept 20,000 refugees, over the coming 5 years, recruiting them from camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

For people who are registered in refugee camps are really refugees and deserve help.

Finally, an American personality, Dr. Ben Carson, a republican presidential candidate has voiced what many politicians in America and Europe have repeatedly denied: An Islamic president and Islam are incompatible with human rights.

Dr. Carson has been brave and honest enough to name things by their real names: Islam is incompatible with basic human rights. Islam is not a peaceful "faith" as Obama and his ilk hypocritically claim. (Check outrousome Alrabaa's collection of gruesom quotes from the Quran.)

America and the rest of the world need at present honest politicians like Dr. Carson. Islamists and their Islam are the root of all evil. Islamists must be eradicated by all means.

The world, particularly nowadays, doesn't need hesitant "politicians" like Obama. Thanks to him and hesitant decisions, the world is plagued with the Islamic epidemic, the "Islamic State" and its allies in Turkey and elsewhere. Islamism must be drastically wiped out by all means. This is the Black Death epidemic of the 21st century.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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