Turkey's Erdogan and the Saudi Regime are Vicious

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA November 1, 2016

Turkey‘s Erdogan and the Saudi Regime are Vicious By Dr. Sami Alrabaa

If Erdogan, Turkey's current dictator, and the Saudi regime were not so vicious, the Middle East would be, relatively speaking, leading a normal life, like most developing countries on this globe.

Erdogan, the Islamic dictator of Turkey, has got two major complexes in his character and daily behaviour.

He wants to fight, by all means his arch enemies, the Kurds. And he wants to revive the Ottoman Empire which was defeated and terminated during the early years of the 20th century.

15 million Kurds, living mostly in the east-south of Turkey are absolutely not allowed to have any kind of autonomy. They are daily severely oppressed. Still worse, Erdogan and his followers believe that the majority of Kurds are terrorists!

Successive Turkish governments have barely invested in the infrastructure of Kurdistan, the homeland of the Kurds in Turkey.

Erdogan´s followers think also that the majority of Kurds are terrorists.

But who are Erdogan´s followers? According to the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies at Bielefeld University in Germany, the majority of Erdogan´s AKP party members and sympathizers are lower-middle class, fundamentalist Muslims and are poorly educated.

The majority of Turks (more than 5 million of them) who live in Germany, live on state benefits, in particular Erdogan´s followers.

Most imams in Turkish mosques in Germany, where there are thousands of them, and Turkish foundations are all followers of Erdogan.

Erdogan has through his propagandistic apparatus stuffed the brains of his followers with stuff related to the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire. They all believe that this is realizable and is sooner or later coming. And anyone who doesn't believe in that, they must be traitors and all those who sypmpathize with the Kurds are traitors too! And as Erdogan says, „They do not have Turkish blood!"

Erdogan and his followers are doing everything possible to cleanse the Turkish society from all those Turks and Kurds who think otherwise.

After the latest so-called coup this campaign has been intensified.

Thousands of Turks who are suspected of being critics of Erdogan have been arrested and jailed. Thousands of teachers, professors, journalists, soldiers, war plane pilots, judges and all kinds of state employees sit now behind bars.

Erdogan and his followers would work together with the devil, also with IS terrorists if they can help cleansing the Turkish society from and Edogan's critics and opponents.

Erdogan´s establishment claims that „the Turkish army is fighting against IS." However, on the ground, this is sheer propaganda aimed at pleasing the Western forces, in particular the Americans.

Erdogan's regime has since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, five years ago and the occupation of Mosul by IS in northern Iraq, has allowed all kinds of foreign terrorists to join IS via Turkey. In addition, huge amounts of weapons, financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar have also been smuggled through Turkey.

Lately, Erdogan has revealed the start of re-establishing the Ottoman Empire. He and his prime minister claim that northern Syria and Mosul are actually part of the Turkish sovereignty.

In almost every one of his speeches, Erdogan threatens to root Turkey´s enemies, namely the Kurds, in particular the PKK and the YPG.

Erdogan has increasingly struck a belligerent tone in his speeches. On October 14, 2016, he said in his palace, „Let them go wherever until we find and destroy them. I´m saying this very clearly: they will not have a single place to find peace."

According to Erdogan, the „Misak-i Milli" or National Pact which was approved by the Ottoman parliament in 1920, included Musol (in northern Iraq) and Aleppo (in northern Syria. He added that they were part of the Ottoman Empire.

In other words, Sultan Erdogan, rejects the Treaty of Lausanne which was signed in 1923.

On October 17. 2016, Erdogan warned in front of his loyal mayors, „The sectarian fanatic government in Baghdad, and the Assad government are on the wrong path. The fire you are trying to start will burn you more than us."

Erdogan went further to warn his critics in the USA and Europe by saying, „Our friends in America and Europe have no idea what the Ottoman legacy means to us. Let me tell them this: anyone who wants us to stop restore our legitimate borders will fail."

This is a serious belligerent threat which means that after liberating Mosul, and Aleppo, Erdogan plans to occupy these provinces and annex them to modern Turkey and eventually ignoring the Lausanne Treaty.

Now the question is, would Turkey, a NATO member get away with all this as it did with occupying half of Cyprus in 1974? Would also Russia, an important ally of Syria, tolerate all this? We´ll see!

Instead of investing in the local economy, Erdogan has ordered building thousands of mosques which cost millions of dollars. He wants to fortify his authoritarian regime with a solid propagandistic apparatus.

Bessides, the rest of churches left in Turkey have been converted into state property and changed into mosques. The few Christians left in Turkey have nowhere to pray. They are not allowed to use their own churches. Some priests have often been attacked and injured by Islamists.

The question is, where is the Pope? Why doesn't he condemn the lack of faith freedom in Turkey? Usually he has got a big mouth when it comes to poverty and migration.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia, due to low oil prices over the past two years, is nowadays practically bust. Those Al Saud princes on top of the Al Saud family pyramid have over decades plundered the oil revenues of the Arabian peninsula.

Although Saudi Arabia is the worst dictatorship on earth and one of the most despotic regime in the history of mankind in terms of human rights, Western democracies, in particular the USA, have turned a blind eye to the inhumane rule of the Al Saud.

Huge economic interests and benefits from petrodollars made the West ignore the atrocious abuse of the Saudi regime to human rights.

The worst export article, which the Saudis over decades have financed, has been Wahhabism: a fanatic version of Islam which lacks all kinds of human rights.

The Saudi regime has financed the construction of thousands of mosques and Quran schools (madrassas) which inculcates fanaticism in the brains of Muslims and specially those of young Muslims across the world.

The Saudi regime has spent billions of dollars on supporting fanatic Islam worldwide, which was crowned by 9/11 designed and executed by the Saudi Usama Bin Laden!

Even after that and despite the fact that the Saudi regime played an active role in the massacre of 9/11, the Americans kept good relations to that disgusting regime.

After the motto: „money may make people blind and corrupt" has really been a reality on the ground. In the 80s and 90s Bandar Bin Sultan, a former Ambassador to Washington, bribed thousands of American politicians and media influential with billions of dollars.

All those Americans kept silent when it has come to criticizing the Saudi regime.

Most recently thousands of guest workers from India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Pakistan and else where are starving in Saudi Arabia. Their modest wages have not been paid for months now. Millions of guest workers are treated like slaves. They are daily beaten and severely abused. Many of them cannot leave Saudi Arabia because their employers (Kafeel) have confiscated their passports.

Despite all those despicable atrocities, some American politicians , in particular Obama, still naively believe that Islam is a „peaceful religion" and the Saudis are good friends!

When it come to power and self-interest, the Saudi influential figures tread with their feet on all kinds of ethics, agreements and contracts.

For instance, they now owe their Lebanese palace constructor, Saad Al Hariri more than 9 billion dollars.

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, 5 years ago, and the war between Muslim Shi-ite Huthi and Sunnis in Yemen, the Saudis have yearly spent over 80 billion dollars on weapons which they have bought, and still doing so, in America, Britain, France and Germany. Therefore the arms industry in those countries is flourishing.

Some of the arms which the Saudis have bought and still buy go to the IS terrorists and their affiliates, like Al Nusra Front, the Army of Islam, etc. in Iraq and Syria, and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Saudi war planes bombard very often civilian targets in Yemen whereby many children and innocent civilians have been killed and are still killed.

In this respect those Western countries which supply Saudi Arabia with weapons suffer actually from schizophrenia and hypocrisy.

On the one hand, the US, Britain, France and Germany supply the Saudis with all kinds of weapons, on the other hand, they „lament" the death of innocent people!

This is sheer hypocrisy!

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is not using these weapons to fight their own enemy. They are using them in the course of interfering in a local dispute which they have nothing to do with.

The only motive behind the Saudi interference in Yemen is sheer fanaticism. They want to force and impose their own fanatic version of Islam, namely Wahhabism.

Also in terms of freedom of faith, Saudi Arabia is the worst on earth. Followers of other religions are not allowed to practise their own faith, let alone having a church or any kind of temple.

None Muslims who are suspected of practicing their faith are usually arrested, imprisoned or deported.

On the other hand, which is absolutely ridiculous, Saudi Arabia is a member of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva!

All this, in the 21st century is illogical and bizarre!

According to the International Labour Organization (IOL) the majority of Saudis are state employed, but at work they do only one single hour, and for that they get a full salary!

On the other hand, millions of foreign maids in Saudi Arabia are treated worse than slaves, (which by the way in Islam is permissible) and forced to work for 24 hours every day for just 30 dollars a month, if they ever get that money. Many of them do not get that modest sum. Still worse: they cannot escape and leave Saudi Arabia because their passports are kept by their employers.

Saudi Arabia is the worst discriminatory regime against women. It is the only society in the world where women are treated as chattels under male control. No wonder, the Saudi regime uses the Quran and Hadith which together make Shari'a (Islamic law).

As we all know, the Quran preaches hatred against other religions and is discriminatory against non-Muslims and women. (Check out Quotes from the Quran).

Both Jim Garrison and Banafsheh Sayyad from Ubiquity University should have checked out the Quotes before claiming in an article on the Internet, the „Prophet" Muhammad „was the first feminist in the history of mankind!!!!!!!"

Also on the Internet Juan Cole professor at Michigan University claims that he did some research about Islam and the Quran. He came to the conclusion that „Peace is pretty central to this book," he means the Quran. This is also bizarre, not to say rubbish, alleged by a „professor". He should also read the Quran or at least „Quotes from the Quran" which are published and posted everywhere!

More examples of discrimination against women backed by verses in the Quran: women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to leave their houses without the company of a family male. If a Saudi woman wants to travel abroad, she needs the approval of her husband, father or brother. The same applies to marriage. She also needs the approval of her close male relatives.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive a car.

Finally, I would say, Saudi Arabia is a synonym for oppression and extremism in terms of human rights and religion.

Thanks to Saudi Arabian religious fanaticism and their exportation of that brand of Islam, which has long been tolerated by the West for economic and financial reasons, we have now the plague of Islamic terrorism across the world.

It will take decades and ages to fight and eliminate the plague of Islamic terrorism. It is not a natural catastrophe, it is man-made. The West is havesting what it has sawed/tolerated over the past four decades.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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