Turks Dream of a Turkish Muslim Empire in the Middle of Europe

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA May 26, 2015

It is still a dream. But lots of Turks strongly believe that it might come true one day around 2070. Dear readers, you might think, it is just a dream which would never come true. Until then I won't be alive. But those of you who are young will tell: It was a dream and remained one, or Alrabaa predicted this development more than 50 years ago and now it's a reality.

So, why this dream might come true?

After the II World War and through the reconstruction process of Germany, aided by the Marshal Plan financed by the USA at the time, the German economy and the car industry in particular started to boom. Blue-collar workers were needed. They were recruited in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey and brought to Germany.

Around one million workers from Turkey were recruited. Now, in 2015 the number of Turks living in Germany has risen to more than 8 million, all of them are Muslims, although German official statistics claim that the number is smaller than that.

In Germany people believe that Turks have reproduced themselves like rabbits.

While the German population has been decreasing, the number of Turks living in Germany has been significantly increasing.

Why is the Turkish population incessantly increasing?  

The German social benefit system is ideal for the Turks living in Germany. For each child you get 200 € (220 $) a month, plus other benefits.

Many Turks do not really work, 80% of them. Take for example a couple. The husband claims that he is ill and cannot work, therefore he gets 400 € (440 $) a month. His wife gets also 440 $ for raising her children. According to the German social system, that is her own right.

If such a family has 4 children, and the majority of Turks have got this number of children, they get 1763 $ a month. Besides, they get free medical insurance, housing money, money for heating, telephone, and public transport.

The question is, why should such people try to get a job and exert themselves?! They get everything for free.

It is a well known fact that the German social benefit system is spoiling people and driving them to become parasites.

Taxpayers like me are very upset by the system. The money which we work hard for is given to lazy people in return for nothing. 

70% of Turkish boys and girls break school before they finish it, and over 80% of the Turkish population in Germany live on state benefits. According to several studies, the majority of Turkish families living in Germany sleep till 10 or 11 in the morning and usually go to bed after midnight after watching Turkish soap operas on TV.

Actually you don't need studies to prove all that. In most cities in Germany, what kind of people you see around noon on the street? Turks. They have nothing to do. Yet they have enough taxpayer money to go around shopping.

Most recently, the Turkish president Erdogan came to Germany (he often visits his country men and women in Germany) and delivered a speech in front of his followers. Ten thousands came to the city stadium to greet their president.

All the women who attended that gathering wore the Islamic Hijab (headscarf).

Erdogan urged the Turks living in Germany to learn first and foremost Turkish, not German. He also urged them to stick to the Turkish culture and live like Muslims, up to every word in the Quran, the "holy" book of Muslims.

Therefore, the Turks in Germany are not integrated in Germany. On the contrary. They stick to their own culture, language and religion, Islam. And most of them reject the German culture.

Back in Turkey, Christian and Jewish minorities are denied practising their own faiths freely. And the majority of Turks deny the awful genocide which Turkey inflicted on Armenians a 100 years ago! One and a half million Armenians were murdered and thousands of churches were destroyed or changed into mosques.  

Several Turkish public associations have been formed over the past three decades in Germany. They allegedly represent the Turks in Germany. As public non-benefit organizations they cash yearly around one million Euros (taxpayer money) for their allegedly no-benefit organizational work.

Several heads of these associations are corrupt. They use public money to finance building private hotels in Turkey at the Black and Mediterranean seas.

Also with the money they get from Germany, Turkey and Saudi Arabia they have built thousands of mosques, so far more than 3000.

Most recently, Lale Akgün, a German politician of Turkish descent, has criticized the propagandistic and corrupt performance of the Turkish associations. In a public speech in Bielefeld she exposed these associations and accused them of working to establish an Islamic state in Germany.

As she said that these associations do not actually represent the Turks in Germany, but rather a small number of them in Germany, she was booed by women wearing Islamic headscarves, the Hijab.

When Ms. Akgün said that "the Quran is filled with atrocious passages preaching killing non-Muslims and discriminating against women..." she was booed more loudly and aggressively by Turks among the audience.

Turks use all kinds of tricks to increase the number of their country men and women in Germany.

Unlike all foreigners, Turks, whether men or woman, who are recruited in Turkey to marry a man or a woman living in Germany, do not need to pass any language test to get a visa.  

For example, a Turk flies to Turkey to marry a Turkish woman. He marries whoever he wants, obtains a Turkish marriage certificate (by bribing a Turkish official) and gets it certified by the German embassy in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

Back in Germany he registers her as his wife. A couple of months or years later he divorces her. However, she stays in Germany and somehow she gets a stay permit.

Another trick that is widely practised by Turks living in Germany: Some Turkish women, single or married, fly to Turkey. After a few days or weeks they come back to Germany with a little baby. How come?

Well, her extended family of friends arrange for that "temporary adoption". ‘Back in Germany she registers the baby as her own, born in Turkey. After a while she returns the baby to her real mother.

Back in Germany she gets at least the monthly (200 €) (220 $) child benefit which every mother in Germany is entitled to. Lots of Turks do that very often and cash this money and more every single month.

In mosques and Turkish Islamic gatherings, Turks do not hide their dream of a Turkish Islamic state at least in Germany.

Gürkan, a Turk told me in a mosque, "Why could Kosovo get their own state in eastern Europe, whose population are Albanian Muslims, and we not?" He was applauded by hundreds of Turks in the mosque!

Mustafa, another Turk said, "If the majority of people in a German federal state vote for an independent Islamic Turkish state in the future, Germany and the whole world must accept that as a democratic decision." He was also applauded by his countrymen. 

The "Islamic State" terrorists would not have been so successful in northern Syria and Iraq if the Islamic government in Ankara had not allowed those terrorists to smuggle all kinds of weapons into those areas, financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

By the way, who is behind all the evil bloodshed all over the world; in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Yemen, etc.? The answer is very simple: Islamists. But who is behind all this evil and bloodshed?

Who has backed the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan all the time? Saudi Arabia.

Where did Usama Bin Laden come from? From Saudi Arabia.

Who is financing Boko Haram in Nigeria? ‘Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Who has backed Al Shabab terrorists in Somalia? Saudi Arabia.

Wake up Obama!

If the West does not stop whitewashing (or putting lipstick on the pig) the danger emanating from radical Islam and name the spade a spade, we would all regret the blood baths instigated by radical Muslims in Germany, Britain and France. This would sooner or later happen.

My research among Turks in Germany tells me that the majority of Turks are determined to create an Islamic Turkish state in the middle of Europe.  

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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