Voter Fraud: Obama Won 108% of Registered Voters in Ohio County

by DANIEL GREENFIELD November 11, 2012

Let's face it. Obama won the election. Just like Putin and Ahmadinejad did theirs. The only difference is that unlike Iranians and Russians, Americans won't be gathering in the streets to protest their disenfranchisement at the hands of the corrupt Democratic Party machine.

First, he received over 99% of the vote in districts where GOP inspectors were illegally removed. Next, he won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland. Well, he's gotten another lucky break!

Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That's right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County's 108% of registered voters. That's not a typo.

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Daniel Greenfield is a blogger, columnist and freelance photographer born in Israel, who maintains his own blog, Sultan Knish.

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