We're Seeing 'Heinous Cleansing of Entire Christian Population in Middle East’

by MICHAEL W. CHAPMAN August 14, 2014

Bishop Anba Suriel, who was born in Egypt and leads the Coptic Orthodox Church in the diocese of Melbourne, Australia, denounced the "merciless and barbaric acts of genocide" against Christians in Mosul, Iraq, asked why most world leaders and the media were nearly silent about the killings, and stressed that if "we do not take a strong stance against these crimes against humanity, it is only a matter of time before such fundamentalism infects the entire world."

"Mosul, the cradle of Christianity in Iraq since the first centuries, is now purged of its entire Christian population," said Bishop Suriel in a statement issued last week. "The ruthless and purposeful savagery of the attacks by the fundamentalist Muslim terrorist organization The Islamic State (IS), formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is truly inconceivable."

"Yet most world leaders remain silent in the face of the murder of innocent children and horrific beheadings of civilians," said the bishop. "We question why the media has not highlighted the unprecedented systematic eradication of the city's entire Christian population."

"In an age where world leaders are gifted with more power and global influence than ever before, I ask why the blaring silence and apathy?" he said.  "We are witnessing a heinous cleansing of the entire Christian population in the Middle East by an expanding extremist Muslim terrorist group."

"Are we going to sit back and watch the disaster unfold, and in so doing, contribute to the crimes against humanity?" he said.  "The world's silence is fueling these extremist terrorist groups."

The bishop went on to note that Christians in Australia are sheltered from the cruelty being perpetrated in the Middle East, but stressed that if the government did not act now, it would eventually have to face extremist Muslim terrorist groups.


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Michael writes for CNSNews.com. He has worked as a writer for The McLaughlin Group; associate editor of Consumers' Research magazine; associate editor of Human Events; editorial page editor of The Lima News; journalism fellow for The Phillips Foundation; editorial writer and national issues reporter for Investor's Business Daily; and editorial director of the Cato Institute. Michael graduated with Special Honors in English (B.A.) from the University of Chicago. He lives with his wife, Claire, and their five children in Virginia.

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