Westboro Baptist Church Persecutes Dead Hero's Family

by JOHN BERNARD, THE EDITORS December 23, 2011
Corporal Nicholas K. Uzenski, born December 30, 1988 in Sidney, New York, died on January 11, 2010.
John Bernard writes:
I rarely take the opportunity to forward comment streams, complaints, e-mail garble or touchy-feely prose. This, however, is something I feel most everyone on this list will want to know about.
To be sure, the Westboro Baptist Church is an aberration in an otherwise normal world. Their perversion of Scripture and abuse of people in need has become legendary and do not represent the Gospel or mainstream Christianity! I am quite sure they are blinded to this, but they embody the evil demonstrated by the enemy our Warrior community is facing which in the end, makes them no different in substance or doctrine.

They have made it their mission to verbally abuse families suffering with the loss of loved ones in these present wars and have shown absolutely no sign of softening. I'm not sure where people like this come from and frankly, I don't care! What I do care about is the carnage they leave in their wake. Unfortunately, the acid they spew that passes for free speech, is as protected as the language in this note to you.
In the end, the best we can do, is ignore them while simultaneously not abandoning those like the Uzenski family.
I would ask you to pass news of this latest trial they are going through to your contacts who would in fact be interested and, if some would like to help, to reach out to them.
Semper Fidelis;
John Bernard
From: Suzette Mule'
To: john Bernard
Hey John,
I have 'cut and pasted' an email from a friend of mine named Joe Deason (he lives in Bozeman, MT). A Gold Star family is being targeted by Westboro lunatics one year after their son was killed overseas.  Joe's msg has gone viral in ONE DAY! among our kind of people and the support shown to this Montana family has been wonderful.  I thought you would be astounded at the gall of the westboro freaks!
Take care,
Suzette Mule'
Hello All !
If you have not heard by now, The Uzenski Family, who recently lost their son Nick to the war, have now lost their home and virtually everything they own to a devastating fire...
We, in the Patriot Guard were honored to stand for Nick’s funeral service in Bozeman.
Hopefully someone can get this message to all PGR Members in MT.
I spoke to Bill Uzenski, Nick's dad today,  and they said the community support has been overwhelming...He said the biggest help to them right now would be assistance with food for the family. They have no way to prepare food so gift cards to local restaurants would be the most helpful.
They have been given lodging at a local motel.
If anyone out there is able to help out a bit providing some cooked meals for the family, I am collecting gift cards and will get them delivered as being from you, or anonymously if you would prefer...some cards will be delivered as soon as tomorrow. I will also ask Bill if he would prefer them to be dropped off at their motel but in respecting the family's privacy I want to be sure he confirms that is OK.
The reason I am so suspect of the privacy issue is because of what Bill told me today. Yesterday, the family received a phone call from the Westboro Baptist church...in the back ground he heard a group of people wildly cheering. Their spokesperson said they were overjoyed to hear the family had now lost everything to this fire. They went on to say that hearing of Nick's death apprx a year ago was the happiest day of their lives and they were equally happy to hear of their home loss.
If you can help, let me know and I will make some arrangements or put you on a contact list when I know more...
There are 5 children in the family plus Bill & Rebecah ( I believe this is how she spells her name ?)
Thank you for considering this request !

Joe Deason
cell: 406 223-2307
"Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation From Extinction"
Ronald Reagan.

John Bernard is a retired Marine First Sergeant who writes on Counter Insurgency Doctrine, Islam, Rules of Engagement and Middle Eastern culture, in his blog: Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home.


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