What Collusion Helped Whom?


If Americans are totally confused by the investigation into what the Russians did or did not do to influence our 2016 election, no one can blame them. There is a peculiar lack of logic in Washington, D.C. when party nomenklatura discuss these matters.

To help our readers, let us try and clear up some of the clutter. First, we know the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid a law firm that then paid FusionGPS to dig up dirt-known as opposition research-on the Republican candidate for the Presidency.

Strangely, where does FusionGPS go for such information? To a former British counterespionage expert on Russia. And where does he go? To folks in the Putin government.

But wait a minute? We are being told Russia has the administration over a barrel because they have compromising information about the President. And the campaign and Russian government are working together. [This is somehow different than secretly telling the President of Russian that American missile defenses in Europe will be killed but "after the election!"]

But why then would the Russians admit they have a kind of Manchurian candidate running for the Presidency of the United States?

You mean the Russians are trying to elect a "friend" to the American Presidency but they are then going to reveal this information to the Clinton campaign and the DNC?  Along with highly damaging information on the Republican candidate? To help what candidate?

If the information provided to FusionGPS is then leaked to the media, which it was by Mr. Steele and others, would not that pretty much guarantee that Mrs. Clinton would win the election?

Now we go back and ask, who is helped by the "salacious and unverifiable" information in the so-called Steele "dossier"?

Well, Mrs. Clinton would owe the Russians big-time, as they would have brought down the candidate running against her-if the origin of the dossier was kept "hush hush".

But, of course, what if the entire "Carter Page" is a Russian agent idea is completely "trumped up"? If there is absolutely no connection between the campaign of the Republican candidate for President and any cooperative campaign work with the Russians, then the dossier attacks are pure fiction, both then and now.

In early 2016, Carter Page was helping the FBI take down some real Russian spies, work that started back in 2013 when Page was also helping the FBI. Then magically, by October 2016, the FBI now thinks Page himself has become a Russian agent? Really?

What is the implication? Well, the "spying" on the campaign and transition team-and unmasking-was a bogus intelligence operation of an administration still in power attempting to bring down a duly nominated candidate (and then-elected) with false charges of what essentially amounts to alleged treason.

The Cuban DSG, the Soviet KGB and the Russian FSB does this kind of thing. But in America?

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