What HIGH Socioeconomic American Muslims Think

by JANET LEVY June 7, 2015


Below are the results of an October 2012 survey of HIGH socioeconomic status U.S. Muslim by Wenzel Strategies.  

The sample size was 600 with a standard deviation of ± 3.98%.  Of the American Muslims sampled, 98% were U.S. citizens and 97% were registered voters.  (According to Pew Research, there are close to 3 million Muslims in the U.S.)

1) Fully one-third want Shari'ah to be the law of the land in the U.S.  They want Shari'ah to REPLACE the Constitution.

2) Almost 60% believe that criticism of Islam or Mohammed should be PROHIBITED in the U.S.  

3) 45% want CRIMINAL charges imposed on those who criticize or parody Islam.

4) 12% believe that those who blaspheme Islam should be put to DEATH.  Surprisingly, another 9% are NOT SURE if those who criticize Islam should be put to death or not.  This means that 21% MIGHT consider DEATH for those who blaspheme Islam.  (Think "Book of Mormon," "Piss Christ," "They Holy Virgin Mary" (with elephant dung), "Death to Israel," Jewish blood libels, etc.)

5) 20% of Muslim men said that they should be allowed to have MULTIPLE wives.

6) One third believe that Israel has NO right to exist or that they're NOT sure if Israel has a right to exist.  (People who tend to deny Israel's right to exist typically HATE and want to ANNIHILATE Jews).  

Janet Levy,

New York



Janet Levy, MBA, MSW, is an activist, world traveler, and freelance journalist who has contributed to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Full Disclosure Network, FrontPage Magazine, Family Security Matters and other publications. She blogs at www.womenagainstshariah.com

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