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Bettina Viviano, with a long and distinguished career in the movie industry, had not voted, and wasn't active politically. In 2008, with Hillary Clinton supporters, she volunteered to produce a documentary to expose what she describes as sweeping corruption and fraud in the Democratic primary process, including suspicious deaths of two prominent Hillary supporters prior to the DNC Convention.

Viviano makes clear the Clintons knew early on about Obama's eligibility impediment, and that Hillary supporters and delegates were aware too. Bill Clinton, she says, would commonly refer to Obama as the "non-citizen." The pro-Obama website, Fight the Smears in 2008, contained an admission that Obama was a Kenyan citizen. At the time of Obama's birth, Kenya was a British colony.

A letter from Congresswoman Pelosi mentions Obama's Kenyan citizenship. The Constitutional requirement for "natural born" status means that anyone born under a different nationality could never qualify to run for the U.S. Presidency. Michelle Obama has mentioned, caught on video, that Kenya was Obama's home country and that Obama is a Kenyan and Obama, when campaigning in Kenya for a Luo tribal family member (an advocate of sharia law), also declared on Kenyan soil: "I'm so proud to come back home." The mainstream media suppressed these revelations-and information control, says Viviano, is how they intend to keep the lid on this scandal.

Viviano produced a compelling video, We Will Not Be Silenced, describing death threats, vandalism, falsified signatures and a pattern of extensive fraud and cheating laid out in documents available on the website by the same name. There were many attempts to expose this misconduct through the press. FOX News notables, including Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs (the latter who had raised Obama's missing long form birth certificate when still at CNN) had information on the fraud charges, but as Viviano noted, no one wanted to rain on the parade of the first black presidential candidate, and Hillary was disadvantaged by a press corps that had grown weary of eight years of reporting on the Clintons.

Before the Democrat convention in August 2008, Hillary advocates planned a challenge to Obama, winning a commitment from the chief Democrat in Arkansas, Bill Gwatney, to prompt a count of votes for Hillary on the first ballot. Gwatney was a close friend of both Clintons and a superdelegate for Hillary. He was gunned down by a man named Timothy Dale Johnson, who pushed his way past the reception desk, down the hall past other offices, entered Gwatney's office and shot him after a brief exchange. The culprit was shot and killed after a car chase with Arkansas police. Newspapers referenced that Gwatney's name was found on a post-it note in Johnson's home. No motive was ever discovered for the shooting. Word leaked back to the Clintons that this was a message to Bill to stop raising Obama's eligibility. Viviano reports that this did not deter the former president, until the message was refined-- and Chelsea's name invoked. Bill Clinton never mentioned the "non-citizen" again.

After Gwatney's murder, Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs- Jones was recruited to offer the motion. The Congresswoman was the only female member of the Black Caucus who supported Hillary over Obama. Within days of accepting the challenge, she died unexpectedly of an aneurysm while driving her car. Obama's victory at the convention was thus assured on the first roll call vote. Bloggers noted that Hillary had lost two close friends, both premature deaths, within one week.1

The other presidential candidate in 2008, John McCain, had his foreign birth (in Panama) questioned by mainstream press outlets. His eligibility was under attack and lawsuits were filed against him. According to Viviano, Senate Democrats initiated the passage of Senate Resolution 511 in April of 2008, clarifying that McCain is a citizen because he was born on US soil to two US citizen parents-the resolution, she points out, was only enacted for McCain.

Viviano believes this may have been when a deal was cut: if Republicans would not raise Obama's eligibility, Democrats would drop the McCain dispute. Viviano speculates that this trade-off would explain the GOP's seemingly collective avoidance of the Obama eligibility dispute despite a continued, abiding interest in the issue among Tea Party groups, in the blogosphere and among state legislators.

Whether a deal was cut or not, Hillary supporters continued to back their candidate, up until the unexpected deaths of Hillary's two super-delegates, which left them without a prominent leader to thwart Obama's nomination. For Viviano and other Hillary supporters, this was nothing other than a coup-- an abortion of the democratic process and a disenfranchisement of many activists who supported the former First Lady and believed Obama won through fraud and intimidation.

Viviano is chagrined that her recent interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi, which FOX News anchor Heather Childers tweeted, asking for opinions on the interview, was immediately assailed by Soros-funded Media Matters. Childers, she said, was ultimately told to apologize for the tweet or lose her job.

Viviano believes Andrew Breitbart's recent death is highly suspicious too, because he threatened publicly to "vet" Obama and announced he would release videos of Obama from his college years in March. Breitbart died the same day (March 1) as Sheriff Arpaio's press conference in which his "cold case posse" alleged that the Obama long form birth certificate and draft registration were forged. Hillary supporter, Mara Zebest, author of some 17 books on computers and the internet, lent support to the Sheriff's research. Earlier, she also asserted the Obama long form birth certificate is a forgery.

In this country, Viviano expounds, Americans have a Supreme Court, the Congress, and are supposed to have a system of governmental checks and balances. How did Americans end up with a President who doesn't feel he has to document himself? Even in Egypt's last national elections, she notes, a candidate was bounced off the campaign because he wasn't qualified. This is because the Egyptians have self-respect and a strong sense of nationalism-and of the importance of protecting their sovereignty.

As Viviano laments, Obama has the nuclear code. He has our lives, our futures, our prosperity, in his hands-- but we the voters are not supposed to ask if he has an official legal birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii and conforms to the Constitution? If we ask, we are branded as racists, a key component of the "information control" and ridicule campaign that Obama supporters, whose ranks are thick in Hollywood, the media and in academia, have propagated. Yet normal citizens have to credential themselves to apply for a job or driver's license. This is "vile, it is despicable," and it is fundamentally un-American.

*Bettina Viviano sought no profit from We Will Not Be Silenced. Witnessing this skullduggery, and determining it to be a national security issue of the highest order, she undertook this mission in the interest of serving her country and her fellow citizens.

1 http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/8/20/142457/412

Poor Hillary... she must be heartbroken as (5.00 / 5) (#37)
by athyrio on Wed Aug 20, 2008 at 01:45:18 PM EST
she has lost two close friends in the last week (counting the delegate in Arkansas that was shot down)....So sad for all concerned and condolences to the family...

that is so true, thank you for pointing that out (5.00 / 1) (#110)
by nulee on Wed Aug 20, 2008 at 07:47:40 PM EST

that's right. Damn. And two premature deaths.

The Michelle Obama video portion appears to be authentic footage taken from a speech given at a LGBT Delegate Luncheon. It has not been determined if this was an error and the First Lady strayed from the transcript of the speech and meant to say the "ancestral home." The original video is posted at the LGBT for Obama website.

Note: Auma Obama- his sister, speaks after Obama in this excerpt, "Watch a Scene from the film": She says about Barack: "He needed to find out where he was from" says Obama's sister-once again, this DVD in support of Obama includes the suggestion that Obama IS from Kenya - even though he himself says he first visited in 1987.

Margaret Calhoun Hemenway is a 15-year veteran of Capitol Hill and a former White House appointee, serving at both DoD and NASA.

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