Why Are Islamists Attacking Jordan?

by MELANIE PHILLIPS August 4, 2010
'Israel is the cause of Islamic terror'... oh wait...
Those who persist in the delusion that the Middle East conflict is a fight over ‘Palestine’ between Israel and the ‘Palestinians’ should look at what happened last weekend, when terrorists fired Grad missiles from Egyptian territory not merely at Eilat, Israel’s tourist resort but also at Aqaba, Jordan’s tourist resort, where one Jordanian was killed and three others injured. This is not the first time Aqaba has been targeted along with Eilat: exactly the same thing happened last April. Ha’aretz reports:
... the perpetrators, apparently members of the group known as Global Jihad, intended to hit Aqaba no less than Eilat. They consider the Hashemite kingdom to be as legitimate a target as Israel, if not more so.
... Sinai was and still is a hotbed for Global Jihad. Weapons are being smuggled from Sinai into Gaza, including Grad missiles. Some of these missiles presumably remain in Sinai, waiting to be launched... Global Jihad activists have come to the Gaza Strip, trained there, armed themselves and returned to Sinai to commit acts of terror against tourist targets in Sinai and elsewhere in Egypt. That may be the case this time as well.
The fact is that Gaza, rather than being the ‘prison camp’ of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s idiotic depiction, is in fact a terrorism camp for the global jihad (beyond the eponymous terror organisation) of which Hamas – whether or not it was involved in last weekend’s attack, which it has denied – is undoubtedly one armed wing. But beyond Hamas, there has been for years a steady build-up in Gaza of Islamist groups which are even more extreme and similarly aim to undermine or topple existing Arab regimes, as well as Israel. Jordan, which has long been the target of such terrorism, knows this only too well. That’s why, as Ha’aretz also notes, Jordan has been quietly co-ordinating with Israel on security matters, helping provide information which has thwarted terror attacks on both Israel and Jordan.
In other words, far from the picture of the Middle East painted by the ignorant and bigoted in the west as a war between Israel and the Palestinians, it is rather a war by the Islamic jihad against all whom it wishes to topple, conquer or annihilate – and that includes certain Arab nations and the west, which still myopically refuses to acknowledge its true enemy.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Melanie Phillips is the author of the powerful and frightening "Londonistan" which can be purchased here and she blogs at The Spectator.

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