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by PRESIDENTIAL WATCH October 9, 2008
Militant Obama youth march to 'Alpha, Omega' chant - Teen boys in uniform drill, shout, profess, 'Yes we can' - VIEW VIDEO HERE.
Obama Sued Citibank Under CRA to Force it to Make Bad Loans - GO HERE.
Ayers Was on Woods Fund Board with Obama When He Stepped on Flag
Barack Obama was much older than 8 when William Ayers was photographed stepping on a US flag in 2001, for an article in which Ayers said he had “No Regrets” for his violent actions in the Weather Underground.
In fact, at the same time Ayers was in a Chicago alley desecrating the flag, he and Barack Obama were serving on the board of the Woods Fund together: PolitiFact | Obama served on board with Ayers.
Deborah Harrington, president of the Woods Fund, a philanthropic organization in Chicago, said Obama was a director from 1994 through 2001. That overlaps Ayers’ time as a director by three years. It also means Obama served with Ayers for the final months of 2001, after Ayers made his comments to the New York Times. Read article.
Do You Know the Real Barack Obama?
Carol Platt Liebau, Townhall.com
As the 2008 presidential campaign hurtles into its final days, John McCain confronts a choice: He can either start telling the public about the real Barack Obama, or he can lose.
For much of his career, McCain has been a media darling. He could count on the press to carry his water as long as he was a “maverick” Republican, driving more conservative members of his party crazy. But as he surely knows by now, when it comes to Barack Obama and the press, all bets are off. In covering Obama, the press has adopted a “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy designed to boost the least-vetted, least-known candidate ever to seek the presidency.
If McCain is going to have a chance at winning, he must make sure that the public becomes thoroughly acquainted with the real Barack Obama – the most radical presidential nominee ever. And because the press evidently intends to abdicate its responsibility to acquaint voters with the less-popular parts of Obama’s record, he’ll have to rely on paid advertising to do it. Read article.
Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths
Scott Shane, NYTimes.com
The Ayers-Obama connection first came to public attention last spring, when both Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Obama’s Democratic primary rival, and Mr. McCain brought it up. It became the subject of a television advertisement in August by the anti-Obama American Issues Project and drew new attention recently on The Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page and elsewhere as the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge at the University of Illinois were opened to researchers.
That project was part of a national school reform effort financed with $500 million from Walter H. Annenberg, the billionaire publisher and philanthropist and President Richard M. Nixon’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. Many cities applied for the Annenberg money, and Mr. Ayers joined two other local education activists to lead a broad, citywide effort that won nearly $50 million for Chicago. Read article.
N.Y. Times whitewashes Obama-Ayers connection
Aaron Klein, WND.com
 A prominent article by the New York Times this weekend purporting to investigate the connections between Sen. Barack Obama and former Weathermen radical Bill Ayers omits key associations between the two and in some cases seems to minimize their relationship.
One law professor and blogger who was interviewed for the Times says he provided the newspaper with key documentation showing Ayers was directly involved in the formation of the board of an education organization on which Obama served as chairman.
But the Times did not present that information and instead made the claim Ayers was not involved in the selection of Obama as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC, which was founded by Ayers. Read article.
Don’t Just Send In The Hockey Mom
Jennifer Rubin, Commentary Magazine.com
Sarah Palin’s attacks Saturday on the Obama-Bill Ayers connection raise the question as to whether she will now be the one to do the heavy lifting on Barack Obama’s past. In a few respects it makes sense. John McCain disdains this sort of thing and can barely bring himself to criticize his current Senate colleagues for their non-oversight of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Palin is also drawing huge crowds so her remarks will be heard by lots of people and picked up by local media at mass rallies in key states. And she certainly has a cheery way of twisting the knife.
But at some point McCain, either in interviews or in the remaining debates, will need to make the case himself. The debates are still drawing tens of millions of people and the post-debate spin takes up a couple of news cycles. Unless it comes up then, he will bypass the best chance to make his case directly to voters. His silence then will convey that this stuff just isn’t very important. The risk is obvious: he appears too “mean” and sullies his presidential image. That said, if he still believes he can win this, there’s no use in conserving energy or holding back if he can make an effective argument as to why the these past connections are important. And why are they?
First, it’s a matter of judgment. Obama’s advisors, friends and mentors (e.g. Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi Bill Ayers, Larry Walsh, James Johnson) make up a grab bag of problematic characters and bizarre personalities. What is his criteria for selecting associates and why did he find such flawed figures – or why did they find him? Read article.
UK ambassador to US: Obama is 'aloof.'
Toby Harnden, Telegraph.co.uk
Sir Nigel Sheinwald, ambassador in Washington since last year, delivered his unvarnished assessment of the White House front runner in a seven-page letter to the Prime Minister, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, just before the Democratic nominee's visit to Downing Street just over two months ago.
The candid letter, marked as containing "sensitive judgements" and requesting officials to "protect the contents carefully" gives a remarkable insight into how the Foreign Office views the political phenomenon who stunned Mr Brown's inner circle by defeating their favourite, Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primaries.
Sir Nigel traces the ambition of Mr Obama, 47, to reach the White House right back to his 20s or before. "He has talked at least since the 1980s about a shot at the Presidency."
He also identifies several political vulnerabilities that Sen McCain will seek to exploit in the last month of his campaign against the Illinois senator. The leaked letter will provide him with welcome ammunition.
Mr Obama "can seem to sit on the fence, assiduously balancing pros and cons", Sir Nigel wrote, and "does betray a highly educated and upper middle class mindset". Charges of elitism "are not entirely unfair" and he is "maybe aloof, insensitive" at times. Read article.
Obama’s Fishy $200 Million
The Prowler, Spectator.org
An auditor for the Federal Election Commission is attempting to have his bosses seek a formal investigation into the collection by the Obama for President campaign of more than $200 million in potentially illegal political donations, including millions of dollars of illegal, foreign donations, and has sought a request for assistance from the Department of Justice or Federal Bureau of Investigation. But the analyst's requests have largely been ignored. "I can't get anyone to move. I believe we are looking at a hijacking of our political system that makes the Clinton and Gore fundraising scandals pale in comparison. And no one here wants to touch it."
One reasons cited by his superiors, says the analyst, is that involvement by the Justice Department or FBI would be indicative of a criminal investigation, something the FEC would prefer not take place a month before the presidential election. Such actions, though, have been used to scuttle Republican campaigns in the past, the most famous being the Weinberger case in the days leading up to the 1992 re-election bid of President George H.W. Bush.
The analyst, who declines to be identified for fear of retribution, says that on four different occasions in the past three months, he sought to open formal investigations into the Obama campaign's fundraising techniques, but those investigations have been discouraged. "Without formal approval, I can't get the resources I need, manpower, that kind of thing. This is a huge undertaking." And the analyst says that he believes that campaign finance violations have occurred. Read article.
Social Engineering Derailed Our Economy
Diana West, Townhall.com
The conventional wisdom is that the economic crisis is the reason Sen. Barack Obama is up in the polls.
The conventional wisdom is wrong. Not about Obama being up in the polls, of course, but about why that is so. Obama is up in the polls not because of the economic crisis, but because the reason for the economic crisis, the festering root of it all that has twisted the U.S. financial system beyond recognition, is being ignored in our narrative-creating centers, from the mainstream media to Congress to the White House to the presidential candidates themselves.
Since Obama can only stay up in the polls as long as this all-important reason remains an unspoken, murky kind of secret, I can well understand his obvious inclination to change the subject.
The fact is, if American citizens become too widely acquainted with the fact that race-based social engineering virtually created the sub-prime mortgage industry that has transformed the U.S. economy into The Titanic, Obama will sink in the polls. That's because race-based social engineering is what Obama both advanced as a so-called community organizer, and later funded as an official of Chicago's Woods Fund, where he served alongside unrepentant terrorist and political ally William Ayers -- another phantom political fact citizens now pondering their presidential votes are not supposed to consider. Read article.
Obama Was Willing to Lose in Iraq: A president cannot treat a war as if it's a game.
Robert McFarlane, Online WSJ.com
A profoundly important point is being missed in the campaign debate over which candidate was right on Iraq. In 2006, when conditions on the ground were trending downward and a decision was required either to continue the struggle or to cut our losses, Barack Obama stated that the proposed deployment of more forces, the "surge," was doomed to failure and instead called for a phased withdrawal of all forces within a defined period.
In short, Sen. Obama was willing to lose. It was an astonishing display of ignorance to be so cavalier about defeat, almost as if losing a war was tantamount to losing a set of tennis -- something without lasting consequence.
I recall very vividly April 30, 1975, the day we acknowledged defeat in the Vietnam War -- the day Ambassador Graham Martin and others were evacuated ignominiously from the roof of our embassy in Saigon. Only later did it become clear how damaging that defeat was. Read article.
Election-Altering Media Bias
David Limbaugh.com
It would be foolish of me to deny the obvious truth in a recent e-mail message I received pointing out how different the presidential polls would be today if the mainstream media were not so liberal.
Quit complaining, you say; there's an alternative media led by your brother, you whiner. Quit calling me a whiner, especially about the current plight of Republicans. It's my party, and I'll whine if I want to.
Unlike the MSM, the alternative media are honest that they are in the opinion business and freely admit their ideological leanings. They don't pretend to exemplify objective journalism. But unlike the MSM, their ethical commitment to truth is not routinely compromised by their mind-altering bias, as with that disgraceful episode known as Rathergate.
Liberals seem to believe that because they hold enlightened positions, they possess an ideological holiness that prevents them from committing certain sins. How else do you explain the unmerited immunity liberals conferred on Joe Biden for his obviously racially demeaning remarks about Barack Obama's cleanliness and articulateness or his references to Indian workers at Dunkin' Donuts?
It's not just that they want Biden to win; it's that they believe that as a fellow liberal, he couldn't possibly make a prejudiced statement. But he did, and we all know it. For normal people, it's "live by the sword, die by the sword." For anointed liberals, it's "live by the sword; long live the sword wielder."
The MSM are a case study in psychological anomalies. They don't just deny their biases to us; they deny them to themselves, all while conspiring to affect the outcome of the election. Read article.
The issue nobody’s talking about, and it’s not race
David Reinhard, Political Mavens.com
OK, you want to talk issues. You’re tired of talking personalities, character, experience and Sarah Palin’s eyewear. You’ve had it contemplating whether Barack Obama’s or John McCain’s campaign ads are more full of lies and distortions. You’re above all this bunkum. You want to talk about some substantive difference between the two presidential candidates that could shape the way we live — that could alter some basic American value — in the decades to come. So here’s the issue. It’s a big one that’s below the surface and not getting a lot of attention, and it’s not the racial issue. It’s called card check.
Right now, when some workers are interested in having a union represent them, a private ballot election is most often held. These elections are overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, which established procedures to ensure that the elections are fair and free of fraud and employer-employee coercion.
Organized labor and its allies would like to change this and force workers to “vote” in front of union organizers and work colleagues who favor unionization. Their reasons are all too obvious. Their means of achieving this is the card-check election and the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act.”
The legislation would abolish a worker’s right to a federally monitored ballot election with secret ballots. Instead, a union would be allowed to organize if a majority of a company’s workers sign a card. Who would monitor the “card check” process? Nobody, really, though a worker’s vote would be made public to the employer, co-workers and union organizers.
Obama is for the measure. John McCain opposes it. Read article.
Pro-Life Nurse Blasts American Nurses Association for Pro-Obama Web Site
Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com
The American Nurses Association is coming under fire form a leading pro-life nurse for creating a web site supporting Barack Obama. The national nursing group is accused of selling out the interests of women and unborn children by supporting a thoroughly pro-abortion candidate.
In an email to its membership yesterday, the group said it is "excited to announce the launch of our web site 'Nurses for Obama.'"
"This web site is dedicated to providing nurses with the tools necessary to educate others about ANA’s endorsement and the importance of electing the Obama-Biden ticket, as well as updating nurses on the latest Obama-Biden campaign news," the group says. Read article.
Scaring voters about the economy -- a 1932 Democrat tactic for 2008?
Mary Mostert, Renew America.us
In the debate on the failed $700 billion solution to our nation's financial crisis, two women in the House of Representatives presented remarkably opposite analyses of the cause of the credit crunch problem and the best solution to it.
One attempted to scare the voters and the other to inform and calm the voters. Speaker of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking for the Democrats clearly tried to use the credit crisis as a political tool to win the White House and increase Democrat control of Congress this election year. She said the $700 billion was "a staggering number, but only a part of the cost of the failed Bush economic policies to our country, policies that were build on budget recklessness."
Pelosi's name-calling election year attack was immediately followed by freshman member, Michele Bachmann, a Minnesota Republican, wife and mother of five, who gave an actual analysis of how this situation happened so quickly that within days several major financial institution were declaring bankruptcy. It was the best explanation I'd seen of how the problem developed and why major financial institutions were bankrupt within days. Read article.
Palin Derangement Syndrome 2: Attack of the Hatemail
Cinnamon Stillwell.Blogspot.com
As much as we like to think otherwise, human behavior is fairly predictable, and sometimes ironically so. Muslims reacting to depictions of violence within the Muslim world (during the Danish cartoon controversy) with, well, violence, comes to mind.
This time around, it's been Obama supporters responding to my SFGate column on Palin Derangement Syndrome with, well, Palin Derangement Syndrome.
The avalanche of e-mails I received (not to mention the 913 comments at SFGate) was evidence of the collective nervous breakdown that has met Sarah Palin's arrival on the political scene. It was all there: the condescension, elitisim, sexism, paranoia, personal attacks, and irrational hatred.
As a female conservative, I got a taste of the onslaught Palin has endured. And as with Palin, all sorts of false and ridiculous assumptions come with the territory. But as a certain Southern gentleman I know puts it, "A hit dog will holler. " Other readers confirmed the backlash I suspected was brewing among Democrats and independents, all disgusted with the campaign of personal destruction Obama's supporters (including the obsessed media) have been heaping on Palin. To hear many of them tell it, particuarly self-described Hillary Democrats (or PUMAS), the McCain/Palin ticket will be getting their votes.
Other readers confirmed the backlash I suspected was brewing among Democrats and independents, all disgusted with the campaign of personal destruction Obama's supporters (including the obsessed media) have been heaping on Palin. To hear many of them tell it, particuarly self-described Hillary Democrats (or PUMAS), the McCain/Palin ticket will be getting their votes. Read article.

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