Exclusive: Why I Personally Do Not Support Barack Obama: from A to Z

by PETER GADIEL November 3, 2008


ACORN. A corrupt organization. Obama has a longstanding relationship with them, directed public funds to them. It has done more to undermine the integrity of the American electoral system than even Obama’s Chicago political allies.
Ayers, William. Despite Obama’s distortions of the truth about Ayers just being a “guy in my neighborhood,” the fact is Obama’s relationship to this murderous domestic terrorist, co-founder of the Weather Underground, is close and of long standing.
Biden, Sen. Joe. Third most Left-wing senator in the U.S. Senate. Obama is number one on the list.
Castro, Fidel. Obama shares this guy’s views about spreading the wealth as well his distaste for opposing viewpoints.
Chicago corruption and political thuggery. Obama seems to have adopted these tactics. Vote early, vote often. Vote the dead. Vote the ineligible. Silence your opponents and those who criticize you by using any means possible to defame, demoralize, destroy them. See: Joe the plumber.
“Civilian National Security Force” On July 17, 2008, Obama gave a speech saying the U.S. needed a “Civilian National Security Force” just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” as the military “in order to meet the national security objectives that we set.” Such an outfit would be worse than useless in any foreign action. Its only possible use could be for domestic purposes. Since we already have police forces, and the National Guard what could a “Domestic National Security Force” possibly be used for? Suppressing dissent? We simply do not know. 
Communists. There are just too many who are close to Obama for us to believe that he is not sympathetic to them, if not one of them.
Constitution, U.S. Obama says that it, like the United States, is “fundamentally flawed.” For this reason, among many others, Obama himself would seem fundamentally flawed.
Cuba. A country which, according to Obama, poses no threat to the U.S. despite its decades of support for Communist terrorism in many nations around the world.
Defense, United States. Can a man whose political mentors include Communist Party guru Franklin Marshall, William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and whose patriotism is dangerously questionable, really be trusted with this task?
Dohrn, Bernadine. Wife of William Ayers, another close friend of Obama’s who is a virulent hater of the United States and who put her hate into practice with bombs that killed police officers.
Economy. It’s in trouble now because Obama’s pals at ACORN helped put pressure on banks to give mortgages to millions of people who couldn’t afford them. See also: Raines, Franklin
Education.For Obama, education is a synonym for propaganda. His friend, William Ayers is a “Professor of Education” and his theories for using the public education system to promote communism are displayed in his published works.
Energy.Obama doesn’t want to explore for new sources. America’s coal, oil and gas will stay where they are while we keep on transferring wealth to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela (see entry under V).
 “Fairness Doctrine.”  Using it, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama will ultimately deny political opponents access to the airwaves. Newspapers, television shows, and Hollywood – that often lean to the Left – will be unaffected by these restrictions.
Freedom. A concept unappreciated to Obama and his allies. Newspapers that endorsed McCain were thrown off the Obama campaign plane. Reporters who ask serious questions of Obama’s team are slandered, investigated and denied access. Will we say “goodbye” to individual liberty if Obama becomes president? Also see: Joe the plumber.
Global Poverty Act.This is the title of one of the few bills Obama has ever introduced in his approximately short time in the U.S. Senate. It would require the U.S. to transfer approximately $850 billion each year to corrupt nations around the world, thus weakening our nation to an unprecedented degree. The alleged aim of the bill is to reduce “by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, by 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.” Question: Why couldn’t Obama use a little of his own wealth to help out his Kenyan half-brother who subsists on about a dollar a day and lives in a shantytown?
Government. Under Obama there may be no limit to its size power and threat, nor its ability to destroy your freedom.
Health Care.If Obama’s plans for socialized health care are implemented, the U.S. health care system will decline to the level of utter failure that is the U.S. public school system. Imagine a public health system in which government beancounters determine your right to see a doctor or get treatment.
Illegal aliens.Obama wants to give them government-backed mortgages and drivers licenses, a direct threat to our national security. He wants them to vote (for him). His aunt is in Boston illegally and gave him campaign contributions in violation of federal law.
Illegal campaign contributions. Why won’t the Obama campaign release the names of all those donors who gave money in amounts of $200 or less?
Iowa Caucuses. Did Obama’s supporters bring in voters by the busload from Illinois to vote for him in the caucuses? If so, this voter fraud (see “V”) was of no concern to Obama. See also: Chicago corruption.
Iran. “A small country” which, according to Obama poses no threat to the United States despite its nuclear weapons program.
Israel. Will it be wiped off the face of the earth if Obama becomes president?
Jews. Obama’s associate, Louis Farrakhan, doesn’t like them. Would Obama consort with an anti-Semite if he didn’t agree?
Joe the Plumber. While campaigning in Joe’s neighborhood Obama had the bad luck to meet Joe, who asked a question about taxes. Obama’s bad luck lay in the fact that he let slip his intention to implement tax policies to “spread the wealth,” or, in other words, bring Marxism to America. Revenge for this gaffe was obtained by Ohio bureaucrats (some Obama campaign supporters) who illegally utilized law enforcement assets to investigate Joe in order to slander and intimidate him and deter others from questioning the Messiah (see under M).
Kenya. It’s where his Kenyan grandmother says he was born. It’s also where he campaigned for his communist cousin, Raila Odinga, a guy who used political thuggery and even worse. It’s the location of a church in which Odinga followers burned women and children to death.
Khalidi, Rashid. Friend of Obama who has long supported PLO anti-Western and anti-Israel terrorism. Like Obama friends Ayers, Dohrn, et al., excuses terrorist acts perpetrated against civilians.
Marxism. Utilizes class warfare, suppression of dissent, lies and violence to take control of the levers of power. Many of Obama’s friends have admitted they are Marxist. Obama denies he is a Marxist, but “Spreading the wealth,” under S, could be a vital clue.
Messiah.According to Louis Farrakhan, Obama is It.  
Neighborhood.That’s where Obama claims his close friends live when he wants to disassociate himself from their extremism. As in: “Ayers is just a guy in my neighborhood.”
News Media, “mainstream.”Includes New York Times, CBS, and NBC et al. Willing participant of the Obama propaganda machine, although losing viewers and readers by the millions each year.
Obama, Michelle. Was never proud of the United States until her husband was nominated for president.
Odinga, Raila. Obama campaigned for him in Kenya.
PLO. An organization committed to anti-Semitism and extreme violence which a number of Obama’s associates seem to support.
Questions, probing. Unexpected ones cause him to reveal his true policy leanings. See for example, Joe the Plumber.
Radicals, Rules for. A book by Saul Alinski which details the methods Marxists should use to undermine America from within. Its techniques have been successfully used by Obama allies such as Ayers, ACORN, et al., and possibly by Obama himself.
Raines, Franklin. CEO of Fannie Mae from 1999 to 2004. During that time he implemented ACORN policies to give mortgages to unqualified people, thus precipitating the economic catastrophe of 2008. Earned $90 million in salary and benefits for his contributions which helped undermine the U.S. economy. Washington Post on July 16, 2008, reported that Raines had given advice to Obama campaign on “mortgaging and housing policy matters.” 
Socialism. Actually, at one time there was a thing called “Democratic Socialism,” and its adherents were true enemies of Communists and Marxists, who supported totalitarian Socialism. Authentic democratic socialism died with the utter failure of its policies in many nations. Afraid to admit their true Communist beliefs, “socialism” has been adopted by people like William Ayers, Castro, Hugo Chávez and others to conceal their radical, totalitarian agenda.
Socialized Medicine. What Obama wants. If you think “free healthcare” sounds good, wait until you need an MRI pronto and you have to wait six months because there aren’t enough MRI machines available under government-run health care.
Stealing Elections. See Iowa Causes; Radicals, Rules for; Chicago corruption; Marxism.
Supreme Court, U.S. The power to appoint Left-leaning, activist judges to this and other federal courts is the greatest, longest-lasting power that a president Obama would have.
Taxes.“The power to tax is the power to destroy,” said U.S. Chief Justice John Marshall in 1819. Obama may well fully exploit it and, in the process, destroy the United States as we know it.
Terrorists. Tehran, Damascus, Gaza, Hamas, al Qaeda and Hezbollah have all expressed their desire for an Obama presidency.
United Nations. The people there hate the United States. They overwhelmingly support Barack Obama for president. Draw your own conclusions.
Voter Fraud. See Iowa Caucuses; Chicago corruption; Radicals, Rules for; Marxism; Odinga; News media, mainstream; ACORN; stealing elections.
Venezuela. One of the countries that Obama calls “small and not a threat” to the United States. That nation’s president, Hugo Chávez, is “spreading the wealth,” destroying their economy, and is trying to destroy democracy in that nation.
Wright, Rev. Jeremiah. Obama admits that he attended his church twice a month for 20 years, but claims he never heard Wright spew the anti-American, anti-white hatred for which he has become infamous. Wright performed the marriage ceremony for Obama and his wife and baptized his children. Despite this long-term and close association, Obama claims he “never knew” the guy was a racist. See also: Neighborhood.
Youth. American children have been shown in videos across the Web, singing and chanting the praises of Barack Obama. This is an eerie and disturbing use of children for political ends that has been seen elsewhere in the world.
Zimbabwe. Look what Marxism has accomplished there. It has transformed that nation from being the largest exporter of food on the African continent to a starvation state, reliant on the charity of the West. Its ruler, Robert Mugabe, has utilized the techniques of suppression of dissent.
Note: The above list is far from complete. In fact it is a list that, like knowledge itself expands without end as we learn more. 
 FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Peter Gadiel is the President of 9/11 Families For a Secure America.

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