Exclusive: If the Shoe Fits…

by PAM MEISTER December 18, 2008

After a week of having to report on Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s alleged shakedowns and attempt to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat, the press was only too happy to jump on the now-infamous shoe-throwing incident. What a relief not to have to focus on a Democrat scandal! Unfortunately for the makers of Tums® and Pepto-Bismol®, the recent spike in sales is sure to slow down. 

Watching the liberal media cover how President Bush had shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter in Baghdad was much like watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel – you couldn’t separate the sharks from the chum.
The late-night comics did the usual not-so-funny-ha has, and I’m sure a Saturday Night Live skit is forthcoming. Too bad there’s no role for Tina Fey in this one. The clip was also played ad nauseum on the likes of CNN and Good Morning America, accompanied by an incessant amount of what passes for analysis in these liberal echo chambers. Anchors and reporters made sure we, the unwashed masses, knew (announced in properly somber tones, of course) that throwing a shoe at someone is the biggest insult there is in the Middle East. We also hear that the reporter who threw the shoes is now a folk hero in the region.
He’s also a folk hero in newsrooms across America. Perhaps he’ll be invited to speak in front of the National Press Club. In fact, I think he ought to be short-listed for the next Pulitzer Prize in journalism.
Meanwhile, the latest news on The One™ is this: what will he wear to his inaugural? My goodness, how will I sleep at night until I know if he chooses Brookes Brothers or Sean John?
The glee with which so many Americans have savored this insult to President Bush is, frankly, nauseating. Regardless of your opinion of the man, he is our president, our Commander-in-Chief. Watching the television coverage on CNN – believe me, I had no choice – I noted that my companions were not upset about it all, and were parroting the “biggest insult in the Middle East” line conveniently fed to them. So I asked them how the same news would be received had it been Obama behind the podium instead of Bush.
No specific answer, just a few uncomfortable squirms and a couple of “oh yeahs.”
It’s not the first time Bush has been outright insulted by a foreigner. The same thing happened a couple of years back when Hugo Chávez was invited to speak at the United Nations and he called President Bush the “Devil.” Right here on American soil –although it’s easy to forget that the UN building is on American soil. There were a few outraged voices in the wilderness, but not much else. Again, we’re expected to believe that it’s just a given that Bush is hated by everyone except maybe his parents, wife and children, and so anyone who is outraged by this incident is just some rube from the hinterlands who is still wet behind the ears.
While he is still in office, he still represents America, the United States of. By insulting him, Americans en masse are included in that insult. Anti-Americanism, whatever its form, didn’t start with President Bush, nor will it end with him. Liberals don’t understand this, which is why they were so surprised when al Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman Zawahiri, called Obama a “house Negro” in one of his video releases. It’s shocking to them, especially since Obama believes that Islamist terrorists deserve our empathy and concern if we are to come to a mutual understanding that will end all war and teach the world to sing with Coca-Cola® clutched tightly in hand.
Here’s a clue: it doesn’t matter who’s sitting behind the big shiny desk in the Oval Office. Islamists bent on world domination will continue to hate America and all it stands for. The sooner we get our minds around that, the better.
And shame on the media for their unbridled glee at President Bush’s predicament. The more transparent they become, the less I feel sorry when I hear about job cuts in newsrooms across the nation.
Pam Meister is the editor for FamilySecurityMatters.org.

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