When Mothers Unite it is Beautiful

by MOM'S MARCH USA September 22, 2017

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A Message from Kimberly Fletcher, president & founder, HomeMakers for America.


Today the team of moms who've spent the last 6 months working on their laptops and cell phones from their kitchen tables converged in Omaha, Nebraska for the final hours of preparation for the Mom's March for America.  It has been my absolute pleasure to serve with these amazing mom volunteers who have given so much of their time, talents and even their pocketbooks, to make this event a reality.  There is not one person on this team who would or even could deny that this event has been in the hands of God from day 1.  He is calling His daughters together and I can't but marvel at the remarkable journey that has already united so many of us.

Mothers across America were shocked and disgusted by the women's march in Washington D.C. this past January and things have only gone downhill from there. Anger and violence have escalated, statues have been toppled, memorials defaced, and there seems no end in sight. America is facing a cultural crisis of epic proportions and there is only thing that can stop the madness and turn the tide-bring in the Moms!
It was February of this year that a group of moms from around the nation gathered on a conference call to launch a national movement of mothers to take back our culture. The movement began with $1500 in the bank, a handful of volunteers, and a name-Mom's March for America!
While the women's march rallied women around hate and fear, Mom's March organizers led out with a message of hope, decency and civility. That message resonated with a lot of mothers including high-profile moms like Sarah Palin, Candy Carson, Missy Robertson, and Sam Sorbo who will all be speaking at the march, September 23, in Omaha Nebraska. The event will also be broadcast live across the nation.
It didn't take long for radical feminists and hate groups to condemn the march-which involves no actual marching. Comments began flooding the Mom's March Facebook page claiming the event promoted hate and racism, and accusing the speakers of being opportunists. 
Interestingly none of the speakers are being paid to come and the stated purpose of the event is to "celebrate the powerful influence of mothers and stand united for truth, family, freedom, and the constitution which protects the divine rights of mothers."
It seems hard to believe anyone would have a problem with that but these are the times in which we live.  As one woman posted, "The way you talk about freedom and liberty on your website it sure sounds like racist fascism to me."
When Donald Trump coined the campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again" it seemed to hit a real nerve. Since then everything from the national anthem, to the U.S. flag to historic monuments have become political targets of controversy. It is clear there is an orchestrated effort to divide us like some invisible hand convincing us we can't get along when we've proven time and time again we absolutely can.
Since the Mom's March launched in May, these moms have been bombarded with vulgar attacks, accused of being "racist, homophobes" and threatened with protests. Mom's March organizers say they will not be deterred stating it is the beginning of a powerful movement of mothers unlike we've seen before.
For over five decades a handful of women have been promoting an agenda-in the name of "women's rights"-attacking marriage and family, belittling motherhood, promoting a society of sex, and launching an all-out assault on our men and boys. Thousands of mothers in every state in America are joining the Mom's March in person in Omaha, Nebraska, or via livestream broadcast in their own homes and communities to clearly declare these women do not speak for them.
Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn one of the speakers at the march said, "We're the silent majority of moms, but we're not silent much longer."
The radical agenda feminists are pushing just isn't what the majority of mothers want.  Moms don't want their 5 year-olds exposed to transgender coming out parties in their kindergarten class. They don't want their children forced into open-sex bathrooms and locker rooms.  They don't want their children told their bad because they are American, racist because they're white, victims because they're black, or sent the principal's office and accused of bullying for using the wrong pronoun with a fellow student.
Mothers are standing united across the nation to say enough! If you think that doesn't mean anything think again. The NFL, who's viewership is 49% women, have seen a dramatic drop in ratings and viewership among women in the last three seasons. Hollywood is struggling to stay afloat with the garbage they keep releasing, while faith-basedfamily-friendly, and patriotic films are thriving. There is a seismic shift coming in our culture and the underlying message is "don't tick off mama bear!"
Matthew Vassar, founder of Vassar Women's College, declared, "The mothers of a nation mold its citizens, determine its institutions, and shape its destiny."
With this kind of power a national gathering of mothers of this magnitude will definitely have a significant impact on the future of our nation.  No wonder the media doesn't want to talk about it.  

But we are the real media.  Mothers are the voters candidates covet most, the consumer base businesses hunger for, and the volunteer base everyone seeks out.  We are own media.  All we need is a cell phone, laptop and Facebook! We are the grass in grassroots ladies. So let's do what we do best and spread the word! As I always tell my kids "If it isn't documented it didn't happen." So document away ladies because this national movement of Mothers is happening and no amount of media ignoring is going to stop this train. 

Take pictures of your gathering--whether its just you and your daughter, a group of friends in your home or large gathering at a church or park--document it.  Take pictures! Facebook it live! Tag us in everything you post and we'll share it too.  

Thomas Paine said, "A little matter will move a party but it must be something great that moves a nation."

It's time to move a nation, Ladies!  We can't wait to join you for the Mom's March for America!

Mom's March USA - September 23rd in the Heartland of America and Across the Nation!

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