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by OVAL OFFICE WATCH January 16, 2009

Alan Keyes Speaks on the Obama Birth Certificate Issue - SEE IT HERE. 

Produce a birth certificate and end all questions
Vincent Gioia's Blog.com
When I applied for a passport I was asked to supply my birth certificate. This seemed like a reasonable request; how else could the passport office know I was entitled to an American passport?
I was not seeking to become president of the United States; I wasn’t even trying to enroll in any of the plethora of government welfare programs, I was merely doing something as a citizen I had a right to do.
If I was trying to become president and I was not yet 35 years old, I would not qualify. If for some reason it was noticed that my boyish looking countenance seemed unlikely to be of a 35 year old, then my qualifications under the constitution to be president would be questioned.
At that point I could stonewall the questioning or I could produce my birth certificate. Since I am sincere in my belief of my constitutional qualification, and respect the United States Constitution, which on assumption of office as president I will swear to uphold, defend and protect, I will happily remove all doubt and produce my birth certificate and authorize all agencies to make copies available to the public. Read article.
President-Elect’s Intelligence Advisor Involved in Security Breach
Right Side of Life.com
Newsmax.com reported yesterday the following:
Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office, according to a State Department Inspector General’s report released this past July.
During a State Department briefing on March 21, 2008, McCormack confirmed that the contractor had accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain, and that the inspector general had launched an investigation.
Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information. Read article.
Obama And 'Pay-To-Play'
Nancy Morgan, RightBias.com
Lets see if I have this right. By virtue of the fact that Obama has been elected President, a man who has achieved nothing of note in his 47 year-old life - except getting elected President - he is now the world's expert on everything.
Now that Obama is the President-elect of the US, Americans must assume that he is automatically invested with the implied virtue and high moral standing of the office he will soon occupy. We must also assume his proposed solutions to America's problems are grounded in reality and common sense. In other words, we must ignore the evidence of his actions.
We must ignore his consorting with America haters and domestic terrorists. We must overlook his 20 year acceptance and endorsement of a hate-whitey and damn America ideology spewed by his mentor and pastor. We must avert our eyes from the legitimate questions arising from his convoluted purchase of additional acreage for his home in Chicago from Tony Rezko.
And questioning how a political novice managed to rise to the top of the corrupt Chicago machine without being part of it is considered evidence of either racism or hate. Read article.
The Electoral College Has Failed
Paul R. Hollrah, NMJ.us
As the Founding Fathers debated in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787, they struggled with the questions of how to design a lasting republic for the people of the newly independent colonies.
In an age long before radio and television, and years before the electric telegraph, when the three-century-old Gutenberg press was still the state of the art in printing; the Founding Fathers were haunted by fears of political intrigue... a carryover from centuries of cross-border cabals, palace revolts, political intrigues, and revolution on the European continent.
As Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper No. 68,
“These most deadly adversaries of republican government (cabal, intrigue, etc.) might actually have expected to make their approach from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union?”
As the delegates struggled with the question of how to permanently insulate the leaders of the executive branch of government from the undue influence of foreign governments, the answer they arrived at was the Electoral College. Read article.
Let the Hype Begin
Alan Caruba, FactsNotFantasy.Blogspot.com
In the run-up to the inauguration, the mainstream media will engage in myth-making to encourage everyone to believe that Barack Obama is the man of the hour (“Our time has come”) and will be able to solve all the problems the nation faces.
We will be assured that he has surrounded himself with the finest minds, but not reminded that these same people make their own share of mistakes when they were in the Clinton administration. In fact, the Obama administration is the Clinton administration Redux!
We will hear about how intelligent Obama is, but Obama is intelligent in the same way that a college professor is, particularly one teaching in the school of arts and sciences. Long ago I worked at a college of engineering and the faculty actually knew how things worked. They taught civil, chemical, and electrical engineering among other things. Real stuff for the real world.
That is a far cry from the kind of intelligence that the practice of law requires which is more like cunning than smarts. Lawyers earn their living looking for loopholes, ways out of nasty situations their clients have created for themselves or want to avoid. When you combine lawyers and lawmaking, you have a formula for disaster. Read article.
Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas' - Incoming administration will abandon Bush's isolation of Islamist group
Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian.co.uk
The incoming Obama administration is prepared to abandon George Bush's ­doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist organisation, sources close to the transition team say.
The move to open contacts with Hamas, which could be initiated through the US intelligence services, would represent a definitive break with the Bush ­presidency's ostracising of the group. The state department has designated Hamas a terrorist organisation, and in 2006 ­Congress passed a law banning US financial aid to the group.
The Guardian has spoken to three ­people with knowledge of the discussions in the Obama camp. There is no talk of Obama approving direct diplomatic negotiations with Hamas early on, but he is being urged by advisers to initiate low-level or clandestine approaches, and there is growing recognition in Washington that the policy of ostracising Hamas is counter-productive. A tested course would be to start ­contacts through Hamas and the US intelligence services, similar to the secret process through which the US engaged with the PLO in the 1970s. Israel did not become aware of the contacts until much later. Read article.
The Coming Obama Bubble
Charlie Foxtrotblog.blogspot.com
Is it just me or does anyone else think that if someone is currently invested in Obama Inc, they might want to sell their shares prior to Jan 20?
In my view, we are looking at the heights of an Obama market bubble, or fad if you will. Like Tulips, Dot-coms, leveraged Real Estate, Atkins Diets, and grunge band plaid, I believe it will either burst, or at least fade quickly from view.
One sign of this impending downturn is the fact that "everybody" has to get in on the game.
In the current cool craze at hand, along with your Obama commemorative plates, bobble head dolls, and action figures (soon to be found on eBay no doubt), you could also own a mint condition copy of 'The American Dog Magazine.'
Rush out and buy yours now, as it is sure to be a treasured keepsake in the decades to come. Read article.
NYT reporter warns of one-term Obama
Alexander Burns, Politico.com
White House reporters for The New York Times predict that the market collapse will force President-elect Barack Obama to abandon for now many of his campaign promises.
If his stimulus plan "doesn’t work out, he may very well be a one-term president,” said Jeff Zeleny, who covered Obama’s campaign. “It’s hard to imagine that he could be reelected if the economy’s in the exact same position four years from now.”
“A lot of the things he said on the campaign trail you can now dispense with,” said correspondent Peter Baker. “For the moment he has to focus on the economy.” Read article.
"The world" begins to sour on Obama.
James Taranto, Online WSJ.com
Barack Obama takes the oath of office next week, having promised to win back the respect of "the world," which George W. Bush has alienated. So the big question is this: How long after Obama becomes president will it be before "the world" begins to sour on him--begins to suspect that he is one of us, not one of them?
On Sunday, Jan. 4, the Web site of London's Guardian published an article by one Simon Tisdall faulting Obama for failing to side with Hamas in its genocidal war against Israel:
"Obama has remained wholly silent during the Gaza crisis. His aides say he is following established protocol that the US has only one president at a time. . . .
“But evidence is mounting that Obama is already losing ground among key Arab and Muslim audiences that cannot understand why, given his promise of change, he has not spoken out. Arab commentators and editorialists say there is growing disappointment at Obama's detachment--and that his failure to distance himself from George Bush's strongly pro-Israeli stance is encouraging the belief that he either shares Bush's bias or simply does not care." Read article.
Will GOPers keep enabling the Dems?
Laura Ingraham, JWR.com
If you've ever wondered what America might look like as a one-party country, Republicans are trying to help you out. And by "trying" I mean rolling over and dying. President Elect Obama and his congressional henchmen are in the midst of swiping another $1 trillion-plus from American taxpayers.
And Republicans — who once upon a time professed concern for taxpayers — could apparently care less. Either they believe stealing from our grandkids makes for sound policy, or they're too afraid to second-guess the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Whatever the case, it's embarrassing. Read article.
Obama's First Act as President
Chuck Norris, Townhall.com
Barack Obama emphatically promised more than a year ago, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act." Will he keep his word?
The Freedom of Choice Act is a sweeping bill that would abolish all pro-life regulations across the nation, from parental notification laws to bans on federal funding of abortions. The Office of the General Counsel for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops identified 13 categories of pro-life laws that would be stampeded and nullified by FOCA.
As far-reaching as the decision of Roe v. Wade is into the states' jurisdictions and our lives, even it, for example, showed certain respect for state laws and limits on infringing regulations in the medical field. FOCA shows no such restraints; it nails shut the coffin on pro-life choices and safeguards. Read article.

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