Exclusive: Gore’s Cult

by RUTH KING March 23, 2009
I really can't stay
(but baby it's cold outside)
I've got to go speak
Carbon footprints at peak
(but baby it's cold outside)
(Your lips are so blue)
The earth’s got man made flu
(So why is it cold outside?)
With apologies to Frank Loesser
What is a cult?
Most people think of it as a pseudo religious group such as Rama Krishna, a variety of ashrams, the Sullivanians, Amadonians, Ambassador Church, Jonestown and the more recent polygamist group arrested in Texas last year.
However, a cult can also be defined as a group with a charismatic leader who incorporates mind control to deceive, influence and govern.
Now, I may be accused of hyperbole here, but “phony environmentalism with its doctrinal global warming hysteria” has become a multi generational, international and bipartisan cult with blind adherents who remain impervious to all scientific evidence and hostile to all debate.
It really started with the junk science of Rachel Carson, the muse of the environuts, whose book Silent Spring, published in 1962, was the first successful use of junk science, phony statistics and media hype to cripple an industry. Whatever her original intent, Miss Carson indulged in half truths, poorly documented and anecdotal “evidence” suggesting that human cancers were caused by pesticides, that birds and flora would disappear, and that long term effects on the environment would be felt for generations. Her “facts” on carcinogenic effects of pesticides omitted the risks of smoking and the statistics on early detection. However, she became a cult figure, and dealt an effective blow to the chemical industry which led to a spate of legislative measures and regulations.
Most outrageous, it led to the banning of DDT (a ban that is slowly lifting) which left millions to die from malaria. In spite of the debunking of her book, it is still taught as a “bible of environmentalism” in public schools. To read a comprehensive analysis of her book, please read: The Lies of Rachel Carson by renowned entomologist Dr. J. Gordon Edwards.
There was also the “No nukes” movement known as the Clamshell Alliance, whose efforts from 1976 until the mid 1980s forced the nuclear industry to shelve all plans for nuclear plants for 30 years. In spite of the need for energy alternatives highlighted by the oil embargos and the growing threat of OPEC, the Clamshell and its clones The Palmettos in South Carolina, the Sunflowers in Kansas, the Oystershells in Maryland, and the Abalones in California, were incredibly successful helped along by the media, the guitar strummers left over from the anti-war movement, and gullible utopians. It is acknowledged even by their opponents that without them there would be a very strong national nuclear power in America capable of fueling and heating our entire nation…as occurs in France and other nations in Europe.
Another “success” of the “environmentalist” cult is the banning of bioengineered food which has held so much promise to end the famines that devastate nations throughout Africa.
Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, who is still active and will celebrate his 95th birthday this month, actually won a Nobel Prize for Peace in 1970 for his research and development of high yield, disease-resistant wheat harvests in Mexico, Africa, the Near and Middle East, India and Pakistan.
For his efforts in ending world hunger, he has been lauded by Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, George McGovern as well as more mainstream American legislators and writers. Dr. Borlaug has lectured that bio-engineered food is not much different than the cross breeding that occurs in nature. In fact, in 2003 he stated:
“Biotechnology is one key to feeding the world…. Today we're worried about terrorism. Is there any better, fertile seedbed for terrorism than hunger and human misery? It's a time bomb to have as many miserable people as we have in the world today. …We should use any new crop variety that has an advantage over what is already out there.. …When I was born in 1914 there were 1.6 billion people in the world. Today we have 6.2 billion, with 80 million more each year. By using improved technology, we have been able to feed the world on 660 million hectares of land. If we used the same methods that were used in the 1950's, we would have had to put an additional 1.1 billion hectares under the plow."
And here is the ironic rub. Shrill and uninformed members of the “environmentalist” cult have gone into battle gear to oppose genetic crops on the spurious claims that it is bad for health, bad for the environment and just plain bad for everything, without a shred of scientific corroboration.
The first Grassroots “Gathering on Biodevastation: Genetic Engineering” took place in St Louis, USA on July 17-19, 1998, with the stated purpose of banning all genetically engineered foods and crops; ending “biopiracy;” disbanding the human genome diversity project and putting an end to the colonization of the genes of indigenous people (what the heck is that about?); prohibit funding for research and development; and encourage home-scale gardening, and ecosystem restoration, and oppose the consolidation of corporate and monocrop farming and their reliance on genetic engineering and toxic herbicides and insecticides. Well, there you have it.
They have been successful beyond their wildest dreams and genetically modified crops are now banned throughout the world. To add gravitas to the cult, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced three bills in July 2008 to create a comprehensive framework to regulate genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The three bills are titled, respectively, H.R. 6636, The Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act, H.R. 6635, The Genetically Engineered Safety Act, and H.R. 6637, The Genetically Engineered Farmer Protection Act.
All of this now brings us to Albert Gore, fibber galore, the guru of the latest envirocult…man-made global warming. Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, with the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This award was more akin to the prizes awarded to the fraudulent Rigoberta Menchu and the loathsome Jimmy Carter than to Dr. Borlaug’s well-deserved Nobel.
There are now many more reputable scientists disputing man made global warming than the number who still defend the theory, but that won’t sway the Goreonic cult members which include statesmen, legislators, industrialists, writers, journalists, bipartisan climateers and even Presidents past and present. Oops, I almost left out the scientist Meryl Streep, whose efforts on behalf of false assertions against Alar in 1989 almost ruined the apple growing industry in America.
Support for Goreonic theories about man-made global warming is truly bipartisan and in January 2009, Gore persuaded the Senate Foreign Relations to work for a binding carbon cap and push for a new global climate pact by the end of this year in order to avert “catastrophic” global warming. That day the temperatures throughout Florida had dropped to unprecedented lows.
Gore tells dirty lies about clean coal, totally avoids mention of safe and clean nuclear energy, and will get apoplectic about domestic drilling for oil.
Among legislators, only Gov. Sarah Palin and James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, have really challenged Gore’s theory of man made global warming. Way back in 2003, Sen. Inhofe asserted: "Much of the debate over global warming is predicated on fear, rather than science. I called the threat of catastrophic global warming the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," a statement that, to put it mildly, drove the Goreons nuts.
Now, I appreciate the environment and I applaud the efforts of those who want cleaner rivers and lakes, protection of wildlife and flora, conservation of National Parks and endangered species. I am a passionate and impassioned gardener and have thrown in the trowel in my ongoing battles with beetles in order to avoid any suspicious pesticides and I use shredded issues of the New York Times instead of plastic for mulching (better manure in the columns of Krugman).
However, in the book Unstoppable: Global Warming Every 1500 Years, authors S.Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery list and document the cyclical nature of climate change and catalogue the faux “research” that led to reams of altered statistics.
Did you ever wonder why an icy and mostly barren island is now called Greenland? Check it out. Once grassy plains and herds of cows dotted the landscape there until an ice age descended….and no….it was not caused or precipitated by anything man or the cows did.
Furthermore, in their book The Coercive Utopians (Regnery 1980) the authors Rael Jean and Erich Isaac expose the really dark agenda behind the environmentalist cult, which is deindustrialization of the West. In other words: Man made is bad; industrial made is worse; capitalism is worst and must be destroyed.
The big lie has now been incorporated where it will do the most harm…our economy, in our so-called energy policy and in our foreign policy where “greening” up has priority over cleaning up human rights abuses and global threats.
I doubt that even Gore is aware that he is Pied Piper for a movement that threatens the foundations of our nation. And the silly, blind rats who follow him have no clue and don’t want the truth.
You see…it’s a cult.
By the way, the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was “immortalized” in a key passage from The America I Have Seen, a 1951 book by the influential Egyptian Islamist Sayiid Qutb as an example of Western depravity. He described the scene as a record of the song was played at a church dance in the town of Greeley, Colorado: "The dance hall convulsed to the tunes on the gramophone and was full of bounding feet and seductive legs ... Arms circled waists, lips met lips, chests met chests, and the atmosphere was full of passion."
Geez! I wish I had been there.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Ruth S. King is a freelance writer who writes a monthly column in OUTPOST, the publication of Americans for a Safe Israel. Feedback: editorialdirector@familysecuritymatters.org.

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