Exclusive: Let’s Declassify Obama’s Birth Certificate Along With the ‘Torture’ Memos

by PAM MEISTER April 27, 2009
In the Obama administration, a lot of information has been recently declassified and publicly distributed. Memos detailing enhanced interrogation tactics of Jihadist terror detainees (or, as the left defines it, torture) and photos that allegedly show the abuse of these detainees by their American captors are the first - but not likely the last - in the declassification queue.

The intent, in the eyes of our president and his advisors, is noble: to introduce "transparency" and to "make up" for the mistakes of the Bush administration. After all, we want al Qaeda and its copycat Jihadist terror organizations to like us. What better way than to put on the public relations equivalent of a hair shirt and prostrate ourselves in front of those against whom we have "sinned"?

So what if it besmirches our military and puts into jeopardy everything they and our intelligence community have fought for long and hard? All of that amounts to a hill of beans next to our new image of the kinder, caring, more submissive America. Out with superiority - in with inferiority. Bowing down to royal despots and slapping the backs of tin pot dictators are all a part of the grand plan to cut America down to size. Tired of the Ugly American stereotype? Then you'll love the Subservient American.

I, for one, have reason to rejoice in this new era of dirty laundry airing. As long as we're creating a paper trail a mile long and a mile wide, Obama might want to keep the momentum going and release that long form birth certificate we keep hearing so much about. It'd be a great excuse for him to fly back out to the old Hawaiian homestead (not that he needs a reason to gas up Airforce One and fly the friendly skies - that plane gets more use than Nancy Pelosi's Botox needle) and ask the governor to take it out of its vault, the location of which is a bigger secret than that of the Bat Cave.

Hey, if it's no problem to release classified documents, the birth certificate should be an easy call, as to my knowledge it's not classified. Neither are his undergraduate records. If he's as brilliant as everyone keeps saying he is, why not prove it by showing off his stellar grades? What articles did he write while editor of the vaunted Harvard Law Review? Inquiring minds want to know. Speaking of Harvard, how did he pay for his high priced law degree? Let's not forget that trip during college to Pakistan in 1981, the one that supposedly provided Obama with his foreign policy credentials. There has been a lot of controversy about whether Americans were allowed to travel to Pakistan at that time due to the strife, violence and martial law within that nation at the time. Yet he, an unconnected college student, managed to travel there and stay for three weeks. (Is this just more evidence of miracles wrought by The One?) A call to the State Department by one of my colleagues yielded Pakistan travel information on the early 1980s but not 1981. Hmmm...

All of these questions are easily answered, and would put the minds of many Americans at ease to know that our president is exactly who he says he is as prescribed by the Constitution - a natural born citizen - whose brainpower would, we hear tell, put Albert Einstein to shame. How often have we heard that it's nice to have a smart guy in the White House instead of that dummy George W. Bush?

Americans have asked nicely. Pretty please with sugar on top? Some have even filed lawsuits, a number of which have been summarily dismissed, while others have been the cause of threatening letters by the lawyer representing President Obama and Vice President Joe "Gaffe-o-Matic" Biden. Robert F. Bauer wrote a letter to attorney John Hemenway threatening "sanctions, including costs, expenses and attorneys' fees" if Hemenway does not withdraw the appeal of his "frivolous" lawsuit demanding the release of the birth certificate. Gee, that's friendly. Are threats to private citizens on behalf of our elected officials some of the "change" we were promised?

Now really. For Obama, a man who talks about sharing and caring more than those sickeningly sweet Care Bears, you'd think that sharing a little information with an adoring public would be a priceless opportunity to practice what he preaches.

Come on, Barry. Come clean. Take that certificate out from its hidey hole and wave it proudly for your fellow Americans to see, then frame it and display it next to your signed copy of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals in the Oval Office. The American people are getting in to this transparency thing. Don't disappoint us. You're the change we've been waiting for, remember?

Psst - anyone know a lawyer? I might need one after this.

Pam Meister is the editor of FamilySecurityMatters.org.

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