Exclusive: Somalia – Why Isn't Secretary Clinton Connecting the Dots?

by RUTH KING April 27, 2009

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris once described Hillary Clinton's trademark laugh, which erupts every time she dodges media sniper fire, as "loud, inappropriate, and mirthless. . ." That aptly described her predictable response when asked about Somali pirates.

Mrs. Clinton, whose pal James Carville is peddling "a chance to spend a day with Bill Clinton" (jaw and paw?) as a "fun way" to repay her campaign debts, would not want to revisit his disastrous policy in Somalia which contributed mightily to the chaos, instability, terrorism and carnage which prevail there today.

Nor, would she want to explain her present employer's paralysis in the face of naked Jihadi aggression.

Nor, would she want to tackle the difficult question of why Somali-Americans "disappear" from Minnesota to go train with Somali terrorists. And, she certainly would not want to discuss the implementation of Sharia law in Somalia since we don't have a "foreign contingency" policy with respect to Somalia a member of the all Muslim Arab League. Furthermore, her recollection of the history of the Barbary Wars...um...a long...time ago is so pathetic...So, it's just the usual ha-ha-ha.

Somalia has a long and virtually uninterrupted history of hating America. In 1969, after a bloody coup, it was taken over by Maj. General Mohammed Siad Barre, a bloodthirsty killer who formed a military alliance with the Soviet Union from whom he obtained training and ordnance in exchange for Soviet access to naval ports. Barre was, like Nasser and Qaddafi, a pseudosecular, Arab nationalist, Marxist crackpot, who combined Islam with Lenin. To burnish his Islamic credentials he joined the all Muslim Arab League in 1984.

Tribal and regional wars intensified and in 1991 Siad Barre was ousted in a coup that left Mohammed Ali Mahdi and Mohammed Farah Aidid "sharing" control of the Somaliland Republic. The brutal civil war that followed was compounded by a devastating drought in 1992 which resulted in the deaths of 300,000 lives.

President Bush, Clinton's predecessor, sent U.S. peacekeeping forces to relieve famine and restore order in 1992 arousing congressional demands to "bring our troops home." His successor, William Clinton, at first announced that he would keep the troops, that the mission was a success, but ceding to the "Murthaites" in Congress, he withdrew all but 1,200 troops. This was followed by months of ambush and attacks of UN peacekeeping troops - in June during an inspection of a Somali arms weapons storage site, 24 U.N.Pakistani soldiers were massacred - wanton murders, theft of all relief materials and unprecedented brutality against Somali civilians, some of whom were given succor and asylum in the United States.

By October of 1993, Clinton launched a new mission and sent United States Rangers and Special Forces to capture Mohammed Aidid and stabilize Somalia. His plan, presented to Congress with a timetable, was "to conclude our role there honorably but we do not want to see a reversion to the absolute chaos and the terrible misery which existed before."  His words came back to bite him. 

Mogadishu was a disaster for the United States. Subsequent investigations disclosed that U.S. soldiers on the ground were left without armed vehicles or sufficient firepower from the air. The Clinton administration and then Secretary of Defense, the late Les Aspin, repeatedly denied the Special ops teams' and the Rangers' requests for more armored vehicles, AC-130 gunships and tanks.

The American public witnessed gruesome televised scenes of rampaging Muslim Somalis dragging and desecrating the bodies of American troops. Congress demanded a withdrawal and Clinton did a "cut and run" operation leaving Somalia in worse shape than ever and Aidid unbowed. The end result was the perception that America can be defied by any rag tag army of terrorists.

Les Aspin took the fall for his boss but the buck really stopped with President William "Un"Jefferson Clinton.

Since 1983 we have admitted 83,991 Muslim Somali immigrants into the U.S. More then half, 43,682, came since September 11th, and of those, the majority went to Minnesota (Keith Ellison's state).

There are millions of African refugees in America - decent, hard working people who escaped the chaos and brutality of failed states. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, under the guidelines of the Refugee Act of 1980, must report hard numbers to Congress each year. Furthermore, the Congressional Black Caucus has been active for years in promoting entry for more African refugees. Fair enough. I only wish that Jewish Americans had been more aggressive in promoting Jewish immigration prior to World War 11.

But here is where it gets a bit dicey. Somali Americans did not assimilate and have grown increasingly militant in cities where they have a significant presence. And they are of concern to law-enforcement agencies.

In March 2006, Fox News reported on the alarming number of Muslims taking truck driving lessons in Kansas City. FBI investigated the school and found that the vast majority of its students were Somalis. Trucks which carry hazardous materials are as dangerous as planes.

This story became more ominous in September 2006 when Debbie Schlussel disclosed how many Muslims (a majority were Somali) got fraudulent certificates to drive 18- wheelers.

From Arizona, August 26, 2008:The Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said Somali Association of Arizona had pressured Sky Harbor International Airport for the right to wear attire that accommodates their religious needs.

Here is a news item from September 2008 in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

 "In a landmark settlement that could change the way Muslims are treated in the workplace, St. Cloud-based Gold'n Plump Inc. has agreed to allow Somali workers short prayer breaks and the right to refuse handling pork at its poultry processing facilities..... The agreement follows a year-long examination by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and a class-action lawsuit brought in October 2006 on behalf of nine Somali immigrants who worked at Gold'n Plump's poultry processing plants in Cold Spring, Minn., and Arcadia, Wis."

The column concludes:

 "The settlement could have profound implications for the estimated 25,000 people of Somali descent in Minnesota, who began arriving in the Twin Cities in the late 1970s. Many have insisted on adhering to their traditional religious practices, such as praying five times a day or wearing headscarves, even when they conflict with workplace rules."

And, there is more: In April 2007 Somali taxi drivers in Minneapolis refused to take passengers with dogs or alcohol, including a blind student with a Seeing Eye dog. Roughly three quarters of Minneapolis cab drivers are Somali Muslims and their case was strongly supported by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota.

The demands then escalated for footbaths in schools, airports and malls, culminating with the establishment of the controversial Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center - and the smaller but equally influential Islamic Al Dahwa Center of St. Paul, from which dozens of young Somali men have "disappeared" without a trace, and authorities believe they have joined terrorist groups in Somalia. And, of course the imams of the mosques deny any involvement with terrorism. So do all the hijab mothers.

You know this is serious, even if the FBI will not publicly comment on its investigation of the mosques, when even Leon Panetta, director of the CIA states that this could be "a potential threat" if these youths return to our shores "radicalized."

Al-Shabab, the locus of Somalia's Jihadis, has been designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department. In fact, in a recent tape, Osama bin Laden praised and encouraged the "Champions of Somalia", and the so-called "moderate" leader Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed who issues perfunctory calls for an end to piracy has established firm Sharia law.

All of this brings us to the pirates that have caused such a cackle from Madame Secretary. They are not criminals, but they are part and parcel of Islamic Jihad. As Robert Spencer has warned:

"...Somali pirate captors are Islamic Jihadists, dedicated to the same goals as Osama bin Laden and other Jihadists around the world.....Accordingly, counterterror analysts and the mainstream media would do well to widen their narrow focus upon maritime piracy, and consider the role that this piracy is playing in the larger Jihadist initiative."

When Madame Secretary Clinton was a candidate running for the presidency she mocked Barack Obama's inexperience. Ostensibly, then, as captain of our ship of state she should connect the dots on Somalia and confront the great threat to America which is taking root within our shores. This includes a reevaluation of our "no profiling" immigration and refugee laws and a revamping of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act.

But then look who is appointed to head our security agencies - and there is a real bitter laugh.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Ruth S. King is a freelance writer who writes a monthly column in OUTPOST, the publication of Americans for a Safe Israel. Feedback: editorialdirector@familysecuritymatters.org.

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