Exclusive: Understand Saul Alinsky and Understand Obama’s Agenda

by BEN-PETER TERPSTRA June 12, 2009
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are disciples of Saul Alinsky, the late community organizer. And according to radio host Andrew Wilkow, Americans need to understand Alinskyism in order to understand Washington-first politicians.
So, let’s review: In 1966 the Oakland Tribune’s John Burk exposed the many ways in which the community organizer, Saul Alinksy worked (April 14):
Some possibilities for Alinsky's Oakland Program:
1. A Watermelon March. Using a skin color chart, Alinsky would select a few hundred of the city's "blackest" Negroes, attire them according to a stereotype – in coveralls – give each of them a watermelon... "One problem in Oakland is that the power structure doesn't know there are any Negroes," Alinsky explains. "We'd show them some Negroes." The Watermelon March would go from City Hall to The Tribune to the lakesideCounty buildings.
Walking Tactic
2. Sunday Walks. Large numbers of equally dark-skinned Negroes, immaculately dressed, would walk through predominantly white residential neighbourhoods all day long, several Sundays in a row. The anticipated reaction from white suburbia, Alinsky said, would be demands to get the Negroes out of the neighborhood. The result: "You won't have to ASK for anything. They'll call you in from the street and ask you what want."
3. Exodus. This is a long range program. It calls for moving Negroes into special target areas where, in Alinsky's words, "the white establishment has built its finest amenities." Like the better high schools, the better grade schools, the museums, the parks, and so forth. Anticipated result: "The white people will move out and you've got their goodies."
These are unorthodox tactics, long on showmanship. Because Alinsky is part showman, part con man, full of circus tricks, he carefully orchestrates every tactical move for fullest dramatic effect. He knows his tactics must be novel to be effective. 
Here, the investigative journalist is introducing us to Alinsky’s outlandish race-baiting plans for cities. But freethinkers might ask: Why would Obama embrace the teachings of a divider? 
Unsurprisingly, Obama attended a black-majority church with links to Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan, and the so-called Million Man March. Marching matters: division fuels the remote leader’s goals. 
Truly, race baiting is just a tool liberals use to empower their wallets and careers. Anarchist philosopher Alinsky owned at least two houses. Obama, the make-poverty-history leader, also paid $1.65 million for his controversial house – $300,000 below the asking price. 
In symbolic charity, as shown in Alinsky’s street theatre, there was no real attempt to help minority groups; in fact, African-Americans were treated like “social justice” Muppets to empower the two-houses-for-me elites. And notice how liberals used skin-charts and how very willing they were to use the “blackest” of blacks. 
Allow me to highlight three more problems with Alinsky’s religion: entitlement theology, Orwellian language tools, and tricknology. 
Entitlement theology: Bob’s school is better than Harry’s. Harry’s park is better than Sue’s. Sue’s house is better than Sally’s. The entitlement theologian first tells his subjects that the grass is always greener on the other side. Europe’s socialistic healthcare is better than America’s (if we ignore filthy hospital floors and beds). Therefore, we’re entitled to a European-style system (and the taxpayer worker ants must pay for it). Or: the Catholic school up the road is better than my public school. Therefore, the middle classes must pay to fatten public school bureaucrats. Entitlement theologians sell envy, or psychological hunger. Obama’s children, however, are entitled to a private school education. 
Orwellian language tools: Of course, entitlement theology relies on words and symbols. But Obama’s Orwellian toolbox is his greatest strength and weakness. Emotional trigger words abound: change, hope, unity, fairness, equality, peace, justice. But what happens when you’re single, unemployed and find your “hope” in a bottle? Or, what happens when you’re literally looking for “change” to eat? Obama’s “wise Latina” Supreme Court pick is pure Alinskyism. 
Tricknology: Saul Alinsky said: "I don't consider revolution a nasty word. Changes are caused by a series of revolutions. There is no evolution without revolutions. And there have been no revolutions without conflict.” However, in crafting his philosophy, Alinsky highlighted minority rights as opposed to responsibilities. In his worldview, certain groups were children. Dress them up. Tell them to do silly things and fire them up. Meanwhile, the community organizer lives in relative comfort. Anger is channeled in only one direction. 
John Burk nailed it:  
The longer one talks with Alinsky, the more contradictions appear in the outlook of this atheist who was born in the slums of Chicago and graduated cum laude from the University of Chicago as a criminologist. “So what?" the tough-spoken radical will tell you. "For God's sake, don't expect me to be consistent. Life is full of contradictions." Contradictorily, this is one of Alinsky’s Universal Truths.
Obama is indeed a disciple of Alinsky.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Ben-Peter Terpstra, an Australian-European satirist, is a contributor to a number of websites, from On Line Opinion (Australia's e-journal of social and political debate) to American Thinker. His pieces are also posted on his blog, Pizza Trays and Beer Bottles.

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