Exclusive: Trouble in Paradise? Reality Check for the Far Left on Illegal Alien Problem

by JIM STADENRAUS June 16, 2009
In the national competition for the most insane, most consistently far left, most lunatic town in America, Berkeley, California can't trump the politics and public policies of San Francisco.
Home of Nancy Pelosi and the Ninth Circuit court, San Francisco is the ideological epicenter of America's far-left.
It is also America's original "Sanctuary City." Progressive San Francisco became one of the first cities nationwide to officially coddle illegal aliens and ban cooperation with Federal immigration authorities.
But it looks like there is trouble in paradise. According to the left's newspaper of record, the Trotskyites who run Baghdad-on-the-Bay are having second thoughts about their "sanctuary" policy.
The New York Times says the problem stems from illegal aliens who commit violent crimes:
At the center of the turnaround is a new law enforcement policy focused on under-age offenders who are in this country illegally. Under the policy, minors brought to juvenile hall on felony charges are questioned about their immigration status. And if they are suspected of being here illegally, they are reported to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for deportation, regardless of whether they are eventually convicted of a crime.
The policy was put in place last summer amid a series of embarrassing revelations about the city’s handling of illegal minors and even as reports arose of several serious crimes committed by illegal residents. The policy has led not only to dozens of juveniles in deportation proceedings, but also to criticism from the city’s public defender and members of its Board of Supervisors, which is threatening to relax it next month.
While the Times story did not state so outright, San Francisco's elected have learned a basic societal truth: suspend the rule of law and presto, you get mob rule.
It turns out that even when advancing their sacred goal of "diversity," San Franciscans can't ignore forever the things attendant with mob rule. Things like illegal immigrant drug gangs that machine gun innocent civilians on city streets in broad daylight.
Reminds one of that old crime joke:
Q. What's the difference between a liberal and a conservative?
A. One mugging.
San Francisco will remain the mother lode for producers and hosts who earn their living in the competitive world of talk radio.
But, if those who govern there abandon their policy on illegal immigration, there is hope for bankrupt California, a state where one quarter of a $21 billion deficit has been attributed to illegal immigration.
There may even be hope for our Republic as the Administration promotes a mass amnesty that would create a sanctuary nation and reward mob rule on a grand scale.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Jim Stadenraus lived and worked in San Francisco from 1983 to 1998 and earned a deep appreciation of America's far-Left ideology when it comes to illegal immigration. 

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