Video: Lou Dobbs Addresses the Birth Certificate Issue

by THE EDITORS July 20, 2009

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CDC director says hospitals 'must' comply with CDC's Ebola guidelines

October 02, 2014  12:28 PM

In the midst of a public health emergency, is it too much to expect the CDC to communicate clearly?

Predictable scapegoat emerges for spread of Ebola (Hint: It begins with 'N' and ends with 'RA')

October 02, 2014  12:03 PM

Desperate times call for laughable claims.

What might prompt WH to ban flights from Ebola outbreak countries? Jim Geraghty nails it

October 02, 2014  11:02 AM

Believable scenario.

'WTF!?!' 'Morally bankrupt' Goddard College comms manager compares Mumia Abu-Jamal to Gandhi

October 02, 2014  10:57 AM

"How many people did Gandhi murder?"

'My work here is done': Justice Don Willett appreciates coincidental timing of NYT announcement

October 02, 2014  09:48 AM

Timing is everything.

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