Exclusive: 'Muslim Mafia' Author Talks to FSM about the Fort Hood Massacre

by THE EDITORS November 9, 2009
In the wake of the Fort Hood massacre, Americans are asking many questions. It’s been called a “tragedy” by some, as though it were an unavoidable natural catastrophe, but the fact remains that the bloodbath only has one suspect: Major Nidal Malik Hasan. What were his motives? Stress, as has been suggested? Or something more sinister, like jihad? Family Security Matters’ Pam Meister caught up with FSM contributing editor Dave Gaubatz, one of the authors of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Trying to Islamize America for his opinions and insights on what could well be a watershed event in the fight against Islamic terror.
Family Security Matters: We're being told not to jump to conclusions about Maj. Hasan's motives for the killings. Based on your experience, what does your instinct tell you?
Dave Gaubatz: We should have been jumping to conclusions several months ago in regards to Maj. Hasan and his erratic actions. Being proactive in this case did nothing more than allow Maj. Hasan to (allegedly) kill innocent men, women, and children. The worst mistake the FBI does in every instance such as this is to inform the American public there are no ties to terrorism. This is giving the American people a false sense of security and it is no more than a lie by law enforcement. A tragic shooting can never be resolved within a few minutes and no motive for the attack should ever be ruled out until all the evidence has been fully evaluated.
FSM: According to some relatives, Maj. Hasan was harassed because he is a Muslim. But according to Dr. Val Finnell, one of Hasan's classmates in a 2007-08 master's public health program at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, said that at a class presentation by public health students, at which topics like dry cleaning chemicals and house mold were discussed, Hasan talked about U.S. military actions as a war on Islam. Hasan made clear he was a "vociferous opponent" of U.S. wars in Muslim countries, Finnell said. "He made himself a lightning rod for things," Finnell said. "No one picked on him because he was a Muslim." Based on your knowledge of the military, would you agree or disagree that Muslims were more likely to be harassed than others?
DG: The liberal media and their supporters will jump on the bandwagon to try and find excuses for Maj. Hasan. Maj. Hasan was an officer in the U.S. Army and few enlisted personnel would come close to trying to intimidate an officer. It is a simple court martial offense. Maj. Hasan studied the violent ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood that calls for killing innocent anyone who oppresses Islam. This ideology is taught on U.S. military bases and in mosques near the installations. [Editor’s note: A new report indicates that Hasan attended the controversial Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia, in 2001 at the same time as two of the September 11th terrorists.]
“Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet. Towards this end, Islam wishes to press into service all forces which can bring about a revolution and a composite term for the use of all these forces is ‘Jihad’.
Pamphlet: “Jihad in Islam”, pages 9-10. Syed Abul A’al Maududi (founder of JI terrorist organization)
FSM: CAIR was quick to release a statement claiming that "No religious or political ideology could ever justify or excuse such wanton and indiscriminate violence" and Arab-American Anti Discrimination Committee President Mary Rose Oakar said that the violence "has nothing to do with any religion, race, ethnicity, or national origin." Do you think these groups are being ingenuous?
DG: CAIR executives have harmed more Muslims than they have ever helped. CAIR executives distribute and study the same violent materials utilized by Maj. Hasan, al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Right now CAIR will condemn the attacks, but behind the scenes they are conniving on how to secure Maj. Hasan as a client. They did this with the 2006 Flying imams (hoax), Ismail Royer and ali Al Timimi (both convicted terrorists)
CAIR uses deceit as their number one tactic and it has worked for 15 years. It is time they are stopped.
FSM: Do you know if it is true that the Defense Intelligence Agency has been warning the Army for three years about these sorts of attacks?
DG: While on active service with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) for 15.5 years, we worked very close with DIA. We would have shared intelligence, but many investigations become political if the person involved is an officer and especially if he/she is Muslim. Allegations are routinely expected to be a result of any investigation, and often the senior leadership of DIA does not support their lower level officers. The result is that innocent people die due to political correctness.
FSM: Who is, or are, to blame that this act was able to be completed? Please name names as well as organizations.
DG: The people with “blood on their hands” due to this tragedy (aside from (allegedly) Maj. Hasan) are taught by his Muslim leaders and from the materials they provide to them to study. Politicians have “muzzled” full investigations and who even now label it as an isolated incident. Flat out: this is a lie and will cause more deaths for young men, women, and children. This was not an isolated incident. Maj. Hasan (allegedly) did what he was taught. Politicians, Muslims, and law enforcement are concerned about a 'backlash' against Muslims. Now is the time for a professional and legal backlash against the Muslim Brotherhood and their leaders. Muslims know what materials are being taught in their mosques and they know many of the materials instruct young Muslims to kill innocent people who do not adhere to Sharia law. If Muslims do not want a backlash, then I would recommend a “house cleaning.” Stack every Saudi, al Qaeda, Pakistani, Taliban, Hamas, and Muslim Brotherhood piece of material from their mosque and have a bonfire. Tell the American, Jewish, and Muslim community this hatred will no longer be allowed in their mosques.
FSM: If any branch of government is, or are, to blame, do you think it's time that whatever piece of legislation has inoculated the government from being sued by the citizenry be repealed?
DG: The U.S. State Department and the office of the President of The United States are ultimately responsible for allowing organizations to operate within our country with an objective to destroy our country, form an Islamic Ummah (Nation) under Sharia law in America. If our President does not believe he has the authority to prevent an organization from destroying our country from within, he should step aside and Americans will correct the problem.
FSM: If not, how can we protect ourselves from a government that appears to be out of control and without remorse?
DG: The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land and elected officials answer to the people who elected them. For several years there have been many counterterrorism experts like Ms. Gabriel (ACT), Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Anti-CAIR, and I who have been warning America for years about the Islamic leaders who are taking our country from within, and many politicians are “in bed” with them. Americans need to strip the sheets from these politicians and hold them legally responsible up to and including treason against America.
America has two choices: 1. Realize we are being attacked from within by the Muslim Brotherhood (as described in Muslim Mafia) or they can continue living a false sense of security and one day soon some will be responding to another day care center attacked by Islamic jihadists.
FSM: What is the one fact you want Americans to know about this mass murder?
DG: The major media, to include Fox, are slowly becoming ABC, CBS, and NBC. There will be a point where we will no longer need them. We need true journalists who will tell us the truth regardless of political correctness. No one is irreplaceable – not even Beck, Hannity, or O'Reilly.
Update: The sentence “Now is the time for a professional and legal backlash against the Muslim community and their leaders” should have read “Now is the time for a professional and legal backlash against the Muslim Brotherhood and their leaders.” The text has been corrected. We regret the error.
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