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by OVAL OFFICE WATCH November 11, 2009
1993 Redux Confronts Dems GO HERE.
The "Costs" of Medical Care: Part IV - READ commentary here.
The Brushfires of Freedom - SEE HERE.
Tumultuous Obama
Jed Babbin, Human Events.com
Has there ever been a president who had to govern in more difficult times?
Even Franklin Roosevelt had years to deal with the Great Depression before World War 2 came upon him. 
Are we asking too much of Barack Obama? No, because so much of the confusion and commotion that surrounds him of his own making. 
Our young president has always been a man in a hurry. His rhetoric is of urgency, emulating Churchill’s red “action this day” labels attached to the most urgent memos to subordinates.  But Churchill didn’t attach the red label to every memo. Obama does. 
For him to define a problem as a crisis and demand that congressional action be taken now, and not delayed a year, a month or a day, is a commonplace. But when the action is taken and subsequently fails, the president ignores the failure and moves along to demand action on another “crisis.” Read article.
Distancing Obama
The Prowler, Spectator.org
While it is true that alleged Fort Hood shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, never served in an any role for the Obama Administration's transition team, the White House was concerned enough about Hasan's appearance on a list of attendees at a homeland security conference that it ran a check on Hasan before President Obama made impromptu remarks about the shooting last week.
"You hate to say it, but this is what it's come to," says a White House source. "It's part of making sure the President isn't burned."
Of course, that didn't stop the White House from giving Obama prep notes for his remarks about Fort Hood that included mention of the now infamous "Medal of Honor shout out" to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, who was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom award three months ago by Obama. Read article.
When Fidel Castro Dictated to the Old U.S. Media
Humberto Fontova, American Thinker.com
We cannot for a second abandon propaganda. Propaganda is vital -- propaganda is the heart of all struggles. (Fidel Castro in a letter to a revolutionary colleague in 1954)
A foreign reporter -- preferably American -- was much more valuable to us at that time (1957) than any military victory. Much more valuable than rural recruits for our guerrilla force, were American media recruits to export our propaganda. (Ernesto "Che" Guevara in his diaries.)
In all essentials Castro's battle for Cuba was a public relations campaign fought in New York and Washington. (British historian Hugh Thomas)
Fought and handily won, I might add.
But even after the victory, Castro's U.S. public relations auxiliaries remained on call and primed for duty. By the time of Castro's delirious, deafening, foot-stomping reception at Harvard Law School and Washington, D.C.'s National Press Club (most of whose members oppose capital punishment) in April 1959, Castro's firing squads had slaughtered 1,168 men -- and boys, some as young as fifteen. And for months, Fidel, Raul, and Che had been repairing to their respective stolen mansions nightly to meet with Soviet G.R.U agents and button down the Stalinization of Cuba. Read article.
In The Era Of Obama, Americans Have Become "the Evil Doers"
Austin Hill, Townhall.com
“…People have declared war on America and they have made a terrible mistake… My administration has a job to do and we're going to do it. We will rid the world of the evil-doers."
Those words were spoken by President George W. Bush on September 16, 2001, five days after “9-11.”
In those remarks, the former President was juxtaposing “us,” with those who had attacked us (the “evil doers”), and he was reassuring us that we had the capacity to survive and recover.
He was also sending a message to the rest of the world: “Don’t Mess With America.”
According to Barack Obama, who are the worst among the “evil doers?” At varying points this year, President Obama has singled out a variety of individuals and groups from among the broader American populous, and in his own peculiar way has attempted to, shall we say, “bring them to justice.”
In no particular order, the list of “evil doers” has included: Rush Limbaugh, Medical Doctors who allegedly perform unnecessary procedures for presumed financial gain, “rich people,” shareholders of the Chrysler Corporation, the Fox Newschannel, executives of American corporations, Republicans, the insurance industry, Glenn Beck, hedge fund managers, attendees of congressional town hall meetings, oil companies, and the United States Chamber of Commerce.
Indeed it would appear that for our current President, America’s real enemies are within. His task is to apologize for our behavior abroad, while administering our just penalties at home. Read article.
Service.gov And Its Soviet Similarities
Svetlana Kunin, Investors.com
USSR, 1959: I am a "young pioneer" in school. History classes remind us that there is a higher authority than their parents and teachers: the leaders of the Communist Party.
The story of young pioneer Pavlik Morozov is required reading. Pavlik reported his father to the secret police for disobeying government regulations. His life exemplified the duty of all good Soviet citizens to serve their government.
From the first year in school, all of us are made aware of our ethnicity (ethnic Russian, Jewish, Asian, etc.) and class (proletariat, intelligentsia), around which society is structured. This inherent divisiveness makes it easy for the government to stir ethnic and class tension and in this way distract from economic failure.
USA, 2009: "Progressives" control the government. Children in some public schools sing songs about the president and study his directives.
Progressives view people not as unique individuals, but as groups. They play on class envy, or divide people by ethnicity (African-American, white, Hispanic, etc.). From early childhood they remind children of their ethnic identity. The idea of a color-blind society united under the American flag is not politically correct. Read article.
New Anti-Limbaugh-Beck Group Tied To Ex-Obama Czar Van Jones
Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters.com
A new left-wing organization created specifically to attack Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan, and Paul Brown has ties to ex-Obama green jobs czar Van Jones.
As NewsBusters reported Thursday, StopTheWitchHunt.org was formed to "call out" what it considers "mischaracterizations and hate speech" by the aforementioned quintet.
With the assistance of tipster Bret A. Gehring, NewsBusters has discovered an organizational link to Jones.
Our investigation began with who was listed as the contact person on the STWH press release reported by Reuters Thursday, October 29: Read article.
The Vilification of Rush
Kenneth L. Hutcherson, American Thinker.com
Liberals would prefer no opposition. Behind the force field of political correctness, there should never be any disagreement once the liberal mind has decided that something is good for society. There can be no opposition to the "correct" way of thinking, and if you don't think "correctly," you are attacked. 
Those who dare to disagree with liberal orthodoxy are punished sooner or later. Not even someone as powerful as Rush Limbaugh, whose dream of part ownership of the St. Louis Rams was shattered by a particularly insidious species of liberal intolerance, is immune.
This is personal to me -- very, very personal. I have watched the news, I have seen television, and I have heard different commentators talk about my friend, all the while knowing the things they say are lies. I am proud to be an American and proud of the United States of America, and again this makes it personal to me. I not only see Rush Limbaugh and the conservative movement in this action being attacked, but the entire foundation of what made America great.
Freedom is under attack, and we, as Americans, need to wake up and stop this madness in the greatest nation ever formed. Read article.
The unhealthy 'public option'
Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune.com
If Medicare were a bank, federal regulators would be closing its doors, selling its operations and sacking its managers. Thanks to soaring costs, the program is fast running out of money -- even though it pays such low fees that many doctors refuse to take Medicare patients. Meanwhile, Medicare fraud costs taxpayers some $60 billion a year, according to a report by CBS' "60 Minutes," making it among the most profitable fields for felons.
That's our experience with government-run health insurance for the elderly. So what do congressional Democrats propose to do? Offer government-run health insurance to everyone else.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid capitulated to his party's more liberal elements when he said he will insist that health care legislation include a "public option" -- a government insurance plan -- to bring "meaningful reform to our broken system." But deploying a version of Medicare to repair the status quo is like using a brick to improve a window.
President Barack Obama says it would help consumers by giving private insurers some real competition. But the typical state has 27 companies competing in the small-group health insurance market. If there were insufficient competition, the health insurance sector wouldn't rank 86th among American industries in profitability.
Health care plans average profits of just 3.3 percent. In wireless communications, a vigorously contested market, profits are 11 percent. Does Obama think we need a government cell-phone company to compete with Verizon and AT&T? Read article.
A Generation of Sociopaths
Mike Adams, Townhall.com
Glenn Beck gets it. He understands something I’ve been seeing and writing about as a columnist for the last seven years. He understands that the downfall of America will not come from the outside. It will come from the inside. It will happen because we failed to pass on to our children the values that made our nation great – and to remind them to pass those values on to their children.
A couple of Glenn Beck’s observations - from a recent Fox News broadcast – are worth repeating before I supply a bit of supporting evidence:
I've said this before — and I know I'll get heat for this — but I'm convinced we are raising a generation of would-be killers: the "me generation." … A generation that was brought up by parents who wouldn't spank them because it was too barbaric and were graded in purple pen because red is too frightening. A generation who got trophies no matter what place they finished.
We promised them a land of sunshine rainbows and lollipops. So it should come as no surprise that the "me generation" enters the workforce demanding high salaries, corner offices and promotions in the first few months — all while wanting to dress down and work less than 40 hours a week.
If you believe that Glenn Beck is exaggerating you are wrong. As a college professor for the last 17 years I have seen evidence of a slow but steady movement away from an acceptance of rules and, indeed, moral absolutes altogether. And it’s not too tough to see how that leads to rampant self-absorption. Read article.
Tax Cuts Now: Economics 101
Rich Bonzo, NMJ.us
Americans need to wake up to the fact that no amount of government spending is going to help us out of this mess. The people must understand that every time a tax dollar goes to Washington, and the bureaucrats take their cut, only pennies wind up back on the streets as "stimulus". The only thing that works every time is a tax cut. This is how.
Hypothetically, let’s say every working American, all 125+ million or so, makes $52,000 a year. That’s $1000 per week per person. Pretty simple, so far.
Now let's also say, hypothetically, that every American pays the same amount in taxes on their income. In this case, let's say 20%, or $200 per week. That leaves $800 per person per week take home to spend. Of course, we all know the myriad taxes that are taken out at all other levels, but for the purposes of simplicity we will stick to federal taxes. So to revue 1000 minus 200 equals 800.
Now, if tomorrow the federal government passed a tax cut and cut taxes 25%, that would be from 20% to 15%. Then your tax deduction would drop from $200 per week to$150. Then your pay check would increase from $800 per week to $850.
Again, to revue, 1000 minus 150 equals 850. That $50 represents a 5% pay increase for every American per week. In a two-income household, that is $400 more take home per month. Holy cow, that’s a new car payment.
Again, let's revue, 50 multiplied by 4 equals 200 multiplied by 2 people equals 400 ,simple right?
Now what will the average Joe and Jane with an extra $400 per month going to do with this new found wealth? Ummmm spend it? Maybe? Read article.
Choosing Federalism, Choosing Freedom
Tim Baldwin, NewsWithViews.com
The more relevant question will likely be, what portion of the cure(s) must we implement. This will require a diagnosis of the degree and seriousness of the disease's attack on our Confederate Republic. Let us analyze briefly the seriousness of the attack so that we may proportionally and accordingly respond and defend against the encroachments on our constitutional freedoms, guarantees and powers.
Keeping in line with my last article and the position that the national system of government (under which the United States currently operates) is completely contrary to the federal system that our founders and Constitution's ratifiers bequeathed to us, a fact is established: We the People of the United States of America have been denied our natural and compactual rights under God and the Constitution. Again, how can it be argued that it is now legally and morally right and proper to do what our Constitution did not create or authorize? How can freedom exist in a country where we supposedly believe in the "consent of the governed" when that consent has been usurped by force? Consequently, our right of defense is activated.
Make no mistake about this: the US Constitution did NOT create a national government, but rather created a federal government whereby the states were coequal with the federal government in the exercise and defense of the powers granted to them by the people of each State. The founders and ratifiers of the Constitution expressly rejected the notion that the federal government has supreme sovereignty. Read article.

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