An Awlaki Link for Jihad Jane?

by STEVE EMERSON March 11, 2010
Internet postings provide much of the evidence against a Pennsylvania woman charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and to kill a Swedish target. Colleen LaRose, also known as "Jihad Jane," is accused of using a YouTube account for jihad recruiting. Those YouTube pages have been taken down.
The Jawa Report, however, reports that LaRose had another YouTube account under the name "mzwiidkat." That claim has not been corroborated. An Internet search, however, reveals that this same person is listed as a 'friend' on YouTube's Anwar Awlaki Lectures Channel. Awlaki is the American-born cleric now living in Yemen and considered a charismatic influence over jihadis. Awlaki was in communication with Nidal Malik Hasan before the Fort Hood massacre and is suspected of encouraging failed Christmas Day airline bomber Umar Abdulmutallab.
The Jawa Report also discovered an account on another video site, Daily Motion, under the name FatimaLaRose, a name listed as an alias in the indictment. In addition, the account holder describes herself as a 46 year old woman, which is LaRose's age.
LaRose's icon on the Daily Motion site shows a black flag with SUPPORT OUR TROOPS above the Shahada, the Muslim testimony of faith, and an AK-47. As one Muslim extremist living in Canada has said that “Support Our Troops" means supporting the mujahideen.
FatimaLaRose lists as her “favorites” and her “playlist”a disturbing list of videos, which are likely material to encourage those of pre-existing jihadist bent to engage in terrorism. These and similar videos often appear on terrorist and pro-terrorist websites. The videos show:
Attacks on US troops in Iraq (Iraq Sniper, IED Attack, RKG3 Thrown On An American B6 Armored Vehicle)
Jihadists in Afghanistan,Turkestan, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Chechnya (the Wolves of Chechen) and Palestine
Statements of Jihadist leaders, including Bin Laden
The suffering of Muslims around the world, including at Guantanamo and in Gaza (Bloodshed and Anarchy in Gaza).
According to the indictment, LaRose was instructed by an unnamed co-conspirator nearly a year ago to "go to sweden . . . find location of [Resident of Sweden, hereafter referred to as "RS #1"] . . . and kill him . . . this is what i say to u."
LaRose agreed to do so, saying "i will make this my goal till i achieve it or die trying."
The co-conspirator then told LaRose to kill the target "in a way that the whole Kufar [non-believer] world get frightened." In August, she went to Europe to receive training and try to carry out the murder.
The indictment was unsealed Tuesday even though LaRose had been arrested in October. Also Tuesday, police in Ireland arrested seven men accused of plotting to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. His 2007 caricature of the Prophet Muhammed as a dog made Vilks a target of death threats by jihadists. Al Qaeda placed a bounty on his head, the Guardian reports, "with a 50% bonus if Vilks was 'slaughtered like a lamb' by having his throat cut." Contributing Editor Steven Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, is the author of six books on national security and Middle Eastern terrorism.

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