Quote of the Day - October 8, 2010

by FSM: QUOTE OF THE DAY October 8, 2010
 “In the past, when the Marines were in Beirut, we screamed, ‘Death to America!” Today, when the region is being filled with hundreds of thousands of American soldiers, “Death to America!” was, is, and will stay our slogan.”
 - Hassan Nasrallah (1962 – ), Secretary General of Lebanan’s Iranian-funded terrorist group Hizballah (Hezbollah), in a speech from March, 2003.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Katie Pavlich: Why are so many veterans being classified as 'mentally defective' and disarmed?

April 21, 2015  10:58 PM

Is it nothing more than a backhanded means of gun control?

NARAL urges sharing abortion stories to 'normalize a stigmatized experience'

April 21, 2015  10:00 PM

Some still cling to the idea that abortion is morally wrong.

Fuel up: Bill Nye hitching #EarthDay flight to Everglades on Air Force One

April 21, 2015  08:43 PM

It will be interesting to see just what he means by "act on climate."

DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart to retire in mid-May amid sex party scandal

April 21, 2015  07:04 PM

"Michele has led this distinguished agency with honor," declared Attorney General Eric Holder.

Jeb Bush tells Michael Medved he would take a pass on DACA, DAPA, and Scooby van

April 21, 2015  06:20 PM

"I think the better answer … is to go to Congress."

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