Stakelbeck on Terror: Eurabia Rising

by ERICK STAKELBECK November 4, 2010
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is facing prosecution in Austria, and potentially faces three years jail for “hate speech.” She had criticized the Koran.
If you are unable to see the video below, alternatively it can be viewed here.
--We kick off the show with a look at how Janet Naploitano recently appointed an outspoken Islamist to the Homeland Security Advisory Council.
--We then head to Vienna for an exclusive look at how one Austrian woman is facing prison time…for criticizing Islam (2:38 into the show).
--Then it’s off to Sweden for another shocking exclusive. We visit a Scandinavian city that has become a hotbed of jihad and anti-Semitism (6:29 into the show).
--In our Inside Israel segment, we’re joined by former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer, who discusses his new Emergency Committee for Israel  (14:13 into the show).
--The Sharia Flaw segment looks at how Somali jihadists recently executed two teenage girls for alleged “spying” (22:22 into the show).
-- The Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on America.  A very overlooked recent development out of Egypt (23:49 into the show).
--Why Leftists embrace radical Islamists (26:14 into the show).
The previous edition of the show can be seen here. Contributing Editor Erick Stakelbeck is a terrorism analyst for CBN News.

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