Exclusive: Recalculating Gore’s Carbon Footprint

by BEN-PETER TERPSTRA August 12, 2008
There are many reasons to recalculate Alfred Gore’s carbon footprint but here are a few:
1974: Gore begins to earn money from annual zinc contracts after purchasing a farm from his father, Gore Sr. (By 2000, earnings will reach an estimated $450,000, according to some sources.)
1992: Gore releases Earth in the Balance, his mea culpa, made from valuable trees.
1993: The Clinton-Gore White House informs Du Pont, that they mustn’t phase out CFCs by 1994 for political reasons.
1997: The Clinton-Gore team sells 47,000 acres of public lands to Big Oil’s Occidental Petroleum for only $100 per acre. Elk Hills will never be the same. (Also, in this controversial year, industrial emissions are running some 10 percent higher than those of 1990.)
1998: Mysteriously, Gore campaigns for and against oil-fee imports.
December, 1998: Hundreds of missiles rain down on Baghdad. The Clinton-Gore administration orders the attacks.
1999: Gore is equivocating about offshore drilling in the South. In fact, he is to the right of the “Religious Right” on this issue.
October, 2000: Greenpeace protesters demand that Gore quickly shut down Ohio’s Von Roll Waste Technologies Industries incinerator, a major polluter.
2006: Bills later reviewed by the AP, reveal that Gore’s family will use more than 191,000 kilowatt-hours to keep one 10,000-square foot mansion running.
November, 2006: In spite of the “climate crisis,” Gore stands against low carbon nuclear plants because they “are the costliest to build.” France demurs.
2007: Gore travels to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Edinburgh, Paris, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Oslo, Stockholm, Sydney, Zurich – and many cities across North America. 
May, 2007: Gore refuses to release The Assault on Reason, his new book, on the Internet for free. Consequently, thousands of trees are missing.
July, 2007: Gore teams up with Coca-Cola®, Pepsi®, and other major corporations for the high-energy Live Earth events. In London, rockers leave behind their piles of rubbish. 
December, 2007: After flying to Bali, Indonesia, Gore speaks out against Americans, in light of their “green sins”. Still, participants enjoy their air-conditioned surrounds.  
June, 2008: In spite of making a big deal about his “energy efficient” renovations, Al Gore’s energy consumption is up 10%, and can “power 232 U.S. homes for a month,” according the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.   
So, that’s a little, by no means complete, look at Gore’s real carbon footprint. By contrast, John Edwards’s hairspray cans account for 26% of America’s emissions (1.7 billion tons a year).  
And yet, liberals are getting all self-righteous about their “carbon credit” heroes.
But let’s return to 2007. “He [Gore] has been working on this [global warming business] for decades. The country and world caught up to him,” claims Barack Obama, in one of those unintentionally funny Time pieces, dated December 10, 2007: “Would you offer him a job in an Obama administration?” asks Time. “In a minute,” says he. “What about Bill Clinton?” “In a second. There are few more talented people.”
Obviously, it must take some talent for Bill and Al to convince Obama that they’re peaceful doves, with green wings. In the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods (page 239), we learn that: “Clinton dispatched the military overseas forty-four times during his eight years. The U.S. military had been deployed outside of America only eight times in the previous forty-five years.”   
More: “Clinton, acting through NATO, also orchestrated a bombing campaign against Serbia from March until June 1999,” writes Woods. “He did so without the consent of Congress – the House of Representatives actually voted against authorizing Clinton’s bombing war against the Serbs. No president in American history has ever waged war in the face of direct congressional opposition.” 
I wonder: How many carbon credits it takes to neutralize, say, a few hundred missiles over Baghdad? Texas wonders: How many liberals does it take to unscrew a light bulb?
Thanks to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, Nashville, the “watchdogs” at the Associated Press now acknowledge some of Gore’s own carbon credit contradictions. But, his mansion is hungrier than they care to admit. Consider, for example, that Gore spends a good deal of time away from home traveling, yet his home’s power consumption can still power a town.
There are other, more compelling reasons to recalculate Gore’s footprint. It’s about accountability. It’s about ethics. Remember, there are reasons to ask socialists to stop throwing stones in glass houses. Or, in Gore’s case, his 10,000-square foot mansion.
And, you don’t need a scientist to establish the link between the Goracle’s gaseous arguments and his fawning press parrots: Limousine Lefties, after all, are carbon-hungry warmongers. Evidently, Al Gore is ahead of the game. The inconvenient truth? We’re decades away from purchasing our 10,000-square foot eyesores.
* Sources: Newspaperarchive.com, The World According to Gore by Debra J. Saunders, Tennessee Center For Policy Research.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Ben-Peter Terpstra, an Australian-European satirist, is a contributor to a number of websites, from On Line Opinion (Australia's e-journal of social and political debate) to American Thinker. His pieces are also posted on his blog, Pizza Trays and Beer Bottles.

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