The Best Man in Pakistan Was Murdered

by SCOTT MCKAY March 4, 2011
The guy in this video’s name was Shahbaz Bhatti. He was 41, and he was the only Christian member of the Pakistani government.
Mr. Bhatti spoke out against Sharia law in Pakistan, and particularly the barbaric law in that country which prescribes a death sentence for blasphemy.
He knew that it was dangerous to do so. In fact, he recorded a message to be aired in the event of his death…
On Wednesday, Mr. Bhatti was murdered. Animals from Al Qaeda or the Taliban or some other barbaric Islamist organization caught up with him in the driveway of his mother’s home and sprayed his car down with bullets.
These people believe the road is open for them to dominate the world. What happened to Mr. Bhatti isn’t much different from what happened to the Iraqi Christians murdered by Al Qaeda in Baghdad, or the Coptic Christians murdered in Cairo. Or the two American servicemen another Islamist murdered, shouting Allahu Akbar as he sprayed down a bus carrying American military personnel at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier today.
They believe the road is open because they don’t believe the United States is the strong horse anymore. They see a power vacuum, and they’re anxious to fill it.
And the first victims of their offensive will be the religious minorities in their own countries, who are the most vulnerable. Mr. Bhatti knew that better than anyone, even before they slaughtered him. Contributing Editor Scott McKay, a sales, marketing and business consultant, is the Publisher/Blogger at, a news/commentary blog about Louisiana and national politics.

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