Muslims Creating No-Go Areas in Europe

The video below was aired on CBN news. It is a shocking account of how a Parisian store-keeper, a non-Muslim, has been threatened and intimidated by Muslims to make her close her shop. She refuses, but she has had acid thrown at her, she has been raped and attacked on numerous occasions.
France has a higher number of Muslims than any other country in Europe. Politically, President Sarkozy appears to recognize that overly high numbers of Muslims are not good for French social cohesion. Sarkozy is already trying to modify the Schengen rules of Europe to prevent the free movement of Tunisian refugees to France. The Schengen agreement allows any resident of Europe to travel freely within 25 of the 27 European Union nations, without the need for border controls. Italy, whose island of Lampedusa was swamped with economic migrants from Tunisia, has granted six-month visas to thousands of the migrants, and France cannot sustain so many new arrivals. Many of these migrants are heading towards Britain, where a liberal welfare benefits culture awaits them.
Another CBN video shows the extent of Muslim failure to mix with French secular society. See below:
The North African Muslim communities of Paris were the main instigators of riots that took place in the northern suburbs of Paris in the fall of 2005. The riots began after three Muslim youths had run from police, and had tried to hide inside a turbine at an electricity substation. The youths were electrocuted, and two died. The riots then spread throughout Paris and Ile de Cite, with further outbreaks in other large cities with high Muslim populations, such as Lyons, Marseilles and Toulouse in the south.
One should not forget the manner in which such communities are run. The older generation of migrants from North Africa are often out of work, and the power in their fractured households is devolved to young males.  Samira Bellil broke the silence about the plight of young women in such households, where many girls who do not wear the veil and adopt Western attitudes are – at the command of these young tyrants -  subjected to gang-rape. Young women who are forced to be raped in turn are called “tournantes.”
Samira Bellil, who died of cancer on September 7, 2004, wrote a book on her own experiences of being made into a “tournante”. This book, called “Dans L’Enfer des Tournantes” (Inside the Hell of the Gang-raped) opened the lid on a deep-rooted malaise at the heart of France’s North African communities.
Bellil co-founded a group to assist women who were subjected to similar abuse within France’s Muslim communities. This group, called Ni Putes ni Soumises (Neither whores nor submissives) is still active in demanding emancipation of women subjected to the innate sexism of Muslim oppression.
I documented the fast growth of Muslim-dominated gangs in Britain in a three-part article for FSM in 2008. The article can be read here, here, and here. Such gangs have murdered non-Muslims who wandered onto their “turf”. The worst incidents of Muslim gang violence have involved a South London Muslim group called “The Muslim Boys,” who shot a young man called Adrian Marriott for failing to convert to their form of Islam, and an appalling case from Scotland. Kriss Donald, aged only 15, was abducted from a street by a Muslim gang simply because he was white and not Muslim. He had never met his attackers. Kriss was beaten, stabbed thirteen times, and set on fire. His body was found near a cycle track in Clydeside. Seventy percent of his body was covered with burns. There were rumors that he had been castrated.
While male Muslims take over streets of Europe, the plight of the women within such Islam-dominated segregated communities becomes worse. They are forced by their peers to wear veils and to become “submissives.” Those who do not comply with the prevailing veiling norms are then subjected to intimidation.  In London this month, a non-Muslim woman of Bangladeshi origin was told: “Wear a headscarf or be killed.” The woman lives in Whitechapel in East London, where a large proportion of women wear the veil.
Feminists in Britain blithely assume that wearing the veil is a lifestyle choice and ignore the evidence of coercion and compulsion.
In December, Nidra Poller discussed the problem of Muslims illegally taking over a street in Paris where they lay down carpets and pray in the road, completely blocking the thoroughfare. Nidra's article featured a video, which can be seen here:
The video was made by Maxime Lepante.
Maxime this week sent me a link to his latest video, which shows that in the Piazza Venezia in  Rome, Italy, a similar habit of illegally commandeering public spaces for Muslim prayer has begun. This video is below, and was taken on April 22, 2011:
The situation of Muslims in Italy engaging in prayer in the open (illegally taking over public spaces) really began in Bologna. Here the San Petronio cathedral in Bologna has had threats of bombing, because it contains a 600-year-old  fresco inside, painted by Modena. This fresco, inspired by Canto 28 of Dante’s Inferno, shows Mohammed on a rock, with his body split and his bowels extruded. On several occasions in 2006, Muslims in Bologna decided to hold illegal prayers in the square outside the cathedral.
In Moscow too, Muslims engage in illegal occupation of a public street to pray.
Illegal public prayers are often “justified” by claims that they do not have enough space in mosques to pray, but allowing illegal displays only gives citizens the impression that Muslims are “above the law.” Such notions undermine social cohesion and can lead to conflict.
In the 1990s in London, the extremist followers of Abu Hamza took to blocking off streets near Finsbury Park to pray. These actions took place when Hamza had been barred entry from the Finsbury Park Mosque. Police allowed this illicit behavior to continue openly. Hamza, who lost both hands and an eye while making explosives, is now in prison for “soliciting murder.”
Currently, the male political Muslims who encourage such illicit actions are being granted concessions by the authorities in Europe. While such Islamist intransigence is allowed to spread, then women from Muslim communities will become almost invisible (as they are in Brick Lane in London) and in the shadows they will be denied the freedoms that are granted to other women in free societies.
While the authorities in the United States appear to base their treatment of Muslim groups upon the failed models that are employed in Europe, how long will it be before parts of America will become no-go zones for non-Muslims?
Maybe, in Dearborn, Michigan, such a process has already begun.
Adrian Morgan
The Editor, Family Security Matters.

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