MAY 31, 2016

Islam’s call to violence knows no boundaries – evidenced by the 9/11 attacks in the U.S., the London Underground bombings, Madrid, Mumbai, Mali, Bali, Northern Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Belgium, etc.

Since Nuit Debout converged with the trade unions on May Day, strikes, demonstrations, and violence have spread and intensified.

If Barack Obama was the perpetrator, the two major political parties have been his willing accomplices, facilitating the most divisive, destructive and deceitful administration in American history.

The Motion Picture Association formally abandoned the Code in 1966, replacing its bizarre guidelines with a wholly arbitrary “rating” system whose center of gravity seems to revolve around the definition of “mature.”

MAY 30, 2016

On Nov. 2, 1783, George Washington, commander in chief of the Continental Army, sent farewell orders to the soldiers in that army. Here is what Washington said...

MAY 29, 2016

Take a look at the history and meaning behind this special American holiday.

Reflections on the real meaning of Memorial Day, at a time when many of those elected to high office have never worn a uniform.

As they stood, I could feel myself start to well up. I turned away from my wife so she wouldn’t see, but she knew—and felt the same surge of patriotism I did.

Remarks at Memorial Day Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery - May 31, 1982

MAY 27, 2016

These Harmony schools, as they’re called, in Texas. What are they and are they the only examples of what Gulen has got going here at taxpayer expense?

In this season of political partisanship and rancor we at Family Security Matters would like to pay tribute to members of the 114th Congress who have served in the military.

MAY 26, 2016

By his comments, Petraeus is in effect is supporting the global campaign to impose Islamic blasphemy law on all non-Muslim societies.

Rhodes boasted his deceit was made easier by “hundreds of often-clueless reporters” failing to do their research.

Sasse told the pastors that the Founding Fathers wanted to create a society based on God-given rights, not those bestowed upon the people by a king.

Since 1968, Memorial Day has been celebrated on the last Monday in May — next Monday this year. But it was not always so ...

The virus inflicts horrific brain damage on unborn children as well as neurological disorders in adults. The Obama administration’s bungled response heightens the danger.

I was kinda paying close attention to President Obama’s visit to another communist country — too bad they don’t play baseball there (or dance the tango).

What is significant in Gen. Kazemaini’s statement, is his outright admission that the Islamic Republic is taking an active part in the Syrian war with combatants rather than mere “advisers” as hitherto claimed.

The Palestinian Museum had been in the works since 1998, but has no exhibits. The museum cost $24 million.

For years, illegal settlements have been built in Judea and Samaria, commonly referred to as the West Bank.


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