AUGUST 30, 2016

First of all, let me clarify to you sir, you are a multi-millionaire “one-percenter” just because you can throw a ball and kiss your biceps.

America has much to learn from Europe’s disastrous, decades-long accommodation of Islamic supremacists’ mass migration and their increasing demands for preferential treatment.

The two keystones of the enemy alliance are Iran and Russia, and the Obama administration, as always, has no will to resist their sorties.

The structured transfers of $1.3 billion from a Treasury slush fund remain shrouded in mystery.

Nation-building has become a very controversial term. And with good reason.

The new SOUTHCOM report specifically mentions Sunni extremists… The terrorists are using a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the U.S. …

AUGUST 29, 2016

With the ongoing love fest between Turkey and Russia, there are several interesting and dangerous scenarios emerging for the United States.

This is what I remember Steve Bannon telling me soon after the event.

The ancient Greek Olympiad, the origin of today’s Olympic Games, was held in honor of Zeus.

Behind the closed doors of billionaires and political elites, America is in the midst of a transformation that will change society like never before.

Linking the fate of Jews to Israel in a disparaging anti-Semitic manner is not new.

America seems unable to have an intelligent conversation about immigration.

AUGUST 28, 2016

Ironically, Obama, who gave no quarter negotiating with Republicans on Obamacare, gave away the store negotiating with Iran.

At the very least, these connections should raise some red flags.

AUGUST 26, 2016

The part of the story that they are missing, however, is that what the administration did was highly illegal, according to statutes we still have on our books.

People join terrorist groups, because they are “deeply frustrated and alienated – and because they hope groups like Boko Haram will somehow give them a sense of identity…”

But his bad foreign policy goes beyond even his abandonment of the good people of Iran.

Is it any wonder that politicians can so easily hoodwink the masses, portraying parties and candidates in ways that history utterly disputes, but alas, most folks are blithely too ignorant of the truth to recognize when they are being lied to?

The show was a hit among political junkies, in which well-informed political pundits from the left and right side of the spectrum would tackle the big news and political stories of the week.

Mosquitos just got a lot more annoying. In addition to their painful, itchy bite, comes the possibility of being exposed to the Zika Virus.

Two Muslim immigrants who lived in Maine were killed fighting for ISIS and each left a wife and children here on welfare.

AUGUST 25, 2016

The only surprise is that anybody is surprised that the mullahs are coming back for more – more American hostages, more American ransoms.

Putin teams up with Iran in bid for power, influence

Not quite seventeen, this “soldier’s soldier” volunteered to become a National Guardsman and received an Anzio battlefield commission in World War II and the Army’s second highest medal for valor, the Distinguished Service Cross, in Viet Nam.


Although troops may be wet and dirty and tired, morale remains high.

Imagine what life would be like if, instead of being able to trade for the things we wanted, we had to make them all ourselves.

Health officials are bowing to political correctness instead of taking obvious steps to protect New York residents from the Zika virus.

It viewed it as a “racist symbol of slavery” that was offensive to many students and contrary to the school’s “core values.”


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