FEBRUARY 7, 2018

A “second Trump-Russia dossier” has been turned over to the FBI, the Guardian reported. The second dossier was compiled by Cody Shearer, who the Guardian identifies as a “a controversial political activist and former journalist who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s.”

McAleenan reported that there’s been a 45 percent increase in assaults on Customs and Border Patrol agents. When Trump asked why, McAleenan named two reasons: an increase in narcotics and the increased from of families and unaccompanied children.

FEBRUARY 6, 2018

Islam is “not a religion of hate,” Jordan’s King Abdullah said in a recent interview, arguing that there was perhaps a “lack of understanding” of the religion in Washington.

breaking news lightThe three-and-a-half page memo, which was written by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, says that FBI and DOJ knew that the infamous Steele dossier had been financed by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee ...

breaking news lightA memo that is purported to show government surveillance abuse and was at the center of an intense power struggle between congressional Republicans and the FBI has been declassified, Fox News has learned.

FEBRUARY 1, 2018

House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) reponded to the FBI with a statement of his own, calling the FBI's objections "spurious."

JANUARY 31, 2018

President Donald Trump used his first State of the Union address to detail his immigration reform plan and to call on Congress to work together to protect the nation, reminding Congress that “Americans are dreamers too.”

JANUARY 30, 2018

In March 2017, police arrested more than a dozen MS-13 gang members for the murders of 15-year-old Nisa Mickens and 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas in Long Island, N.Y. Their bodies were found in September 2016. Both had been brutally beaten.

Predictably, when Trump dismantled DACA a few months ago open borders groups went ballistic.

JANUARY 29, 2018

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight and actor/producer Nick Loeb are involved in the making of “Roe v. Wade: The Movie,” along with Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others.

According to the IG, this lack of cooperation from local law enforcement agencies has hindered ICE’s efforts to identify known or suspected foreign terrorists, who are inside the United States.

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