SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Who writes of the “stubborn, feckless resistance of Hamas,” an anti-Israeli jihadist terrorist group? Astonishingly, it is Georgetown University ethics professor and Catholic priest

Under Hernández’s leadership the California Community Foundation has dedicated large amounts of resources to assist illegal immigrants, especially in the last two years.

In Obama’s effort to ignore Islam’s link, it would be interesting to have him break down into sub-groups all those he considers to be violent extremists so as to give us a better idea exactly whom it is among them we have most to fear.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

Maybe Vaudeville is a better analogy. A world dominated by slapstick, irreverent comedy, goofy characters. Consider the four people running for the highest office in the land, and one might argue, in the world – Groucho, Minnie, Harpo and Zeppo - aka Hillary, Jill, Donald, and Gary.

Obama: It's not my fault the world is such a mess!

Obama intends to transfer all responsibilities for naming and numbering domain addresses on the Internet to a non-profit org ... Should that happen, the U.S. will no longer have any control over the addresses that serve to make all websites accessible and allow users to connect to the Internet.

Washington mall 'shooter fraudulently voted in THREE elections' including presidential primary despite being a citizen of Turkey.

Hate, destructiveness and envy do not make this world a better place. Work, creativity and personal responsibility do.

If a social environment impacts a group’s mental, emotional and physical well-being, Christians, Jews and other minorities living under Sharia law are hardest hit.

It is apparent the influence of ISIS and the other Islamic terrorist groups are making a major influence in the mosques.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

Black Lives Matter advocates and its supporters need to take a reality walk.

Always harsh, Islamic law is still harsher for women. According to the Koran, men have “authority” over women and may beat them for disobedience (4:34).

"How -- how would you not know that?" Senator Sasse asked. "Why would that not be something that's urgent to you to understand ..."

The first presidential debate devoted scant time to national security. The topic area came last on the agenda, after a great deal of time had been wasted on trivial matters and mud-slinging.

Peres outlived all his rivals, but pretended to take offense when anyone wished him long life to 120, asking why they were selling him short.

"When the president of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the climate, he provides the climate, the perfect climate to create more terrorism..."

If the Taliban gain effective control of the country extremist groups such as ISIS can reconstitute their Afghan sanctuaries spreading death and destruction in the region. The question is what will the Obama administration do about the deteriorating situation.

“If you cannot migrate from the land of the infidels to the Caliphate, then carrying out jihad in your own country will also be a victory for the Islamic State and all Muslims,” the message read.

In August, Pakistan and the UAE both joined Israel and the U.S. Air Force in exercises at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

The wave of jihadist terrorist attacks on soft targets throughout Western Europe and the United States in recent months have a common tactical thread running through them.

The first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton has come and gone. So who won? That’s a harder question to answer than “who lost?” The loser in this case was ...

Unsurprisingly, it took a Marine general to stand up to President Barack Obama in the wake of yet another of his dubious national security decisions.

The victims and the survivors of the 9-11 attacks know that the Taliban in Afghanistan gave sanctuary to Al Qaeda to plan the attacks. But the Taliban are not in power as a government and thus difficult to sue.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

ISIS-inspired attackers wreak havoc, again.

The American revolutionaries were not engaged in a pathetic, non-intellectual “war of narratives” with their enemies.

Hillary couldn't be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well.     

The Memorandum of Understanding that President Barack Obama concluded last week with Israel regarding US military aid to Israel for the next decade is classic Obama.

But the Pentagon's orders to ignore the jihad come from on high.

In effect, white heterosexual men are being blamed for the poverty, racism, misogyny, oppression and violence that exist in our society.

Without electricity, most Americans would perish within a few months from starvation, disease and societal collapse.


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