FEBRUARY 12, 2016

The problem, besides sticking it to taxpayers for the exorbitant cost, is that the multibillion-dollar system simply doesn’t work

Iran’s nuclear deal with the United States and other foreign powers has only spurred Israeli efforts to develop back-channel relations with Arab states.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced in December that all U.S. military positions--including combat positions--will be open to women.

International bodies such as the EU have decided to call on Israel to “end all settlement activity,” as well as target Israel, economically, through special labeling of Israeli products originating in Judea and Samaria, the “West Bank.”

You really ought to read the latest edition of Tawfik Hamid's Inside Jihad, in which a former member of Egypt's Jamaa Islamiya reveals the inner workings of jihadist groups and ideology.

FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Exactly how and when did Ted Cruz obtain U.S. citizenship?

The US defense budget will be unveiled by the administration and sent to Congress and already the “military critics” and their long knives are anticipating how to disembowel critical elements of our nation’s military.

TAKE POLL Now that the New Hampshire results are in, who do you think will win the South Carolina primary on February 20th?


The NH primary is the first in a series of nationwide primary elections held every four years as part of the process of choosing the delegates to the conventions which choose the party nominees for the presidential elections.

State Department records that show that Hillary Clinton and her top aides, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan, received and sent classified information on their email accounts.

Huma Abedin is a witch, a wicked, conniving, embedded agent for Islam. Perhaps her laugh is more of a cackle, similar to that of the “Weird Ladies” in Macbeth.

North Korea observed the fiftieth SuperBowl by orbiting a satellite over the stadium shortly after the last quarter ended.

FEBRUARY 10, 2016

Obama and his political allies seek normalization with Iran. They are unconcerned with Iran’s nuclear weapons programs or its support for terrorism.

It is impossible to imagine that a Palestinian state on the western side of the Jordan River could block refugee flows from the east.

Those who do not follow Erdogan's dogmatic Islamic ideology are simply fired, whether they are state prosecutors, judges or journalists.

It is disgraceful how incompetent the Israeli government is when it comes to public diplomacy.

Philadelphia’s Dr. Kermit Gosnell is serving three life terms for his crimes, but what happened to Houston’s Dr. Karpen? Nothing.

The best way to understand the Islamic State (ISIS) is to see it as the next phase of al-Qaeda.

This was an interesting panel on the Obama administration's foolish ideas of trying to make a friend out of Iran's Islamic Republic.

The founding of the Islamic State brought some of the most inhumane violence of modern civilization: captives held in cages and ...

FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Today, many incorrectly claim that Reagan’s SDI vision has been realized as ground and sea-based defenses are being deployed.

Kerry, who undoubtedly has never read the Koran, went on to lecture how the group’s members are not Muslims but, rather, apostates of Islam.

The taxing and spending totals would be records in inflation-adjusted dollars as presented by the White House Office of Management and Budget in the historical tables it released today ...

The winds of change in Europe have circled back to the 1930’s as public attitudes have grown dark and bitter.

To their surprise, Tehran and Moscow quickly found out that the Obama administration was prepared to give them even more than what they wanted.

Spike Lee and other black actors are demanding more racial or ethnic “diversity” in film, especially in films that win Oscars.

The tweet drew a strong response as posters mocked NARAL for lacking both a sense of humor and a knowledge of basic biology.

The Atlantic Institute on their website, praises Mr. Fethullah Gülen as their Imam and political leader.

Whatever the reason, President Barack Obama got a lot of things factually wrong in his 3 February 2016 speech at the Islamic Center of Baltimore.

President Barack Obama’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque in Maryland on February 3 masked what the president wanted hidden.

FEBRUARY 8, 2016

No, it is not “human nature” to grab a knife or a gun and go hunting for Israeli Jews to kill, including the targeting of young women and children…

When was the last time you saw a movie or a TV show where the hero was a profit-motivated white male businessman whose acumen brought prosperity to millions?


'Remember how he hates selfies'? Obama's aversion sure didn't last long

February 12, 2016  12:06 PM

"What happened to POTUS's new 'no selfie' policy?"

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'FANTASTIC!' Ted Cruz campaign scores with peek inside Hillary's 'Office Space' [video]

February 12, 2016  11:14 AM

"Damn it feels good to be a Clinton."

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Suspect ID'd after machete attack at Columbus, Ohio restaurant

February 12, 2016  10:11 AM

"Officials believe he may have traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2012."

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'Can't imagine': Dana Perino and Ari Fleischer amazed by what's in these Hillary-related emails

February 12, 2016  09:21 AM

"The press should be in an uproar over this."

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Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton duck question of what they'd cut from government

February 11, 2016  10:51 PM

The moderators didn't seem to mind that the candidates skipped answering what should be cut, since PBS ought to be on the chopping block.

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