FEBRUARY 24, 2018

For over a half-century, Billy Graham was the living refutation of such modern yet ancient sophistries, fearlessly preaching in his distinctive North Carolina accent that “Christ is the ANSUH!”

FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Teaching is about as old as civilization itself. Parents start filling this role from day one of a child’s birth — supplemented by other adults as the child matures. Teachers help mold a child’s thinking and values in life.

The FBI was notified about a “Nikolas Cruz’ who wanted to be a “professional school shooter” back in September, according to reports.

Liberalism is an idealistic political philosophy born after the defeat of Napoleon, a philosophy of freedom, which epitomized individual liberty, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and free elections.

Muhammad is apparently also the most popular name in England. In fact, Muhammad is one of the most popular names throughout Northwest Europe.

A startling drug trafficking case out of south Florida is especially disturbing because the illegal immigrant caught with more than half a million dollars in crystal methamphetamine had been deported three times in three months shortly before the drug bust.

FEBRUARY 22, 2018

“Teen Vogue” Columnist Lauren Duca responded to news of Rev. Billy Graham’s death by telling him to, “Have fun in hell, bitch.”

FEBRUARY 21, 2018

It is unfortunate these politically active statue topplers have chosen to isolate historical events in a vacuum.

You have the courage to ridicule, mock, and humiliate the Vice President; let’s see how courageous you are to ridicule Mohammad.

Palestinian Authority chairman  Abbas delivered a lengthy speech at the U.N. condemning Israel and the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but left the Security Council chamber before the U.S. and Israeli ambassadors could respond.

Islam has spawned many sects that are master practitioners of the art of double standards. As far as Muslims are concerned, what is good for Muslims is not good for the non-Muslims; and what is bad for Muslims is good for non-Muslims.

In defending an aide accused of wife beating, President Trump asked, “Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?” Alas, without defending all such claims, the president has a point that allegation often translates into culpability without an adherence to due process.

FEBRUARY 20, 2018

CNN and MSNBC cheered and praised an anti-Trump rally that has now been revealed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to be the work of Russian operatives seeking to meddle in American politics.


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