MARCH 29, 2015

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Global Ministries for Human Rights & Racial Justice presents anti-Israel activism as a form of radical Christian love.

Yemen isn't only a terrorism tinderbox, it's become a geopolitical one, too.

Is there any reason to believe Obama can be appeased? Today the White House is issuing condemnations of Israel faster than the UN.

Tourism is one of the biggest revenue producers in Mexico, and is promoted by the government and private business.

What if fantasy were reality and such a genie, released into the 21 st century, could replace, with the snap of the fingers, a totally incompetent, Peter Principle-defying U.S. president?

MARCH 26, 2015

It should have been obvious that a Los Angeles City ordinance banning, not limiting, but the outright banning of new fast food restaurants would accomplish nothing.

By storing the emails outside of State Department control in a private personal computer system, Clinton was able to avoid FOIA requests from Congress and the media on sensitive topics such as Benghazi.

President Obama made no secret of his displeasure that Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected to be Israel’s Prime Minister

In fact, Obama supported the Islamic radicals who destabilized states throughout the Middle East, including Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and did little to prevent Iranian-backed Shiites from overthrowing Yemen—a key ally in the War on Terror.

By constantly projecting Western standards on Islamic jihadis, Brennan has come to epitomize the U.S. intelligence community’s intellectual failures concerning the true sources of the jihad.

Self-deprecating humor is a potent tool in a politician’s public relations toolbox, especially if the politician is trying to save face in an embarrassing situation.

Admittedly, it has to be pretty bad in Yemen when the world’s most talented, capable and toughest special operations forces are getting the heck out of Dodge — on orders from above, of course.

Examples of such preemptive destruction abound so defenders of traditional virtues must solder on with fewer and fewer ideas to make their case.

Following 9/11, the U.S. moved to wartime footing. But the wartime footing did not include the decision to make any significant troop increases.

MARCH 25, 2015

DACA is Obama’s 2012 executive action which granted protection from deportation to so-called DREAMers — aliens brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

MARCH 24, 2015

For thousands of years the Jews dreamed of reclaiming their country. The left had another dream.

By smearing Netanyahu's victory as the Original Sin that will lead to Israel's international isolation, progressive elites have done a great disservice to the over four million Israeli men and women who cast their ballots...

Search the mainstream media headlines and you find this item far down the list if, in fact, you find it at all.

Left unclear in his speech is why the Islamic State—which Obama and his crew regularly insist has nothing to do with Islam—is “snowballing”; why 20,000 “fighters” (AKA “Muslims”) are joining it.

While the U.S. government has failed to take action against both these incubators of terrorism for their past transgressions, the families of the Beirut bombing and 9/11 victims have.

When Netanyahu became clear that he would not cave to pressure from Washington to support a Palestinian state, Israelis said "thank you" and swept him back to power.

Unconditional surrender is what the United States should demand whenever we go to war with anyone. Soldiers we send to fight and die deserve nothing less.

The only thing standing in the way of developing them is feverish environmental fear.

MARCH 23, 2015

Why is it whenever someone who has been in the military commits a crime the media headlines always emphasis that the suspect is a "veteran?"

European Muslim radicals have shown no hint that they are reconsidering their hero worship of IS (or ISIS.

To circumvent sequestration, the Budget resolution recreates a Global War on Terrorism fund to escape (but not remove) the sequester caps on the base defense budget.


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ICYMI: That awkward moment when Hillary Clinton boards #BoycottIndiana train, but forgot about THIS [video]

March 30, 2015  11:13 AM

Oops! Here is a flashback reminder for you, Hillary. Since you seem to be forgetting something in your Indiana outrage.

It takes just ONE Iowahawk tweet to nutshell absurdity of Left's #BoycottIndiana outrage

March 30, 2015  09:31 AM


Here are some absolutely BRUTAL reminders of the real reasons Ted Kennedy should be called a 'lion'

March 30, 2015  07:00 AM

Because he's a killer?

CNN reports: Platoon mates 'undercut' Bergdahl's whistleblower defense

March 29, 2015  07:58 PM

"We were literally going back to the FOB Sharana the next day."

Did Rahm Emanuel really say Midway and O'Hare airports were named after WWII 'battleships'? Hint: Yes!

March 29, 2015  07:39 PM

"Rahm's lack of respect is astounding."

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