JULY 7, 2015

President Obama hailed the drop in the official unemployment rate and wants to celebrate it with fireworks.

I would tend to doubt that 16 airstrikes will have a debilitating effect.

Keep reminding yourself that Khamenei has two fixed principles: no “new relationship” with the Great Satan, and relentless pursuit of the atomic bomb.

Direct foreign investment in Israel is in free fall.

A confidential report obtained under a Freedom of Information Act indicates that police were well aware that British pupils were being targeted by mostly Muslim men.

The coverage of the economic disaster in Greece, a strategic NATO country, has mostly ignored the role of Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the growing global turmoil.

Anti-democracy, homophobic, and pro-sharia law views were also prominent among some of the lectures.

Last week a report was issued drawing a false moral equivalence between a terror group – Hamas – and a democracy in which Arabs are represented in the Knesset - Israel.

JULY 6, 2015

How DHS is failing to heed its own warnings.

Now the Obama administration is invested in explaining away other possible Iranian violations.

The Iranian side has understood that Obama wants a deal more desperately than they do and are determined to squeeze even more concessions from him.

I write this to explain why the heritage of the South, symbolized by the Confederate Battle Flag, is so important to many.

When the complete history is written of the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, the dishonesty and duplicity of the Obama White House will be an inescapable fact.

Gov. Cuomo and his fellow anti-gun legislators went into a hysterical frenzy to swiftly enact the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act.

Meddlesome mullahs back terrorism across Mideast

JULY 5, 2015

San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy claims another citizen’s life

JULY 4, 2015

The reason the agreement will be half-baked is that the American left---the major media, academic, political and entertainment industries---have made a workable and air-tight deal impossible.

JULY 3, 2015

John Adams wanted the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence to be celebrated with fireworks, but take some time to read what the document (and others) actually said.

A true patriot, this man dedicated his life to building the country in which his adolescent hobby has become the national pastime.


Who's right: Donald Trump or Macy's?


mexico trump_macys_2015

Macy's has removed Donald Trump's products from their shelves because, while he stated that some of the Mexican people crossing our borders illegally are good people, some are murderers and rapists. While a true statement, it is not a "politically correct" statement, so Macy's has decided to pull his products from their shelves.

As a result of this, will you shop less - or not at all - in Macy's stores in the future?

10 year FSM Anniversary

Seattle's socialist councilmember promotes march against (accidental) church burnings

July 07, 2015  11:27 PM

A march to show solidarity with the #Charleston9 was heavy on pushing socialism.

Journalists' cattle future shown in vintage video of Clintons roping off press like livestock [video]

July 07, 2015  09:51 PM

Did she learn that trick from Bill, or did she give him the idea? Best not to think about it too much.

Hillary Clinton's CNN claim that she has 'never had a subpoena' in dispute

July 07, 2015  09:09 PM

"People should and do" trust Hillary Clinton, but we can't possibly explain why.

Photo of Hillary shaking hands with man with 'White' tattoo vanishes from candidate's feed

July 07, 2015  08:01 PM

Is the word "white" enough to scare off a candidate? In Obama's America, absolutely.

CNN forgot to ask if Hillary Clinton's disappointed enough in Donald Trump to return his money

July 07, 2015  07:28 PM

CNN did disclose his contributions to her Senate campaign and foundation but forgot to follow up.

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