OCTOBER 28, 2016

WikiLeaks has released e-mails showing Hillary Clinton’s advisers knew there was a problem when President Obama denied knowledge of Clinton’s private e-mail system.

The prize is usually presented by the institute’s patron, Queen Elizabeth, or senior royals on her behalf.

Witnesses say Clinton aide “overrode security protocols,” hoarded classified information at home.

The remaining nonfiction titles are collectively potpourris of my Rule of Reason columns on politics, the culture, Islam, and freedom of speech.

OCTOBER 27, 2016

Parallels between weak U.S. defense and foreign policies today, and Western weakness that virtually invited aggression by Nazi Germany and the outbreak of World War II in 1939, are so striking that it has become commonplace for defense analysts to say so.

On a fact-finding expedition with Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum in Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm; we had first hand experience with the immigration crisis.

There is no deadlier nor more terrifying enemy than one who cannot be reasoned with and has no fear of death.

They wanted only Muslim Arabs to fill top positions – excluded Christians.

OCTOBER 26, 2016

President Barack Obama has supposedly read the Koran. He assures us, although not a Muslim himself, the religion is peaceful.

A high-school teacher in California handed out an assignment that required students to use a ruler. Not a single student knew how.

Reminiscent of the Third Reich, Jew hatred and agitating against Jews are in full bloom in Germany. And it is not guilt over Nazism that has Germany protecting parasitic Muslim refugees...

Boy howdy, just when you think you've seen and heard the most bizarre stories, there comes another that causes great consternation.

OCTOBER 25, 2016

TAKE POLL The federal government is trying to recoup enlistment bonuses given erroneously to thousands of California soldiers...


Pentagon asks troops to repay bonuses, VA rewards employees after widespread problems

CAIR claims to be America’s largest civil rights organization for Muslims. But its agenda has more to do with the Islamization of America than with protecting Muslims from civil rights abuses.

Overwhelmed by refugees about whom they know nothing, Euro police increasingly rely on American intelligence. Is there an alternative?

Mexican drug smugglers also traffic in young girls, too

OCTOBER 24, 2016

The main reason illegitimate mosques get closed down is the real concern and anxiety of radicalization in these type mosques.

Recent elections in Germany, Austria, and Spain suggest the migration of displaced Syrians across the continent is leading to political convulsions rarely seen since World War II.

Once a foreign corporation scoops up a media can eliminate national and local programming and substitute its own government’s propaganda. That means that conservative talkers could find themselves off the air.

“And our officials in Washington have a responsibility: They have a responsibility to ensure that we have the ability to protect ourselves, to be protected, when we are risking our lives for our country. That did not happen in Benghazi."

Who could have seen that coming? Oh, that's right: We all did, and especially us here at CounterJihad.

Obama’s holistic approach to the Iranian bomb is to help the terror state assemble the physical components it needs to become a nuclear power.


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