MAY 29, 2015

An idea that will drive the failed city deeper into poverty — and harm national security.

MAY 28, 2015

Sad to say, taking hostages works for the Islamic Republic, as it does for other terrorists.

The Kurds, a modern soon-to-be nation from the same part of the world as the mythical Amazons, have resurrected the women warriors, and ISIS warriors are running from them in horror.

Seeks to compel compliance with Federal Records Act provision requiring agency heads to account for official records

Those who see militant Islam as a perversion of the faith will be troubled by Youssef’s claim that Islamic Republic of Iran’s founder Ayatollah Khomeini “was not expressing a distorted view of Islam.”;

Memorial Day started to honor Union soldiers, inspired it is said by the way people in southern states honored their war dead.

The BDS movement and Islamic supremacism are birds of the same anti-Semitic feather.

Brown’s disdain for social responsibility was made further apparent as one driver later reported.

MAY 27, 2015

Science in the hands of politicians who invest other people's money is a formula for failure and waste.

So now comes the Times, a month before the Supreme Court is planning to announce its decision, with a front-page article that is dishonest…;

“America is an idea,” the Irishman Bono continued. “That’s how we see you around the world: As one of the greatest ideas in human history."

Project Healing Waters is about helping and healing through fishing those who have selflessly gone in harm’s way for us.

Most importantly, traditionally the United States has extended the protection of its nuclear umbrella to over 30 allied nations that do not have nuclear weapons.

Shapiro’s story outlining how the FAA is both wasting resources and threatening the security of America’s airlines,…;

MAY 26, 2015

President Obama – in his what me, worry stance – indicated this setback will not change the tempo of U.S. operations.

If Lloyd’s results hold, the IPCC may have to revise how much warming it attributes to mankind.

Biard noted how unique were such “little victories” concerning speech on Islam.

All this got us to thinking about the negative comments made about America from many sources lately, much of which seems to stem from this current White House for some reason.

Obama would have us believe Muslims are “peace virgins”: One undertaking an act of violence loses this virginity and is no longer entitled status as a Muslim.

It’s hard to destroy something if you don’t know what it is. And it’s hard to know what a thing is if you won’t even call it by its name or name its ideology.

In Germany people believe that Turks have reproduced themselves like rabbits.

MAY 25, 2015

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has some explaining to do.

As always, Obama's version of reality is at odds with the known facts.

The overwhelming majority of improper payments go to provide ineligible recipients with goods or services, the report confirms.

It would take a “global” village to subjugate and sack America. That is what is being proposed by Jeffrey Sachs. And who is Jeffrey Sachs?

Nowadays, many Americans have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. At cemeteries across the country, the graves of the fallen are sadly ignored, and worse, neglected.

Today it honors all fallen American soldiers who risked everything to protect our homeland, our values, our Constitution.


10 year FSM Anniversary

Predictable: Anti-cop protesters want to know why the National Guard isn't at the Phoenix mosque protest

May 29, 2015  11:07 PM

"Where is the national guard, tear gas, intimidation tactics, and mass arrests?"

Al Sharpton in Cleveland: 'You will not have an election without Republicans addressing policing' [Video]

May 29, 2015  09:12 PM

"Didn't come to Cleveland to start trouble."

Gov. Greg Abbott, @NRA get trashed after open carry bill passes in Texas

May 29, 2015  08:10 PM

"Yet another reason to never go to Texas."

As the MSM debates global warming, Boston debates what to do with the snow still on the ground [photos]

May 29, 2015  06:33 PM

They need a little global warming, stat.

'A damn lie and you know it'! @TheDemocrats are STILL pushing bogus Scott Walker narrative

May 29, 2015  03:27 PM

"Flat-out lie. But why ruin your narrative?"

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