Review: Sharia-ism is Here Revisited

September 3, 2015

Joy Brighton’s Sharia-ism is Here is worth a revisit and a re-reading in lieu of the progress of conquest of ISIS in the Middle East and the number of Americans who have joined ISIS.

Losing the War of Ideas

September 2, 2015

And the idea of jihad that the Obama administration will not discuss is perhaps the most powerful idea in the world’s marketplace of ideas today.

Diplomatic missions matter, especially in Iran

September 2, 2015

Iran is perhaps the only place left where Britain still outranks the United States as the most hated Western power…;

Countdown to a Very Bad Deal

September 1, 2015

The pending Deal with Iran is little to no help in preventing metastasizing of the Iranian nuclear threat.

Donald Trump – Ben Carson: Loud voices for American exceptionalism

September 1, 2015

The Donald and The Doctor continue to lead in the polls. Both are un-politician candidates, and though their styles are dramatically different, their message of patriotism and need to restore America are not.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

What's inside Hillary's box, and why is everyone talking about it? All beware the #ThxBox

September 03, 2015  05:18 PM

I'm not gonna open it … you open it.

Could this be a reason Hillary's former State Dept. IT aide isn't talking? [Vine]

September 03, 2015  04:58 PM

Scapegoat avoidance behavior?

Report: List of people Hillary's former IT aide won't talk to grows

September 03, 2015  04:02 PM

Is the Obama administration part of the "vast right wing conspiracy" now?

Brit Hume wonders how Trump's 'hard-core supporters' will feel about pledge he just signed

September 03, 2015  03:18 PM

Classiest pledge ever.

Hillary campaign's reported reaction to former staffer's plan to plead the Fifth will have you rolling

September 03, 2015  02:40 PM

Anybody buying THIS one?

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