Cooking the Nuclear Books: Recipe for Disaster

by PETER HUESSY December 8, 2017

Whatever assessment one uses for estimating future nuclear costs, the full nuclear enterprise has repeatedly been approved by Congress knowing full well that the future will require a major commitment of resources to complete the modernization of our nuclear deterrent.

A fork in the road!

by AMBASSADOR HENRY F. COOPER December 7, 2017

Regrettably, congress, in unparalleled and potential disastrous stupidity has abolished the EMP Commission and seeks to start over even as North Korea is undeniably ramping up its efforts to achieve Kim Jong-un’s announced “strategic goal” of gaining an ability to attack the U.S. and/or our allies with EMP.

Ahead of Jerusalem Announcement, House Passes Bill Withholding Funding Until Abbas Stops Paying Terrorists

by PATRICK GOODENOUGH December 6, 2017

“If you finance or reward terrorism, you don’t deserve a penny from the United States,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said after the bipartisan bill passed by voice vote.

Making the Deep State Work

by WILLIAM R. HAWKINS December 6, 2017

The news media has feasted on rumors that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will soon vacate his cabinet post, leaving behind a department that has large gaps in personnel because of the failure of the Trump administration to get its own appointees into place.

Joint U.S.- Mexican Border Security Zone Proposed

by MAJ. GEN. PAUL E. VALLELY, US ARMY (RET) December 4, 2017

The unfettered movement of transnational criminals, Islamic extremists and illegal border crossers transiting our porous southern border poses a clear and immediate national security threat.

What the Flynn Plea Means

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY December 1, 2017

There’s less to the news than meets the eye.

Trump: "Disgraceful Verdict" in Kate Steinle Case; Illegal Alien Not Guilty of Murder, Manslaughter

by SUSAN JONES December 1, 2017

Steinle's family told the San Francisco Chronincle they are "saddened and shocked."

Khatallah's Acquittals on Benghazi Murders Show, Again, Need for New System

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY November 30, 2017

We need a designation of the enemy that homes in on its ideology.

President Trump's Terror Designation for North Korea Is Serious Foreign Policy

by FRED FLEITZ November 30, 2017

President Trump did something this week which he said should have happened a long time ago. He re-designated North Korea as a state-sponsor of terrorism.

The Essential Arabic Muslims Don't Want You To Know

by ALAN KORNMAN November 30, 2017

Allahu Akbar = Allah Is Greater ... Greater than what? The answer is, Allah is greater than whatever God, government, philosophy, or political system you happen to follow or live under.

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