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Watergate Was Nothing Compared to This

by TOM MCLAUGHLIN December 12, 2017

As of this writing, neither Mueller nor anyone else has yet found evidence of Trump/Russia campaign collusion despite a year-and-a-half of investigations by mainstream media and Congressional Democrats.

Always Believe the Women––Really?

by JOAN SWIRSKY December 11, 2017

Is every woman now claiming to be the victim of harassment lying? Probably not. There will always be schlubs like Harvey Weinstein, jealous of the cool guys and angry from years of rejection, who get some power and promptly abuse it by using women like so many throwaway rags.

It Is Now an Obstruction Investigation

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY December 7, 2017

Which means that it’s an impeachment investigation

Nothing About Collusion

by DR. MICHAEL LEDEEN December 7, 2017

There is a basic lesson here for anyone who enters government service: do not ever talk to the FBI unless your lawyer is present. Just ask Scooter Libby...

Rev. Graham: No President in My Lifetime Has Defended the Christian Faith Like Trump

by MICHAEL W. CHAPMAN December 7, 2017

“Whatever our beliefs we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history."

Making the Deep State Work

by WILLIAM R. HAWKINS December 6, 2017

The news media has feasted on rumors that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will soon vacate his cabinet post, leaving behind a department that has large gaps in personnel because of the failure of the Trump administration to get its own appointees into place.

EMP Hall of Shame: Travis J. Tritten

by DR. PETER VINCENT PRY December 6, 2017

Travis J. Tritten, writing in the Washington Examiner on Nov. 26, 2017, is the latest reporter misinforming the American people about electromagnetic pulse and the EMP Commission.

They all knew! Matt Lauer's office sexcapades known to media elites

by FOX NEWS December 6, 2017

But the twice-married Lauer wasn’t finished joking about sleeping with female contemporaries.

Joint U.S.- Mexican Border Security Zone Proposed

by MAJ. GEN. PAUL E. VALLELY, US ARMY (RET) December 4, 2017

The unfettered movement of transnational criminals, Islamic extremists and illegal border crossers transiting our porous southern border poses a clear and immediate national security threat.

Obama Meets Orangina Chez Les Napoleons in Paris

by NIDRA POLLER December 2, 2017

The former president will meet with Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo who is building a legacy of traffic jams as she tries to transform the City of Lights into a Scandinavian style network of bicycle paths.

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